Chapter 157.1

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Last night in Wolfanea.
Well, the eventful trip ends today. We will be returning home tomorrow.

Jess has taken me to Wolfanea’s treasury. I succumbed to Jess who wanted to thank me no matter what. Even though I don’t need any treasures.

There was a girl in the treasury, though. She was super expressionless, though. What’s up with Jess’ reaction, though? W, who might you be?

When I tried to touch the girl, my hand slipped through. Gho… no, she must be a spirit, huh! I have an eye for spirits, after all! She’s not a ghost, not a ghost!


Miss Spirit(?) handed me a beautiful key and an old-looking bracelet. Both seemed to be endowed with some kind of magic.
Her expressionless face softened a little, and she disappeared after smiling gently.

“Oh, Jess. I want these.”

“A key… and a bracelet? What’s this key for? Oh well. I don’t mind, but how about anything else? We also have items from the Salvation Saintess.”

“Seriously? Taking them aside, I wanna see them!”




I regret it.
First of all, I understood that the Salvation Saintess was a modern person. I would like to refrain from giving a detailed comment, but this is not a world of sword and magic! There were many items that made me want to say this line.
Because there were many hazardous goods, I refused to receive them.

The only thing I found good was the key to a hideout. Don’t think of it as a normal key, though. When you swing the key, a door connecting to the Saintess’ hideout will open before you. It was equipped with an air-conditioning, it had water and sewer services, a fully equipped kitchen, a massage chair, separate bathrooms for men and women, and even a laundry room. Sauna and jacuzzi included. There was a dining room, a private room, and six bedrooms in total. What a technological wonder. I super wanted it.
When I gave it a try and asked for it, Jess really gave it to me. I will say it. It’s a national treasure, so he said it would be better put to use rather than collecting dust in here. Yahoo~!

Now then, we were joined by Dirk who couldn’t enter the treasury with us, and we were having tea in a different room. Isn’t Dirk supposed to be the princes’ guard, you might ask? This was an order from the very princes.

“I’m worried about Rosarin, so accompany her. We have Adeil and others here, so you need not worry about us.”

“That’s right. I’m also worried (about what Miss Rosarin might do) so stay by her side.”


Aldin-sama was worried because I got lost the other day, but Alphage-sama, you! Perceiving the difference in nuance behind his words, the three assassins laughed, so I kicked all three’s shins in return. Hmph!
Originally, Dirk wouldn’t be able to join us since he was a guard, but he’s my fiancé and a hero of Wolfanea. Dirk resisted, but he surprisingly couldn’t refuse because of Jess’ strong push. I talked with Jess while enjoying a cup of tea.

“That reminds me, don’t you want to grow taller?”

“What’s up, all of a sudden? Well, if possible, I would like to grow to an average size.”

“Then, how about I give it a try?”

“Try what?”

“I think your growth might have stopped because your magical power isn’t circulating properly.”

“… Does he have to undress?”

Dirk who was quietly listening to our conversation was teary-eyed. No, I’m going to die of guilt. That must be Dirk’s specialty.

“No, I got a knack for it already, so I can probably manage simply by touching his hand.”

“Wouldn’t the clothes tear if he grows up rapidly? Let’s prepare a blanket just in case.”

My sensible Darling handed a blanket to Jess. I touched Jess’ hand. Don’t look at me with such hopeful eyes. I will make a blunder! I closed my eyes and concentrated on his magical power. As I thought, it wasn’t circulating well. After I incited the stream to flow and tried to open my eyes, they were blocked.


“I grew up… hahaha, I got bigger!”

I seem to have succeeded, but Dirk blindfolded me. Why.

“S, someoneee! Please make Jutiess-sama wear clotheees!!”

Dirk’s sorrowful cry echoed. I had my eyes concealed, so I’m not clear, but Jess transformed to a dog-dragon, and his clothes get automatically stored away when they touch his huge Beastified skin because of the magic tool on him, so he was now totally naked as both the clothes and the blanket disappeared.
I’m glad Dirk was with me. I might have misplaced my elbow if Curtis got here and misunderstood that I was fooling around. I was able to keep my eyes closed and keep quiet just because Dirk was here.

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