Chapter 197.1

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Swimsuits and love.
I somehow managed to calm down the prostrating Sirens.

“And so, what did you wanted to ask me for?”

“Yes, we would like you to comfort our Lord with your miraculous singing.”

N? Wait! Did I hear somewhere about that before? No, I saw it!
The heroine’s… nono, surely not. That event did not happen at this point in time.

“Comfort them… did something sad happen or something?”

The kindhearted Aldin-sama seemed to be willing to listen to the Sirens’ story.

“Yes, the Lord’s beloved daughter has gone missing… and since his beloved daughter is a half-blood, he had been raising her carefully, sheltering her from the cruelty of the world.”


“If possible, I’d like to guide you to our Lord immediately, but…”

“… What do you want to do?”

Well, I guess I could stop by for a little. After checking with everyone, we all agreed to play together tomorrow.
Apparently the dude or something they call their Lord is at the bottom of the sea. Also, I thought they were Sirens, but they were actually high ranking sea spirits called Nereis… they attracted boats with their songs to compete in singing, but they don’t sink them. However, the fishermen, who were attracted by the songs, mismanaged the boats and fell off, resulting in the boats sinking.

“… Why is it so crowded here then? If you were looking for someone who can sing well, then you would find them quicker if you scattered.”

“Um, we were thinking that people who are confident in their singing would gather here if we made this place known.”

The sea spirit Oneesan averted her gaze.

“Why is it so crowded here?”

“W, well, there are no strong monsters around here, but if you go just a little offshore, there are monsters such as the Dangerous Octover, you know!? Unknown seas are scary, okay!”

“… Well, sure. I’d like you to tell me about the Dangerous Octover’s habitat later.”

“………… What do you plan on doing?”

“Hunt it.”

The sea spirit Oneesan’s smile cramped.

“Are you sure about that, Miracle Diva-sama?”

The sea spirit Oneesan sat down in seiza.


“Dangerous Octover is a hazardous monster. I heard it has the ability to defeat even the highest level Bahamut!”

The sea spirit Oneesan desperately tried to stop me from doing something so dangerous. She’s frightened but a kind-hearted spirit, isn’t she? But I ignored her.

“No, our Ojousama would magnificently defeat both Dangerous Octover and Bahamut.”

Martha said proudly. Well, I do think I would be able to defeat them.

“No, we won’t hunt the Bahamut since they are Kuurin’s half-family.”

Don’t make it seem as if I like hunting everything. I refuse hunting the Bahamut. I just want to eat octopus, after all.

“You are already an S-rank adventurer at this age, Ojousama! Spirits perhaps might not understand this, but you are already among the strongest group of humans! Something like Dangerous Octover is not your match!”

Have you forgotten that you are SS-rank yourself, Martha? Are you pigeonholing that? Well, I won’t deny that I am stronger than your average person, but I am doubtful about being among the strongest group. I’m still on a losing streak against Dirk, after all.

“Well… we are troubled by the Dangerous Octover’s existence, too. I will tell you everything about it later. So you are strong in contrast to your appearances. Your hunting technique earlier was certainly splendid.”

Their Lord resides at the bottom of the sea, so everyone changed into swimsuits.

“Ta-dah! Dirk! Look, look at me… bufu!?”

Within three seconds of changing clothes… my sight was obstructed by a jacket. Dirk was bright red.

“Change! You cannot show yourself in that underwear-like thing to anyone else, but me!”


I had a cute tank top and shorts swimsuit that showed my navel, but… it appears to be the wrong choice.

“See, I told you so… kya!?”

Milfi and I were wearing matching swimsuits. Cidar-kun quickly put his jacket over Milfi, too.

“G, go and change!”

Cidar-kun was bright red up to his ears. He was paler than Dirk, so you could see his red ears clearly.
In the end, I was allowed to wear pants and a jacket. This is not a swimsuit, though…

“There are no strangers here, why can’t I wear this!”

I turned into a sixteen-year-old myself wearing a black bikini. Dirk panicked and covered me with his mantle.

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