Chapter 197.2

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Swimsuits and love.
“Rosarin, listen to me. First of all, turn back.”

“……… Okay.”

Oh, I will definitely get scolded. He seems super angry! I can tell from his voice alone!

“You are mine, Rosarin.”


“So wearing that… underwear-like… or rather, is that not underwear!?”

“This is something from Rin’s world called swimsuit, a dress used for swimming. They won’t turn transparent when wet, and won’t get in the way of swimming.”

“Swimming in something so indecent is considered normal!?”

“Inde… well, the one just now was the sexy type. This swimsuit type’s main purpose is to bewitch men, but the type I wore before, that shows only a little has been getting popular recently.”

“Don’t bewitch anyone else except me! Don’t show your skin so easily!”

“Yesss… so it’s fine to wear in front of you then?”

Dirk froze in place. He was fidgety. It’s difficult to say if he’s going to agree or not.

“That… that’s right! You can wear it only in front of me!”

“That was so manly in a way or another.”

“If you don’t say that much, Rosarin is just going to do it again, right?”

Hey, former assassins! Ufufu, well, okay. Feeling the possessiveness of Dirk, I snuggled up against him like a cat in a good mood. The men were wearing half-pants type swimsuits. Dirk’s abs are always great to look at…

“Ugh… so cute.”

My head got patted. Hau… I’m happy.

“They are all lovey-dovey, aren’t they…”

“Yeah… what to say, they are as usual.”

Milfi and Aldin-sama looked on warmly.

“Finding love within the nobility is difficult, so I really admire it.”


“… Is that so?”


Cidar-kun tilted his head.

“She’s very lucky that the other party is also a high-ranking noble like Rosarin, but if it was an attendant or a commoner…”

“It would most likely end in a disaster.”

Alphage-sama joined in on the conversation.

“Nobles must form bonds with other nobles… just forming a bond with another is a lot of trouble as a privileged class. Moreover, there’s also the problem of balance of power. Even by marrying another high-ranking noble, you may get suspected of rebelling… so since our family is also of power, it’s appropriate for me to marry into another country or to a lower-ranking nobleman. Well, I’m currently more interested in studying than in marrying, though.”

“Is that so?”

“Yes! That’s what Rosarin said during our girl’s talk? she called it. I thought that marrying into a good family was the only way for me to repay my family, but even women can strive to work hard to repay through different means!”

Milfi said with sparkling eyes. Cidar-kun nodded in agreement.

“There’s also a female Duke in Wolfanea. It’s normal for the Wolfanean women to work. If men get injured, women go hunting in their stead.”

“Oh my… maybe I should go study abroad in Wolfanea.”

“… I will show you around if you do.”

“Fufu, it’s a promise then.”


Somehow… it’s so bittersweet! It feels like strawberries. We shall do some girl’s talk today as well!



“No matter who becomes your partner, I will support you. I will fulfill your love by whatever means it takes.”

“… Yes, thank you… Rosary.”

Milfi smiled cheerfully.

“You girls get along so well.”

“”We are best friends, after all.””

We replied to Dirk at once, and burst into laughter.

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