Chapter 196.2

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The Miracle Diva.
——As I stood In a pitch-black world just waiting for the end——

——The reality was so hard, and I was confused because I was not getting anywhere——

——And then you showed up——


The song picked up the tempo.


——You appeared before me out of the blue and you colored my world——

——You taught me that the cruel world was still the same, but the world was beautiful——

——Meeting you, walking with you, I got to know the world as I never knew it——

——If you can’t get over the wall, break it down; if you can’t break it down, climb it up——

——Even if feeling pathetic or unsightly, we could go anywhere——

——I know I could do anything with you by my side——

——I’m sure that together… we could reach the future we want——




The sound of the guitar stopped.
Fuu, I exhaled. Aya? It’s quite silent here… eh? Am I perhaps tone deaf? Rin was pretty good at singing, though… but I’ve been told that I have an abnormal singing range, and people even called me a miracle diva, and said that I have a rainbow-colored voice…
Rather, is the Siren not singing?

“Rosarin… is that song about you and me?”

“N? N~? Yeah.”

Secret technique, ambiguous head tilting! The correct answer is Rin and Rosalia. Rather, Dirk is crying, oy! If you looked closely, a few other people were crying too!






The Sirens submerged one after another.

“It’s my loss… I cannot beat such a wonderful song. It’s no wonder everyone submerged into the sea… you truly have a voice that touches the soul.”

So the rest of the Sirens submerged into the sea when they heard me sing, thinking they were defeated? Um, Miss Siren here… she used to be a beautiful woman, but she got ruined by crying too much…

There was applause. Stop it, I’m dying of embarrassment. I’m getting confused about whether my chuunibyou syndrome has relapsed!

“I think Rosarin should have sung from the beginning without using Valkyrie.”

“… Well, looking at the results, I suppose.”

As expected of CRMC (Can read the mood, but don’t care) Curtis. The Pitch Black-sama agreed with him. You are too blunt!

“Anyhow, you will be leaving from here, right?”

“Yes, however I do have a request for you, Miracle Diva.”

Miss Siren grasped both of my hands. It felt nice and chilly, but somewhat slimy. The seaweed from earlier? Or some kind of secretion that protects her skin… no, let’s stop thinking about it. No, wait! What the hell does she mean by Miracle Diva!? That’s a name that digs up Rin’s dark history, though!?

“I will have to refuse. Don’t attach strange names to people. I only want to take a swim in the sea.”

“I can leave it for later! Please!”

The other Sirens that submerged into the sea, came out with seaweed and other stuff entwined in their hair and started to prostrate before me in unison. I’m scared to death, though!

“Miracle Diva-sama, please!”

“Please save us!”

I was surrounded by numerous Sirens. What do you want me to do? I can’t help but get a hint of trouble. And I’m no Miracle Diva, alright!
The old men and women of the fishing village were looking at the surreal situation of the Sirens prostrating before me from a distance.

“As expected of Martha-chan’s masters. She had the Sirens prostrate before her.”

“The song she sang was also amazing. As expected of the Miracle Diva-sama.”

Wait! The title of the Miracle Diva is about to take hold! I don’t need such a chuunibyou filled nickname!

“Don’t give me funny names! Stop prostrating before me! I’ll just listen to you first!”

At this rate, the Miracle Diva will take hold in this fishing village! With a sense of urgency, I had no choice but to listen to the Sirens.

How did this happen!?

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