Chapter 155

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Strife in the castle.
After the magic wand incident in the Cathedral, we were having tea. While having a harmonious girls’ talk, it became kind of noisy.

Knights and soldiers were running around with serious expressions on their faces. The monsters have calmed down after the Great Tsunami, so is this an invasion from a foreign country or something? No, surely not.

“Seal it off!”

“It’s a disgrace to our country! Don’t let it ever come out!”

It didn’t seem to be an invasion. Thieves? Rabisha-chan who heard what’s going on covered her ears.

“Master, misfortune will befall upon you if you get involved. Please feign ignorance… no, it’s not too late now! I will become the bait! Please escape! This Rabisha is resolved to take the fall for your sake, Master.”

Rabisha-chan seemed unusually shaken up. She was trying to protect me while clearly frightened.



Just what is going on…


While having such thoughts, the noisy knights rushed over.

“Someone, please erase my memory!!”

“My panchira…”

“What a nasty thing to do!”

“The men’s dreams, hopes, and romance, protect the panchira!”

“That’s a blasphemy against panchira!”

“That’s right, we shall protect the panchira!”

“We are definitely going to capture them!”

The men shouted passionately and ran off.



Seriously, just what is going on? Anyhow, I have a bad feeling about this, okay?

“… What is panchira?”

The shocked Pure White-sama dropped a bomb.


I looked away.


Rabisha-chan was doing her best to not make eye contact.

“Ah~ erm, that’s… let’s see…”

“Beh, don’t act so bashful!”

“You are not one to speak!!”

I hit Hugh who was making fun of Adeil who tried to explain to the best of his abilities in embarrassment.

“There’s no need for Aldin-sama to know.”

Alphage-sama spoke up with a suspiciously refreshing smile.

It would be embarrassing to ask for an explanation about panties again. What’s to be done? By the way, Dirk was all nervous.



“It’s an unexpected exposure of panties.”



Oh, my God… a hero… a hero is here! Hero Milfi-sama!!”

“Crap, she’s so cool…”

“It’s embarrassing only because you are weirdly conscious about it.”

Hero Milfi replied to Curtis. And so, Pure White-sama who was taught the meaning of the word panties turned all red in the face.

“S, sorry…”

I don’t think you are really at fault, Aldin-sama.

“No, don’t mind it.”

So cool! You are so cool! Milfi! No, Milfi-sama!”

We were discussing something so foolish, so we didn’t notice the enemy approaching. Our response was delayed.


“Know the heavens, know the earth, know the people. Someone’s cry called me! The magical girl ☆ Metal Fittings Hard King Shiken! Here I am!!”




afhůgknapsdjnqw!? (Incomprehensible)




Adorable western-clothes adorned with ribbons. It was the King of Wolfanea wearing a miniskirt and high heels with an afro on his head. His silver wolf ears and tail didn’t change.
Oi, don’t wag your tail. I can see it! I can see what I didn’t want to see!

What happened. This exceeds the level of mental derangement infinitely. And I don’t want to understand, but this is probably what crushes the dreams, hopes, and romance of men. I didn’t notice before as I was shocked silly by His Majesty’s appearances, but he was holding a familiar wand in his hands.





So you are the culprit!!




Weren’t you on a strike!? You are a cursed item, not a national treasure, aren’t you!? Moreover, the Archbishop geezer and I had magical girl-ish names at that time, so what’s up with his ridiculous name. A king’s privilege? It has no fragment of magical girl element!

Moreover, why an afro… because of Gushiken (former Japanese professional boxer)!? What a useless thing! Rename yourself from a magical girl’s wand to a comical wand!

“Fufufu, Saintess… are you prepared?”

The afro king approached me slowly. I’m scared, but there’s only one course of actions I should take!

“Sober uuuup!!”

I swung my harisen with all of my might, but it was avoided.


Crap! I was prepared to receive a blow from the counterattack, but the pain didn’t come. When I timidly opened my eyes, I saw Dirk protecting me. Dirk’s ring must have activated as he was challenging the wand with a spear. A, as expected of him! Dirk was tightly holding me by my waist.
I know this is not the time for this. But, but let me say it.

I fell in love with youuuu!!

His profile which was looking straight at the pervert looked so dignified. Oh my, Dirk’s so cool when he’s fighting seriously no matter how many years pass! No matter how disappointing his opponent is, Dirk’s coolness won’t be harmed.

“Dirk, t… thank you.”

“You are not injured, right? I’m glad.”

Noooo! Cool! So cool!! I did not only fell for him deeper, but I fell in love with him all over again!

At that moment, the castle’s knights arrived.

“Here he is! Capture him!”

Judging that there are too many opponents, the afro king retreated.




I saw it. I could see it perfectly even if I didn’t want to. They were strawberry panties.




I understand that this is not the situation to speak about it. But, the mental damage I received is immense! Rather, so that wand even changes the panties! I couldn’t check, though. His Majesty wasn’t wearing strawberry panties to begin with, right? He’s not a pervert, is he?

“Stop moving about! They are showing!”

“Stop desecrating our panchiraaa!”

Looking carefully, the knights had tears in their eyes. That much? The afro king escaped. On the other hand, Jess arrived.
“Rosarin, are you okay!?”

I don’t really want to hear it, but I have to confirm.

“What happened that it turned out like that?”

It seems that his father escaped when he went to report to him. He likely went to check out the wand and incidentally touched it.

“Am I its target?”

“Yeah, it was saying that the Saintess is its lord and things like that. It probably wants to be used by you.”

“How troublesome…”

“Moreover, it seems to be reflecting Father’s physical abilities, so we are unable to catch him.”

“How truly troublesome! Including His Majesty!!”

“However, what do we do? You are the target, aren’t you, Rosarin?”

“Certainly, the speed to avoid even my harisen is a nuisance. He has the advantage of knowing the local terrain so chasing him to capture him would be impossible.”

“What are we going to do then?”

“If he’s quick all we have to do is stop his movement. Luckily, we know who the target is, so I’m just going to be the bait.”





That being the case, I was preparing meat and potato stew in a courtyard. I have already requested rice. Even if controlled by the wand, the glutton that His Majesty is still should be attracted.

“Guuh… not good, it’s a trap… starving, wanna eat…”

Just a little bit more… a little further… the afro king was approaching. Tsk, does this guy perhaps have Super Intuition too?

“I will have some. Hafu, hafu, delish.”

“You love this, don’t you, Curtis? Bring a plate if you would like a taste.”


Seeing the stew eaten in front of him, he reached his limit of enduring.

“Meat, give it to meee!”

The afro king assaulted me.


I activated the magic circle I drew on the ground beforehand to capture him.


And then, he was exposed to my harisen.

“It won’t woooork!!”

Ehhhh!? Oh, yes, the Silver Wolves are mostly immune to curses… is capture magic also useless!?
My harisen was avoided again. However, the afro king finally collapsed with a single blow from Dirk’s spear who followed after me from behind. I don’t want to approach since his strawberry panties are in full view, but there was nothing else I could do, so I approached and wrapped the wand in a sealing cloth. His Majesty’s clothes turned back to normal. I’m glad.

In the end, Jess asked me to hold the cursed wand in my possession. I will strictly seal it and never take it out of my bag! So I swore in my heart.

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