Chapter 198.2

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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What awaits at the bottom of the sea.
“Even though I helped you, what are you getting excited for all on your own? Please leave the hero of tragedy storyline for later. I’m going to do something about your wife, so collaborate!”

“O……… okay.”

“First of all, let’s change places. We are at disadvantage here. What’s the closest shallow water around here in which you can swim?”

“The closest one is to the west.”

“Let’s go then.”

“How are you going to lure my wife there?”

“It’s simple. I’m going to start so give it your best to help us escape.”


“Oy, old hag! I got your daughter! If you want her back, you better come and get her!”

“Eh? Wha!?”

“Secret technique! Monster harassment explosives (for underwater use)!”

“Kyaa! Unforgivable! Unforigvableunforgivableunforgivable!”

Being hit by the monster harassment explosives, she got sticky natto all over her! The Spirit King snapped and chased after us!

“Ahahahaha! Swim away as fast as you can!”


Kuurin and I clung to her Kuurin Papa. I conveyed my strategy to Valkyrie as we moved.


“Stop! Unforgivableunforgivableunforgivable.”

I threw a few monster lures at her in the hope of stalling a little, but the monsters were escaping at speeds of baby spiders in front of the magical power generated by her anger. Super scary! We separated halfway there. Thankfully, the Spirit King did not notice us, since we were camouflaged with magic.

“Is Papa… going to be alright?”

“He’s the strongest monster of the seas, he will surely be fine.”

We rose to the surface on top of Suigetsu-san. Then I summoned the Windhawk, Hojo-kun. Furthermore, I had the Valkyrie change into the airship mode. Dirk will be aboard the airship. I got onto Hojo-kun.
Well then, the preparations are complete!

“You forever aging old lady! Your daughter is here!!”


“Hey!? What have you done, Rosarin!? She’s super pissed off!”

“I provoked her a little! To be frank, I overdid it! She’s super scary!”



The Spirit King was moving towards me and Hojo-kun in a straight line. She fired several rounds of water attacks.

“W, what the hell!”

We somehow managed to dodge, but this is bad. It’s going to be our loss if the battle draws out. Besides, I need to preserve my magical power.

“Guh! Ugh!”

However, I couldn’t come up with a plan. I did not have time to think because my hands were full just from avoiding her attacks.


One water arrow flew at me from a blind spot. I can’t avoid it! It’s going to hit!


“Mama you idiooot!”

The arrow didn’t hit me. It appears that Kuurin protected me.

“Mama, do you perhaps hate me? You had me locked up, after all. Everyone said you locked me up because I was a hated child.”

“Li… ttle.”

“I ran away on my own, you know? I wanted to see the outside world. I got caught by bad humans later, but Oneechan saved me.”


“Sa… ved.”

“Oneechan named me Kuurin. She is very kind to me. Okaasan, you lied to me. No one at Oneechan’s home hates me. I made friends, too. I am not Little anymore! I, Kuurin, am Oneechan’s divine protection spirit! That’s why, I will protect Oneechaaaan!”

Kuurin emitted a light blue light and became a beautiful mermaid girl. The will to fight made her take that form, or perhaps it was her dignified armored appearance.


Chita, who read the question on my mind, explained.

“The reason why heresy is avoided is because every now and then, someone with extraordinary powers like Kuurin is born. Moreover, their appearances change with their mental growth.”


No, this is, however, a chance! The magical power of the current Kuurin won’t lose to the Spirit King!

“Kuurin, snatch the water from around the Spirit King! Milfi, Alphage-sama, please support Kuurin with ice magic!”

“Got it!”

Kuurin removed the water around the Spirit King. The bottom of the sea was in plain sight.

“”Freezing circle!””

With their magic amplified by Valkyrie, Milfi and Alphage-sama fired their ice at the Spirit King.


The Spirit King was locked up in ice. Well, she’s of the water attribute, so she won’t die.

“Dirk, Jash! Isolate the Evil!”

Dirk was standing on Valkyrie’s left-wing and Jash on the right-wing. Valkyrie approached the Spirit King as close as possible and the two jumped down.

“Leave it to me!”

“I, I will give it a go!”

Jash wasn’t prepared for this, but I believe his Revelation should have the power to control the Evil.

“A, ahhhhhhh!? Little… Little… I’m sorry for locking you up…”

Alright, looks like her consciousness returned! The two succeeded!”

“Kuurin, Papa-san! Call out to the Spirit King! Tell her to regain control of her body!”



And the finishing touches! What I have in my hand is Dirk’s ring I borrowed from him. The ring is packed with magical power.

“Chita, are you ready?”

“Of course.”

“Let’s go, Hojo-kun! Soar!”


Hojo-kun soared up high. And I then jumped down.

“Eat thiiis!”

I directly hit the head of the Spirit King with my right hand which became unusually large thanks to the power of Dirk’s ring.




Chita’s and my magical powers overlapped, and wiped out the Evil.

“A, arghhhhhhhh!”

And the Evil disappeared beautifully.

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