Chapter 157.2

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Last night in Wolfanea.
Jess got dressed up, so Dirk stopped covering my eyes. The blonde pretty boy turned into an Adonis.

“Jess, you are a hunk! You look cool.”

“Thank you, Rosarin… I really, really, really thank you. I can finally strike back at those who called me pipsqueak, runt, cutie-pie, and legal shota behind my back!”


He had quite a… no, a considerable complex about his appearances, huh. I smiled in silence. There’s nothing I can say. Rather, this is my first time seeing Jess so vigorous. That’s good.

After Jess thanked me with all of his might, Dirk and I were making our way to a guest room. Suddenly, I caught sight of relief on the ceiling. The Second Prince was on my mind. Why is he not coming out? It seems that the political affairs are left to Jess, too.

All of a sudden, I noticed that the bracelet I received at the treasury was emitting a faint light. No, wrong. A faintly shining girl was holding the bracelet in her hands. A gho… no, she’s a spirit, isn’t she!
I’m not scared since Dirk’s here! I clung to Dirk’s arm tightly. The warmth of his body was calming me down.


Dirk noticed that something was wrong with me, but he didn’t seem to understand the reason.

“Erm… there’s a ghost-like spirit over here. But, she’s not a ghost! Ghosts don’t exist, after all!”

“… Hm? Are you afraid of that ghost-like spirit?”

“… Yeah.”

I obediently admitted it. Horror is no thank you! I hate them! I can’t help but feel embarrassed for being afraid of ghosts.
By the way, Dirk’s body was trembling.

“My Rosarin is ultra-cute…”

Which part? I won’t say anything like ‘I’m scared, so protect me please’ okay? I would go ‘Gyaaargh!’ in haunted houses, you know? How am I cute?

“Anyhow, she’s right around over there, right? Excuse me, my fiancée is scared, could you please go somewhere else?”

I couldn’t match my gaze with the expressionless ghost-like spirit, but I could see her shaking her head. Rather, to think of persuading a pseudo-ghost, you are incredible, Dirk!

The ghost-like spirit clapped on my bag. Should I open it? She took out the Crystallization of Holy Tree, Magchelia flower, and Yggdrasil fruit. The ghost-like spirit pushed it against the bracelet in her hand. The bracelet changed its shape and turned into a new bracelet with a graceful ivy pattern.
The bracelet was shining faintly in a divine light.


While having such thoughts, a jet-black dog-dragon flew through the air. What a timing! I would be troubled if the ghost-like spirit kept following me, so let’s hand her over!


He noticed that I was waving my hand at him, but ignored me. I changed my ring into a bazooka and fired it. The bazooka’s ammo was a net. His wings got stuck in the net and the Second Prince fell to the ground.


“Don’t go ‘Ah’ now! Why are you shooting a net at a flying person(?)!?”

“I got offended that he ignored me and since I had business with him, I decided to capture him.”


“You had other choices like chasing after him, no!?”

“I was only thinking about the fastest method.”


Anyhow, we went to Second Prince’s crash site first. The Second Prince was tangled up in a net in the garden.

“Good evening~ Oniisan.”

I removed the net. The Second Prince then turned into his humanoid form.

“What do you want?”

“I will give you this.”

I gave him the bracelet the ghost-like spirit created a minute ago. This bracelet is probably used to purify evil. I felt evil from him for a moment, after all. I’m sure he needs this more than I do.

“This is?”

“I was asked by a ghost-like spirit from the treasury to hand this over to you. It will surely be of help to you.”

When he touched the bracelet, something dark gradually disappeared from him. Huh? Oniisan, are you crying?

“Sorry, are you injured?”

“No. Thank you, Meat Saintess.”

“It’s Rosarin. I will hit you next time you address me differently.”

“Thank you, Rosarin.”

The Second Prince put his forehead on the back of my hand. If I remember correctly, this is the gesture of showing the highest grade of appreciation. I only handed it over, though.




Parting with the Second Prince, Dirk and I held each other’s hands as we walked.

“There was a problem with the way you did it, but that person seemed to be happy.”


We joined up with everyone while having such discussion, and we spent our last night in Wolfanea conversing noisily.

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