Chapter 156

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Honesty and kiss.
Now then, the sane King was kneeling in the courtyard. Umm, he’s a king, right? He’s the most important person in the country, no? It’s scary when usually gentle people get angry! Their smiles are terrifying!

“Father, do you understand why am I angry?”

“Umu. I have ended up showing off my sexy body. Sorry about that.”








I saw the universe for a moment! His Majesty, who was a natural airhead, started speaking alien halfway!
Jess smiled and spoke up.

“Would you like to be split horizontally or vertically?”

“You can’t tear him apaaaart!”

Don’t be smacking your lips! I understand your feelings, though! Old man (Your Majesty) stop staring at the pot! Your angry son is going to start a rampage!

“S, someone, please stop him!”

“Everything’s fine, Saintess-sama.”

“He won’t die. Jutiess-sama will make sure that he doesn’t die.”

“It’s the usual, after all.”

Are you fine with this, Wolfanea? No, this is not good. Although I understand their feelings.
However, it wouldn’t be nice to meddle between a parent-son conversation, right! I have already given up on stopping Jess.

“By the way, why did you pick up the wand, Your Majesty?”

“Umu. I got tired of the work, so I went to see the wand I had received a report about. It then started shining brightly. It turned out like that after I touched it.”

Are you a child! Be more cautious! However, I understood from that. His Majesty has no Super Intuition. Jess and the aides seemed to be in despair.

“Erm, Jess? Eat something delicious and cheer up, okay?”

I handed a salted onigiri and the stew to Jess. He ate it obediently.

“Delicious! Was rice something always so tasty!?”

“I wanna eat too!”

“Ah, Curtis, that’s not fair! Rosarin, I want to eat too!”

It was a bit early, but we had dinner. We also had pork miso soup… the meat was from an orc, so orc miso soup? And boiled greens in soy sauce. By the way, the ingredients were brought from Christia. I don’t want to eat talking vegetables. Everyone enjoyed it.

Oh, His Majesty was weeping. Somehow, starving punishment might be more effective than a physical one.

“Jutiess, I was wrong… let me eat too…”

“Don’t skip the work again. And swear you won’t touch anything strange ever again.”

“I, I swear!”

If you break your promise, you will be two days without food.

“…………… Got it.”

How do I say this, haven’t their roles reversed? Oh well. I looked for Dirk. I have to thank him for earlier.

My Angel had his cheeks bulging like a hamster. So cute! I’d like to take him home! Putting such anguish and wild delusions aside, I spoke to Dirk.

“Dirk, thank you for earlier.”

Dirk emptied his cheeks in a hurry and smiled.

“Yep, I’m glad you are okay.”


“Umm, that…”


Because it was hard to say, I became flustered. Dirk tilted his head, but waited for me to speak.

“I, I, you see? When you saved me earlier, I thought so were cool… no, you were so cool my heart started throbbing. Err, I loved you before, but I fell for you even more after that…”

S, so embarrassing! But, I have to tell him properly. It seems that the matter with the ring finally conveyed my love to him, but I love him far, far more than he thinks.

“… Huh?”

Dirk Beastified completely and rolled into a ball… isn’t this too cruel to me who worked so hard to say it? Dirk immediately turned back, embraced me, and rubbed against me.

“You are so cute I’m going to die. My heart can’t take this. The hell are you trying to do? Are you trying to kill me? You are way too cute! Usually, when I eat, you smile happily, or you still close and pat me, and you are often very assertive, but get embarrassed when I touch you and I can’t get enough of your cuteness, but when you once in a while tell me your honest feelings, you get so adorable I don’t know what to do! You are deadly cute! Your destruction power is brutal! Rosarin, are you trying to kill me!? What am I supposed to do!?”

“Uh, err… I had to properly tell you that I like you… I had to thank you, tell you how cool you are, and how you make my heart throb… I thought… of conveying how much you mean to me little by little…”

Dirk took me up in a princess carry. Why.

“Excuse me, but I want us to be alone right at this moment. Please let us borrow a room.”

“Eh? What?”


The steward obeyed respectfully. Eeeeh? Everyone, stop smiling at us like that!




I was brought into a room with a bed again.

“Muu!? N… Hah… nn.”

Dirk put me on the bed and kissed me deeply all of a sudden. I was bewildered only in the beginning. I’m happy to kiss my beloved Dirk.

“Hahh… sorry. I love you so much, I can’t endure it. Let me kiss you lots.”

“I’m happy… Dirk, more…”

I snuggled to Dirk’s hand and acted like a spoiled child. I kissed his hand and touched his cheek with my hand as he froze in place. I kissed him. We hugged and kissed each other again and again.

“Dirk, I love you.”

“I love you too, Rosarin.”

We kissed while repeating how much we love each other.




A few minutes later.


I felt like running away. To think that we both would be embarrassing each other to death!

“Umm, that.”


Dirk addressed me bashfully.

“I was happy that I could protect you properly. Then you told me I was cool and that you loved me… I wanted to put actions behind my words no matter what. I won’t apologize. You are mine, after all.”

“Yeah… I was happy to receive it, so you have nothing to apologize for. We quite couldn’t get some alone time after coming to Wolfanea, so I feel happy now.”

Let’s just get pampered today! I hugged Dirk tightly, and we returned only after flirting for a little longer. Curtis and others were poking fun at us, but I was so happy I didn’t care.
Recently, I have been able to say clearly that I’m Dirk’s too. I thought it would be nice if we could walk together forever while changing little by little.

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