Chapter 158.1

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Let me go home normally.
It’s sunny today. The people of the castle came to see us off.

“Really, really, really, really thank you very much! I’m especially grateful for yesterday!”

Jep, Jess excitement has not changed much from yesterday. So he was this happy? I’m glad for him. My hand he’s shaking is about to hurt, can I kick you away now?

“Rosarin, I came to see you off.”

“Elder brother!?”

Huh? The Second Prince came out. How come? He seems happy.

“It appears that I am able to leave the sanctuary too, thanks to you. I have been a burden to you up until now, Jutiess. I will be able to help you with diplomacy and government affairs now.”


Jess broke into tears without saying anything. I felt hands on both of my shoulders. Elder brother and Pitch Dark-sama’s smiles were scary. Super scary.


“Yes! Gladly!”

“Rosarin caught that black-haired person with a net but we got too distracted by Jutiess-sama’s matter and forgot.”

Dirk muttered softly. The chills! I feel chills!! Eh? It’s Alphage-sama, huh! Scary, scary! Your smile is too scaryyy!!


“Yes! Gladly!”

Super scaryyy!! They have super smiling faces, but their eyes look so serious!

“I was also at fault for ignoring her. Don’t scold her, please. I will be able to help with the government affairs thanks to her. I was only startled and did not suffer any injuries. I am truly grateful to Rosarin.”

The older brothers reluctantly forgave me. Saved!

“Thank you so much, Oniisan.”

“… I’m not your older brother, though?”

“I don’t know your name, after all.”

The Second Prince froze. He tilted his head, thinking about something. No, you did not tell me your name.

“… Have I not introduced myself to you?”


“… Sorry. My name is Judas Wolfanea.”

“I will reintroduce myself then, I’m Rosarin Rosenberg.”

It’s a bit too late, but we introduced ourselves to each other.



Jess addressed me with a serious look on his face. Mister Jess, this is the third time a Wolfanean royalty made this pose before me. Why? Does the entire royal family want to serve me or what? Anyhow, let me refuse.

“Please accept- “I don’t need any more troublesome subordinates than this.”

I won’t let you finish, okay? Your older brother and nephew are already my subordinates. I don’t need any more of you! Moreover, you are the one who runs Wolfanea the most! I seriously don’t need you! Wolfanea is going to crumble without you, Jess!

“Jutiess, could you at least help me take over your role?”

Your comment is somewhat off, Judas-sama. That’s not the problem here!!

“Heeeey! Taking over is not the problem here! The Wolfanean royalty cannot be serving Christia’s noble lass, okay! It’s going to affect Wolfanea’s dignity!”

“… Elder brother is already serving you. Aren’t you bit too late saying this?”

“Didn’t he abandon his inheritance rights and ran away from home, though? I now consider him strictly a commoner!”

“I’m going to abandon my inheritance rights then!”


My harisen exploded into Jess at full power. I don’t understand how someone could abandon their inheritance rights to become my servant!

“Rosarin, give up. Deciding to serve someone is the biggest joy for Silver Wolves. Once they decide on a master to serve, they won’t ever give up. You are just wasting your time.”

What a bothersome race!

“Jess, please reconsider it carefully. I’m a woman who kicks the family jewels of men at the first meeting. I have no boobs, my personality is bad, I’m such a dork that I can’t even do sewing.”

“Isn’t being this strong and clever enough?”

“Shush, Curtis! Anyhow, please reconsider!”

“Rosarin, are you saying that you have no use for a good-for-nothing like me? I was finally able to grow thanks to your help. But, even if I serve you, what I can do for you would be certainly insignificant.”

Jess cried. No, making someone like you, who can look after the government affairs and the king, my servant is plainly wasteful.

“To be honest, I would prefer if you stayed working in Wolfanea, Jess. I think you would be of better help to me if you stayed here, rather than following me back to serve.”

“If Lord says so, it can’t be helped.”

“I’m not your Lord!”

I did my best to convince him after that, but he didn’t budge. What a stubborn lineage.

“Well, how about a temporary contract? You are never going to end at this rate.”

Accepting Elder brother’s compromise plan, Jess became my temporary subordinate. He will work at Wolfanea for the time being and eventually come to Christia. You don’t have to come. Rather, I would love if you forgot about me.

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