Chapter 159

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Friends and promise.
We disbanded after moving to school. Dirk has been kidnapped by the knights so that he could give them a report. Do your best at work.

Then, when I thought of going home, I was captured by Alphage-sama and Curtis.

“We have to make a report to my Father, after all. There are things I can’t talk about, right? The Great Tsunami aside, there’s the poison and Yggdrasil… your unnatural behavior towards the little thief… I will have you speak about everything, alright?”

Oh, this is the ‘I can’t escape’ pattern. I sought help from my Elder brother with tears in my eyes.

“I think I might be guilty of the same thing? Rabisha, Pochi, we have many things to talk about, so you guys return home first.”

“I’m Master’s maid. I would like to accompany her if possible. There’s also the matter of Mikelle. Are you sure?”

“I, I want to return home together with Oneechan too!”

“It’s very likely that they are waiting for us, and I’m sure they are all worried, so I’d like to ask you two to return first. Leave Mikelle and Tosaken in a guest room (it would be troublesome if they ran into Jash).”


“Oneechan, we will be waiting for you at home then.”

Thus, Elder brother and I were brought to the castle. And we honestly spoke about everything. Concealing the truth about Jash, we talked about Yggdrasil and the poisoning of His Majesty. Alphage-sama was holding his head in his hands.

“Could you include me the next time you plan on doing stuff like this?”

“No way.”

I replied immediately. Cold aura was escaping from Alphage-sama’s body. I’m scared but I won’t retreat!

“If we include you Alphage-sama, you would demand Wolfanea to make promises as a country, right? I didn’t know that Jess had this much authority at first, and the response would be delayed if the country got involved, causing many Wolfaneans to die of starvation.”

“Fumu, as expected of the Saintess.”

Alphage-sama laughed sarcastically. On the other hand, Aldin-sama spoke up with a sparkling smile.

“Rosarin is like a Hero, isn’t she!”


Aldin-sama, that was sarcasm just now. I wasn’t told anything nice. Oh, Pitch Dark-sama received damage from the pureness of his little brother.

“You are incredible, Rosarin! Is Yggdrasil okay now?”

“Ah, yes. It stopped laying dormant and resumed working normally, Elder brother and I revitalized it too, so there shouldn’t be any problems.”

“The people of Wolfanea won’t starve then. What a good year this has been! The country itself aside, the starving citizens were pitiful. Everyone looked so happy during the Meat Festival. When we arrived, it felt like everyone was living in a bad lie. You are amazing, Rosarin!”

“Thank you very much.”

Pitch Dark-sama smiled bitterly. Aldin-sama, I really thank you so much. As expected, Pitch Dark-sama can’t blame me anymore.

“Rosarin, I know that you are both strong and smart, but don’t do the impossible, alright? Consult with us properly the next time. Elder brother might be talking about national interest, but in the end, he’s just worried about you.”


No, that ain’t true. I accidentally spoke with an accent, but that’s not true. No way, Aldin-sama. Oh my? Why is Alphage-sama red in the face?

“Aldin is correct.”

The laughing Curtis jabbed Alphage-sama with his elbow. Are you sure that doesn’t hurt, Curtis? Eh? Seriously?

“Ah~ thank you very much for your concern?”

“I’m not concerned about you!”

“Eh? Elder brother, you complained to me that she doesn’t consult with you and that you feel distant to her, no?”

“For reals?”

I unconsciously lost the honorifics there. Ehh? Truly?

“It’s because I owe you one!”

“Eh? Didn’t you say that it’s frustrating when the only friends whom you find equal don’t rely on you, though?”


Alphage-sama choked. No, how rare. He’s red up to his ears and trembling.

“Alphage, I’m sorry for leaving you out.”

“Yes, we are F・R・I・E・N・D・S☆ after all. I didn’t consider the situation well enough. I will definitely consult with you next time I encounter trouble. We are friends, after all!”

“Aren’t you glad! Elder brother!”

“This demonic sibliiiings!!”

Buhahaha, Alphage-sama wept. What a rare sight. He is apparently more fond of us than we thought. I didn’t know. Adeil and Hugh were seemingly frozen in place because of the unexpected. Curtis was laughing so much his body was twitching. Aldin-sama stared blankly. Can’t be helped. I exchanged a glance with Elder brother.

“Demonic you say, aren’t we friends, though?”

“You are cruel, Alphage-sama. Aren’t we friends?”

“Stop working together! Are you having so much fun teasing me!?”

“”We do.””


“… You were teasing him? Even though my Elder brother really considers you his friends and was sad about being left out.”

“”Please forgive us.””

We lowered our heads to Alphage-sama at once.

“Sorry. Even though I spend a lot of time with you, I didn’t think you considered me a friend, so I was just too happy…”

“I also didn’t think you were fond of me this much, so I just…”

“Do you siblings tease people when happy?”

“”Depends on the situation.””

“That’s so nasty!”



“Aren’t you glad, Elder brother?”

“I’m not! Geez… I won’t tell you to do the impossible, and I’m aware you guys judged that to be the best way to handle things. You guys are talented people that are hard to come by for our country… no, for us. I will cooperate with you to the best of my abilities, so don’t do anything foolish alone.”


“Especially you, Rosarin. It’s fine since you relied on us this time, but I heard the dangers you went through only afterward, leaving us with nothing to do but to wait nervously.”

Err… is he talking about the matter with Kou when I was the bait? I do know what he is talking about when II say so myself.

“Y, yes… I will do as you say whenever possible.”

“”Whenever possible?””

Gyaaah!? Elder brother and Alphage-sama look super scary!!

“I, I mean there will be times I just can’t do that! I will consult and report when necessary! I promise you that!”


“You have it hard, Ru. Well, not telling lies is her good point. You’ve promised, Miss Rosarin.”

“Yes, I fundamentally don’t break my promises.”

“Then, fine. We shall make a report to Father ourselves. Your family is surely waiting for you anxiously. You may return.”

“”Thank you very much.””

When I arrived at the castle gate holding my Elder brother’s hand, a familiar silver embraced me.

“Welcome back, Oneechan, Ru Oniichan!”

“Ah, that’s not fair! Mary wants to hughug Oneechan and Ru Oniichan too!”

“……… (Smile).”

“We came to pick you up.”

Being picked up by Jend, Mary and Nex aside, Ordo being here is not good! You were convicted for your assassination attempt, you know!? Luckily, the soldiers at the gate didn’t notice yet! I shouted instantly.

“Everyone, run with all of your miiight!!”


“Is it a race?”

“Mary won’t lose!”

“… (Nod, nod).”

“Then, I will be the referee.”

“Then, ready, set, go!”




By the way, I finished first, Mary second, Jend third, Nex fourth, and Elder brother was last.

“W, why a race all of a sudden…”

“Sorry, I got startled by Ordo’s presence and panicked.”


“… (Startled).”

They understood. It felt like a slapstick in the end, but we got home safely. I want to relax at home.

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