Chapter 160.1

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Return home and report.
Rosarin Rosenberg has returned safely!

“Welcome back, Ojousama! Ru Bocchama! I’m glad you are safe…!”

I got hugged tightly by Martha. C, can’t breathe…

“Martha, Rosarin is turning blue, you know!?”

“Oh my, who did this to Ojousama!?”

Everyone pointed at Martha in silence. I was saved that Elder brother noticed right away. I was shocked to be strangled to death first thing upon returning home. To be frank, I felt in more danger than during the Great Tsunami.

“Please forgive me, Ojousama!”

“I’m home, Martha.”

“Yes! We have been expecting your return!”

Martha smiled happily. Finally back, when I softened thinking such, Manya appeared.

“Welcome back~ Ojousama, Bocchama. It was quite difficult here when we heard from the Head Maid that you were caught up in a Great Tsunami~ The plates were breaking, the walls were breaking.”


Did she say wall just now? The dazed Martha has apparently broken the wall with her head. Martha oy, you don’t normally do that, okay? Rather, is your head (in a physical way) okay!?

“I was worried about you, Ojousama. It seems that I’m also lacking practice.”

In a sense, I feel you have enough of practice. Please don’t go breaking walls. As for the plates, well, it can’t be helped.

“Welcome back, Ojousama, Bocchama. Tea and sweets have been prepared, so please come to the terrace. Everyone, good job welcoming them. There’s a share for you guys too. Wash your hands and come have some.”

As soon as Jash appeared, he was talking work. His talents are wasted here. Someone should learn from him, the son really is a capable person!”

“Jash, crouch down.”


Jash crouched down obediently. I patted his head. Yep, silky smooth. His ears are soft too and have quite a fluffy feeling. I smiled.

“I’m home, Jash. Thank you for asking Rulan for help. It was really helpful. The tea and sweets too. I was worn-out, so I really appreciate it.”

“Yes! I’m glad I was of use to you, even if little, Ojousama!”

Whoah, a whole-faced smile and a wagging tail. What a praiseworthy puppers. My heart softened. Umm, Martha, Manya, don’t smack your lips. I can hear you.

“Welcome back.”

“”We are back, Okaasama.””

I got tightly hugged by Okaasama too. Mother’s nice smell brought me happiness.

“I have prepared Madam’s share of tea and sweets as well. How about joining Ojousama and others on the terrace?”

“Oh my, thank you Jash-chan.”




Everyone moved to the terrace and while we were having a relaxing tea party, I noticed someone rushing over.

“Lord, welcome back!”

“Yes, I’m back, Geraldin-san.”

I felt the muscular middle-aged man whose tail was wagging happily was cute. How strange.

“Come to think of it, we heard about Wolfanea’s matters from Geraldin-san, didn’t we?”

“Yes, he said things like ‘Lord went Rosariiin and babang. Now she’s a Saintess holding a Meat Festival.’ and ‘Yep. Lord’s robo… Rosariiin was terrific. It was shiny and boomboom strong, most were defeated by Lord herself!’ and ‘It’s a big fellow. Armored… with a shiny bow, it went dodonbang!’ so we couldn’t understand anything. Master and Ark-san were barely able to interpret for us, though.”

“Yeah. I knew he’s poor at explaining, but that’s worse than I anticipated.”

“It already reaches the borders of a guessing game. Tousama did good understanding him.”


“Haha, they are of the same kind, after all. Welcome home, Ojousama, Ru Bocchan.”

“”We are home, Ark.””

Oh, their natures resonated with each other. I can understand that.

“Rosarin, Ru, welcome back.”

“”We are back, Tousama!””

Embracing both of us at once, father smiled happily. No, he would seem expressionless by his surroundings.

“And so, Ojousama. What is this Rosariiin?”


I didn’t want to answer Ark’s question, so I ignored him with a smile.

“It’s called Valkyrie, a shouting giant from Rosarin’s weapon ring that earned her the title of Meat Saintess.”

“… Ojousama, just what did you guys do in Wolfanea?”

“To put it roughly, we defeated the Great Tsunami in one day, awakened Yggdrasil and held a Meat Festival from the meats of the defeated monsters. The Meat Festival was Rosarin’s idea.”

Jash who heard that much from Geraldin-san nodded in understanding as he was expecting that much.

“After that, we resolved the attempted poisoning of His Majesty.”


The two relatively common-sense people in our home were in harmony.

“Ni, Niisama… you didn’t have to speak about that, no?”

“Rosarin, they can ask our classmates, and inquire from us even more later.”

“…………… True.”

“By the way, this attempted poisoning incident…”

“The Wolfanean King was fed poison. It was a tasteless and odorless, slow-acting poison. The royal physician mixed up his herbs. Rosarin provoked the mastermind to make a move and we caught a big haul.”

“Just what did you guys went to do in Wolfanea, Ojousama!?”


“And so, why did you exterminate the Great Tsunami and resolved the King’s attempted poisoning by catching the criminals all at once then!?”

“I consulted with Jess about the attempted poisoning in advance. Jess thought it was an illness, though.”

“By the way, we brought people who were indirectly involved in the poisoning with us.”

“How did it turn out like this!?”

“”They were pushed onto us by the Wolfanean King.””

“I’m so sorry about my Grandfather!”

He prostrated himself on the floor. I don’t think it’s your fault or anything, Jash.

“Only the Great Tsunami was an unexpected event, reviving Yggdrasil and resolving the King’s poisoning case were within our expectations, right Niisama?”

“Indeed. What was beyond expectations was… eradicating the pervert at the Cathedral, the unexpected matter of the King turning into a pervert, and Second Prince’s actions that I couldn’t understand well enough. And also the matter of Jutiess-sama growing into adult-size and wanting to become your servant.”

“So many things happened, right?”

“Seriously, just what was going on in Wolfanea!? Please stop glossing over it and explain in detail, I beg you!”

“”Too troublesome.””

“Just two words!?”

Jash was teary-eyed. However, that’s not all.

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