Chapter 196.1

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The Miracle Diva.
We have watched Cidar-kun chase the pipsqueaks for a while.


A woman’s scream resounded. Oh, a Siren was submerging.

“Mission complete!”

And the Valkyrie went to work on her next prey. The Sirens are of flesh and blood. The Valkyrie is capable of singing semi-permanently, as long as it has magical power. It also does not make mistakes. The opponent will have to admit defeat if their voice gets even a little hoarse. It’s only a matter of time before Valkyrie defeats the Sirens.

“Valkyrie, how much magical power is remaining?”

“No problems. There’s more than 90% left.”

Umu, there are no problems whatsoever. Well, propulsive power and singing won’t consume so much, right?

“Now then, why don’t we try our best, too! Kuurin, one more time!”


Kuurin turned into a gigantic fish and started swimming off the coast. Dirk made a proposal to me.

“Rosarin, we don’t feel like we can win, so let’s do it together.”

Well, there certainly is the risk of spillover just like you saw. It’s no problem for all of us to do it together. I accepted Dirk’s suggestion and we all hunted together for a while. Since we had hunted down all the surrounding monsters, we put up a barrier to prevent new ones from entering the area. All that’s left was for the Sirens to go away and we can go swimming!

There were still a few Sirens, and it was just about lunchtime, so we barbecued our seafood haul. Oh my, fresh seafood is delicious. Prawns (-like monsters) and scallops (-like monsters) were simply grilled with butter and soy sauce or salt. It was insanely delicious! Fish (-like monsters) were delicious too! I enjoyed the seafood and the cool sensation on my feet.


I looked down at my feet fearfully and saw a woman with her hair resembling seaweed grabbing my ankle.

“Hii………… nooooooo!!”


I kicked it with all of my strength… no, it was a monster! It was probably a monster! That I kicked. Huh? I kicked it really hard…

“Eh? It’s not moving?”

I accidentally made it look like a wet rag, so I healed it for the time being. It appears to be one of the Sirens the Valkyrie defeated earlier. The Siren was kneeling on the ground before me.
For a mermaid-looking Siren to be kneeling before me, what a seriously surreal scene.


“Please have a proper contest with meee! T, to think I would lose to that boat that I cannot even tell if it’s alive or not, that’s too crueeel! Waaaaaaahh!!”


The Siren wailed. Ahh… this cold gaze is tormenting me! But, I don’t think that I am at fault! I spoke to the wailing Siren gently.

“Umm… I think it’s far less cruel than killing you all. Rather, you should be thankful that your defeat could be decided with just a song. You are greatly mistaken if everyone would do as you want. In the first place, haven’t you guys attacked the human boats?”


“Ohh, what a splendid final blow.”

Curtis was amused by the crying Siren. Alphage-sama’s entire body was shaking. He seemed to be holding back his laughter. It was me who made her cry, but you guys are awful!

“Rosarin, I feel sorry for her.”

“Rosary, let’s compete with a song.”

“Rosarin, can’t we just do it?”

A mass of good intentions… I was completely defeated by my angels and the purifying power of the Pure White-sama.

“It can’t be helped, who here is good at singing?”

Silence. Hey, is there no one good at singing? In the end, we decided that the loser of rock-paper-scissors is going to sing.

And I was the one that lost! Well, I don’t hate singing, so whatever.

“… Whether I win or lose, you have to promise to move out of this area. Then I will have a contest with you.”

“Yes! I promise!”

It was against the rules for the Sirens that lost to negotiate in the first place, so the Siren readily agreed. She also promised to persuade the rest of the Sirens.

“Valkyrie, return.”

Valkyrie turned into a guitar in response to my will. It politely came with a pick.


Dirk mentioned the name of an instrument often used by Christia’s bards.

“No, this one is called a guitar. It’s a musical instrument Rin was good at.”

I played the guitar lightly, making sure no tuning was needed. Now, what shall we sing? Since I’m already singing let’s not do a worn-out hit song, but an impromptu one.

I played soft ballad-like music. Took a deep breath and started the song.

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