Chapter 154.2

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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The true Saintess and heritage.
As a result, the perverts understood each other and returned together. Why!!




Waaaahhh! It got even worse!

It was a collaboration of a slender man with well-defined muscles displaying wonderful physical beauty that had only a leaf in his nether regions, and a geezer with arms thick as logs, basically a gorilla macho with long leg, arm and chest hair wearing a skirt magical girl style! Why the hell do perverts get to understand each other after clashing! Don’t link your shoulders! My eyes are getting violateeeed!!
My eyes! My eyeees!!

“The Magical Girl ☆ Dogezaemon☆ Mi-san☆ is here to help all the troubled little lambs ☆!”

The geezer with a tremendous field of vision destructive power showed a pretty pose. This thing is a toxic substance. My next interjection was purely a reflex.

“Don’t call yourself a girl, you geezer! What’s up with that ridiculous name! This perveeert!!”

My harisen exploded. The geezer flew off with blood pouring from his nose.


The geezer was the most important person at the Cathedral. A lectured him while he was kneeling on the ground. I have no regrets. I mean, thanks to my interjection, the geezer canceled his transformation and become a normal geezer. Later, Elder brother, Pitch Dark-sama, Pure White-sama, and Milfi… everyone secretly praised me! It was hard on everyone, I see!

“Dear me, to be able to send me flying while transformed, as expected of you.”

The gorilla macho geezer with bunny ears who now wore normal clothes laughed refreshingly. I find myself scary that I don’t think anything about his attitude anymore.

“Archbishop-sama, there’s something I have to promptly explain to you.”

I explained about the magical girl. That costume is for women, moreover, something intended for children to wear, not adults.
To be honest, seeing an adult man wear it, I could see them only as a pervert. My sight was already violated, so if you don’t want to be treated as a pervert, stop dressing up as a magical girl.

“However, this is an inheritance of the Salvation Saintess. It has been passed down from Archbishop to Archbishop of this cathedral to heal the wounded.”

“By the way, what do other people think about the Archbishop’s transformation?”

The priests all averted their gazes. Everyone also thought he was a pervert, right? I understand. The Archbishop pushed his wand to my hands.

“I can already tell that you would look wonderful using it, Meat Saintess-sama!”

I gave it a thought. Then, I asked Dirk.

“Would you like to see me as a magical girl?”



To think he would reply immediately. It can’t be helped then. I poured magical power into the wand. Eh? Somehow, my body is moving on its own…

“Miracle ☆ Shining ☆ Metamorphose!”

It’s a freaking incantation!! My consciousness was disregarded and words left my mouth on their own.

“I’m going to save the lost lambs ☆ Magical girl ☆ Rosarinrin☆ Advent!”

Don’t call me weird nameees!! Amazing! My earrings invalidated the effects!?

“I, I can finally talk normally…”

Forgive me, everyone. Don’t draw away from me. I didn’t say all that willingly.

“How cute.”

“It’s ordinarily cute.”

The elder brothers nodded. Thinking carefully, there’s no way I would have a heavier impact than the geezer. Everyone told me I looked cute.
It was only for a split moment, but I found this costume wonderful. It must have been only my imagination.

Does this equipment perhaps have brainwashing effects? I felt the Saintess’ malice in the cute magical girl costume. She must have been extremely mad. Or maybe she was laughing in secret and couldn’t say anything? Either way, this is the dark history of the Salvation Saintess. She left behind quite the inheritance!

If you are going to leave something in Wolfanea, leave the Japanese food. I believe that the brainwashing effect was broken by my earrings.
To temporarily outclass my earrings that invalidate all abnormal effects, how dreadful this wand is. Although it looks like a toy for kids, its gap is terrible.

The wand emitted a soft light and changed its shape.

“Ohh… the magical girl wand has recognized Meat Saintess-sama as its master?”

The priests made a ruckus like that. You guys wanted to get rid of this, didn’t you? You wanted success in life but didn’t want to be magical girl geezers, right? I understand.

“Wand-san, to be frank with you, I already have rings and their effects are better than yours, so you are unneeded.”

The wand that received shock turned white.

The wand then seemed to receive three strikes as it stopped working. I’m glad I was able to prevent the pollution called a magical girl geezer.

Jess also seemed to have many thoughts regarding this wand, so he was very grateful to me. A grandpa from a foreign country saw the magical girl geezer and dislocated his back in fear, and the magical girl geezers were headaches for the Wolfanean Kings for a very long time during their visits to the cathedral.

However, it was considered a national treasure after all, so they sealed it in a treasury… or not, it was enshrined. I pray it doesn’t get used ever again. I gave the Archbishop a cane with a magic amplification effect. The effect is about the same. The priest who were moved to tears thanked me from the bottom of their hearts. You had it hard. Seeing that magical girl geezer every day would be surely tiring!

I thought that I did a good job. Only the Archbishop seemed a bit disappointed, but I decided to pretend I didn’t see it.

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