Chapter 201

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Swimming and octopus
I’m going to play while observing the two strawberries! Zilva? I’m leaving him alone. I endorse Cidar-kun over Zilva. Cidar-kun occasionally shows the reliability of a surprising degree, after all.

I was using a surfboard magic tool and enjoying surfing. Right, left, turn. Aldin-sama was doing it too, but I was better at learning from repeated tries.

“Rosarin, let’s have a match!”

Surfing is not about that, though… well, I accepted. It was my overwhelming victory. Caught in the moment of elation, I tried doing a somersault and failed.


I was surprised that I failed, so I ended up drinking lots of seawater. Pain. I immediately felt a strong arm pulling me up and my body emerged. When my face came out on the surface, I coughed intensely.

“Cough! Ergh!”

“Are you okay? I’m glad I stayed close by just in case.”

Dirk stroked my back and talked to me softly. Dirk turned into a mermaid by using his ring and stayed close to me, so I wouldn’t get in danger. I’m sorry for being such a danger-full fiancée. Moreover, I nearly drowned because of my cockiness.

“Are you good? How about a little break?”

I was happy with Dirk so concerned about me, I decided to act spoiled. First of all, we moved back to the beach. Jash rushed over.

“Ojousama, are you okay? Would you like some water?”

“No, juice and shaved ice would be nice.”

“Understood. How about you, Dirk-sama?”

“The same thing.”

“Understood. I will bring it immediately.”

My specialty, juice and shaved ice… or rather, Frappe. Fruits and ice cream, topped with shiratama dango. There were several kinds, but my choice was strawberry. Dirk’s pineapple.

“N~ delicious!”

“It does look delicious indeed.”

Seemingly tired of playing, they came to take a break. Milfi and Cidar-kun, that is. Milfi chose peach Frappe, while Cidar-kun chose a mango one.

“It’s tasty, but there’s a little too much of it.”

“It’s fine, it’s fine, Dirk say ahh~”

“Eh? I mean, we are in front of people, you know!?”

“It will melt, so hurry up! Say ahh~”

“A, ahh.”

Dirk ate the shaved ice I held out with his face bright red. I grinned at Milfi.

“… Well as you see, my beloved darling will help me to finish it. Dirk, let me try your pineapple too.”

“Ah, yes. Here, say ahh~”

“Pineapple is yummy too, isn’t it?”

Dirk seemed to be fine with feeding me, even though he was embarrassed to do the opposite. After looking at us for a while, Milfi turned to Cidar-kun.

“… Cidar-kun.”

“……… I won’t do it.”

“I haven’t said anything yet.”

“…… Alright. Try saying it.”

“The portion is too much for me, won’t you eat the rest?”

“Eh? Ah~ you can just ask Rosarin…”

“I can’t. She cannot even finish her portion, so she’s feeding it to Dirk.”

“Oh~ then, someone else…”

“It will melt. Everyone is swimming and having fun, I would feel bad calling them over, and it would be wasteful to just throw it away… that being the case, say ahh~”

“…… I, I will eat it myself! I have my own spoon, after all!”

“… I just wanted for the two of us to… to get along just like Rosarin and Dirk… a, are you against it?”

Milfi tilted her head despondently. Cidar-kun turned bright red, but ate the shaved ice that Milfi offered him. And in desperation, he ate it all at once and experienced brain freeze.

Milfi looked happy. Yes, Milfi’s smile is cute. I’m glad that she’s having fun.

It looks like Milfi is going on a duck boat ride with Cidar-kun. That’s a classic date!

“Dirk, I also want to take a duck boat with you.”



Dirk immediately agreed.


“You seem to be in a good mood.”

“Yeah. Duck boats were one of the staple dating spots in Rin’s world.”

I leaned my body on Dirk’s shoulder. Dirk looked happy while he was looking forward so that he wouldn’t hit other people.

“Is that so?”

“Yes. Rin often cursed in her inner heart so that the giggling and squealing riajuu exploded, but now I am a riajuu myself!”


“It’s how those who are envious of others who are full of reality, flirting with their lover, for example, call such people. But, I have Dirk now! An ideal boyfriend I can be proud of from the bottom of my heart! I’m happy.”

“Eh? T, thank you. Rosarin… umm, I feel the same way about you.”


I hugged Dirk’s arm. I’m so happy now! Dirk also smiled serenely and petted me. I was entranced and let myself fall into Dirk’s arms. Such a happy time was forcibly ended by a scream.


An uncle’s scream resounded.

“It’s Dangerous Octoveeer!?”

A huge tentacle was wrapped around the boat. The Dangerous Octover was so big the boat looked like a toy in comparison.


Milfi seemed to have passed just by a hair and got caught by her foot.

“Milfilia! I will save you right away!”

Cidar-kun Beastified completely and quickly bit through the tentacle that was holding Milfi. He swiftly put Milfi on his back and swam to the land. The tentacles tried to follow them, but Suigetsu-san provided support. Suigetsu-san was pushing the tentacles back with water currents.




The duck boat blasted through the water surface with unbecoming speed. I was later told by Aldin-sama that it had already transformed to a different vehicle.
We continued pedaling with all we got. We were as fast as the wind! The moment I thought we could even fly at this speed, we really flew.



The duck boat was flying.


Oh, wasn’t the duck boat turning black! Duck-san was getting serious!?

“Noooo, why is it flying? Moreover, why is it turning black!”

“Rosarin, did you do something!?”

“I did not! I definitely did not think that I felt like we could even fly!”

When I looked at it later again, I noticed that the duck boat changed classes to a black swan boat. Anyhow, Duck-san who has become a black swan boat rammed the Dangerous Octover.

“Fufufufu… I will put you over the fire, octopus!! You will be served!!”

“… Should we take it down without injuring it too much then?”

“One blow to the body it is!”


My and Dirk’s ring turned into a giant sword, and the Dangerous Octover got skewered.

“Eh… in one blow?”

Someone muttered, but you are wrong. We struck twice. Dangerous Octover is mostly immune to magic and has high offensive power, but it’s weak to physical attacks. It looks like an octopus, but it has ten tentacles and each one has different attack patterns. If you sever its tentacles, its defensive power will certainly decrease, but the attacks would become more concentrated, and you would find yourself in its attack range… so, we aimed at the body from the very beginning.

“Yaay, we are having octopus today!”

“Good for you, Rosarin.”

I have gotten my hands on a good souvenir for Kanata-san. When I returned to the beach, the fishermen thanked me, but everyone was pulling away from me. Why?

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