Chapter 158.2

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Let me go home normally.
We were currently being paraded. It’s that you know, a fantasy parade of bourgeoisie rats. Am I supposed to be the princess? I waved my hand as I stood on top of the Valkyrie.

I heard Saintess-samaaaa being shouted over and over again, but I don’t care. I won’t interject today even if the machos are crying like girls.

“Rosarin, stop looking like a dead fish, at least wave your hand properly.”

Whoops, not good. I got warned by Elder brother, so I redid my expression and waved my hand. They were cheering loud.

“Your forced smile is perfect, but your eyes still look like those of a dead fish.”

Curtis seemed to be enjoying himself, but I wasn’t. I beg you, let me go home normally.

“Meat, meat, meat, meat!”




Don’t use other people’s names to create a call & response! Moreover, it’s uselessly good! Now there, aunties! Please don’t put meat on the parade float saying to take it. Stop throwing the bacon! Is this harassment!?




After the unproductive exchange with Jess, I was fully prepared to return home right away, but they wanted to hold a parade before leaving. Special carriages and parade floats were made for that purpose. I beg of you, the leader in the castle prostrated before me.
I did refuse, but the princes ended up accepting.

“Well, it can’t be helped.”


Looking at it from the princes’ point of view, this is also diplomacy. They want to leave good impression so that Wolfanea and Christia stay friendly in the future. So when they make such sound argument, I as the Duke’s daughter have to act like a sad subordinate.
I waved my hand while smiling like a reluctant panda.

And the long parade finally came to an end.

“Valkyrie, airship mode!”

With a dazzling light, the Valkyrie transformed into an airship. As expected of fantasy. And as expected of the power of my wild delusions.


“The hell is that, so cool!”

It was highly popular mainly with men. It’s weird that the classmates looked at me in what seemed to be favorable light when I told them to get on, but no one else but me seemed to mind it.


“It’s floating!”

“We are flying!”

We quickly departed. The airship was absurdly fast, so we arrived to Christia in no time. We were going to use a teleportation circle at the national border, but the airship was swift so we landed in the Capital’s vicinity.

It was only a few days, but I feel like I was away for a very long time because so many things happened.
Rosarin has finally returned to Christia!

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