Chapter 198.1

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What awaits at the bottom of the sea.
After we changed into our swimsuits, it was time to go to see the one called Lord. I used magic to allow us all to breathe underwater too, but I had everyone board Valkyrie in the Submarine mode.

Only Dirk and I were swimming in the sea.

“At last, even my engagement ring got ridiculous… well, it’s handy, so it’s fine I guess.”

Dirk and I were under the effect of each other’s engagement ring, making us look like mermaids. Dirk’s engagement ring was a pair with mine… so I had to alter it!
Originally, the magic of my engagement ring is a magic that changes appearances by coating the body’s surface with magic power. This is a practical version.

“Being able to breathe underwater feels weird, doesn’t it?”


Looking up from the bottom of the sea, it was all sparkly and really beautiful.

“We should be using magic to avoid monsters.”

“Ah, in that case… there it is.”

I took out Elder brother-made monster repellent (for underwater use). Kuurin also seems to dislike it, so I had her board the Valkyrie as well.

“This is amazing… the monsters are…”

They are scattering with great vigor. Let’s call it the Night Emperor Cockroach of the monster world. My brother later told me to stop calling it that. But it’s amazing that I and the sea spirits, the Nereis, were not afraid of it.

“… By the way, what does it do to you, Kuurin?”

“It’s twisting my nose…”

It seems to be the scent. It’s apparently so stinky that it would make even baby spiders flee. Suigetsu-san, however, was happily swimming beside Kuurin. I was surprised that it seemed to be fine, or rather, that it could operate underwater. I’m not sure about the details, but Water Spiders can apparently breathe underwater. And also swim! I had no idea.

Buildings in the sea came into sight a little later. A beautiful town made out of… shells, surrounded by a bubbly barrier. It seems to be the town of the sea spirits, the Nereis. The building in the center that looked like a temple was, in fact, a castle. We will be able to find a certain existence there… if lucky.

When I heard about the Lord of the sea spirits, Nereis, I wondered if that was her… I saw it before, this town and this very audience room.

There was a beautiful woman in the huge castle that could fit the submarine Valkyrie with room to spare.

She had beautiful blue-silver hair and deep lapis lazuli eyes.

I had a bad feeling about this, though…








The beauty was gigantic. About the size of Valkyrie… or maybe even bigger than the Valkyrie! No wonder the whole castle is this huge!
The beauty looked somewhat annoyed. I did not feel discomfort in the game, but it feels so strange now. It’s weird how big she is when she looks completely human-like.



Kuurin rubbed against the beauty.


Mama… Mama… oh, mother, huh.


Well, Kuurin was a lost child! She said she has no home… this is certainly no home! It’s a freaking castle!



“My… Little?”

The beauty gently touched Kuurin. She hugged her gently.

“Mamaa, I missed you!”

“Ahh… Little!”

The mother and child reunited excitedly. Both I and the water spirits were dumbfounded.

“… Can I return now?”

“… Erm, we are sorry for causing you such trouble. I am sure the Lord will be able to return to normal with the return of the Princess…”

“… Return to normal?”

There’s an event here that should not be happening at this time. Comforting the Water Spirit King with a song…
That woman is not the Water Spirit King I saw in the game. In other words, something happened to her… and she got replaced?

“You know, I got caught by bad humans… Mama?”

“Humans? Humans… humans kidnapped my Little? Unforgivable… unforgivable, unforgivableunforgivableunforgivable.”

“Mama? Mama!?”

“Not good, Little! Run away!”

A giant fish, Bahamut, flicked off Kuurin.



She was possessed by a black magical power… the Evil!


“Your Majesty, Water Spirit King! Please calm down!”

The water spirits tried to soothe her, but she wasn’t listening at all. I don’t know whether Chita can be of use underwater, but the water current got so wild I cannot even approach in the first place. Rather, isn’t that Kuurin’s father who is going round and round in the current…? He looks like dirty laundry, is he okay?

“Papa! Mama, stop!”

She didn’t seem to hear Kuurin.

“Dirk, Valkyrie! Let’s get out in the sea first! We can’t fight in the town!”


“I will do something about it! I promise you! Lend me your power!”


I headed out to the open sea with Dirk and Valkyrie.

“What are we going to do? Oneechan.”

“Something. We should do something about that Bahamut-san who is being treated like a dirty laundry first.”

I had to loosen the movement in a part of the current to rescue Kuurin’s father. He immediately made his way over to us.

“Little… your Mama has been possessed by something bad. If your Mama, who is the Spirit King, stays like that, the water will be soon tainted with her corrupted magical power and the world will be destroyed… Little… my beloved daughter… I’m glad I could meet you for the last ti……… ouch!?”

I punched the gigantic fish on the head. Listen when people are talking. There’s not much time!

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