Chapter 160.2

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Return home and report.
“By the way, the wrongdoers who were pushed onto us are waiting in the parlor.”

“… What do you plan on doing with them?”

“One of them, who was directly involved is going to be doing manual labor at the orphanage.”

“The crime of the other one who was only dragged into the incident is light, so I’m going to use him as my assistant.”

“All right.”

“I’m going to have her stay at the orphanage. There’s a room for her, right?”

“Yes, there’s no problem. Lumia-san said it’s quite vacant when I inquired before. What about the former slaves?”

“I will buy and build a plantation when things settle down a little, I intend to have them work there. They can help out at Niisama’s plantation for the time being.”


“Also, I have a request for you, Niisama.”

“What is it?”

“I’d like you to grow these! In large numbers!”

“This is… rice? It’s rounder than normal.”

“Yes, this rice isn’t normal rice. This is Wolfanea’s delicious rice. We can implement it into our menu to start our fantastic rice life too!”

“Those springy ones? Got it, leave it to me. Do I cultivate them normally or?”

“Yes, I heard that works.”

“Isn’t this the ‘Blessing of the Saintess’ the royal family ate when they got ill!?”

“Ah~ it might have been called like that too. His Majesty gave me some when I asked for it. Jess said he owes me too much and told me to take as much as I want. The way it should be prepared was lost over the years in Wolfanea, but freshly cooked rice is delicious.”

“I, I see…”

“By the way, do you know what this is?”

“T, the Cathedral Archbishop’s cane that has been handed down for generations!?”


“This is a national treasure, you know!?”

“By the way, do you remember the Archbishop’s appearances, Jash? Please don’t hold back.”

“……… He looked like a pervert.”

“Correct. This cane was most likely the Salvation Saintess’ prank. Speaking as a Beneficiary, this thing shouldn’t be used by macho-looking middle-aged men. It’s for use by women. I replaced it with one of mine and it was sealed in a treasury, but it became a disaster when the King of Wolfanea touched it.”

“I apologize for my Grandfather!”

“What happened to Pops?”

“He called himself a Magical Girl while showing off his strawberry panties. Catching someone this fast without taking glances under his skirt was truly… difficult. It has been pushed onto me because of that too.”

“I apologize for my Grandfather and Uncle.”

Jash prostrated himself on the floor again. I’m telling you that it’s not your fault or anything. The ones at fault are His Majesty and Jess. I’m not blaming you. I’m only reporting the regrettable truth.

“It ended with a triumphal parade of the Meat Saintess. Rosarin failed to push the credit onto Aldin-sama.”

“I did my best, but… I couldn’t pull it off.”


“To be honest, I don’t it’s possible to overwrite their impression of you, Rosarin. Valkyrie alone had such great impact, after all.”


“You are Ojousama, after all.”
“It’s Ojousama we are talking about, after all.”
“She’s our Ojousama, after all.”
“That’s so like Ojousama, after all.”

“What do you mean by thaaat!?”

I was laughed at vaguely. When compared to Aldin-sama, my impact was too great… or so it seems. Aldin-sama is too pure, so his presence is too thin (harsh).

“Which reminds me, didn’t you get a new spirit, Ojousama? There’s always trouble when you go out where you obtain a new spirit at the end, no?”

“It’s me.”

“N? Ru Bocchan’s daikon?”

“It’s Mandragora. A spirit of poison and greenery. I’m going to scream.”

“”Don’t scream.””

There’s only a premonition of a catastrophe if you do. Well, I don’t think anyone would die, but everyone except Geraldin-san and me would most likely end up paralyzed.

“Mary hates daikon!”

Mary got screamed at as a result of pulling on Gora-chan before, so she hates him now. She sees him as a threat since then. Gora-chan started shining! Crap! Surely not…


A pervert with just a leaf appeared. He suddenly appeared on top of the table and everyone froze in place as the pervert shook his waist at a high speed.

“Fuu~! Nooot!! You perveeeert!”

I, who recovered from the shock transformed my ring into a bat on a reflex and swung it at him.


Leaving behind a questionable shout, the pervert literally flew.


“Right here~”

“Capture Gora-chan before the neighbors report him. Make him choose between wearing clothes and getting pickled.”

“… I will tell him that you are serious.”

Later, Haru told Gora-chan that my eyes looked very serious. Gora-chan though he would really get pickled. By the way, Gora-chan should land in a soft place. I should have been more fierce! I told Haru to convey to him that I will grate him the next time he did this. Haru left in search of the blown off Gora-chan.

“Ojousama, why did you let this pervert become your protection spirit?”

“Gora-chan wasn’t such a pervert before! He was a mascot-like existence!”

Mr. Mandragora changed considerably.

“It’s only after Rosarin accepted him that he became capable of turning humanoid.”

Why, everyone seemed convinced that it was somehow my fault. Is it paranoia?

“Ojousama, let’s do something about Mikelle and Tosaken already.”


I totally forgot about them until Rabisha-chan addressed the matter with a troubled expression. I left them for quite a long time.
Because it couldn’t be helped, the reporting meeting came to an end.

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