Chapter 154.1

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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The true Saintess and heritage.
Today was a dark day. When going to the bed… I couldn’t fall asleep. Is this Oshikura Manju? Can I cry now? I want to sleep, but I’m being tortured, so I can’t.

“Why am I being squeezed by everyone, I wonder?”

Dirk on my right, Milfi on my left, Haku on my head, Sabo-san on at my feet, Mofumaru and Gora-chan on my belly. I would be incredible if I could sleep like this.

“Because I am anxious.”

“I also didn’t know what would I do if you disappeared again…”

My teary-eyed best friend on my left, my teary-eyed Darling on my right, I am truly sorry for making them worried, but they are so cute. Are you trying to kill me from moe? Still in agony, I extended my hands to pat their heads. Both presented their heads obediently… isn’t Milfi too dere? Thank you for the meal. Dirk’s cuteness is stable as always. I would definitely make him meow if we were alone. How unfortunate.

“I know that you are safe noww, Rosarin-chan, but let us stay by your side tonight to ease our uneasiness, okayy?”

“Lord, together.”

“Just for today. Everyone was worried.”

“Rosarin, please.”

Being pleaded my these cute children, I couldn’t possibly say no.

“Got it. Let’s sleep together. Just for tonight, though.”

And I was soon sound asleep because I was exhausted. Who was it, the one that said I couldn’t sleep? It seems that I was quite impudent.

The next morning after a good sleep. I’m going to the Wolfanea Cathedral today, with an escort. So that I wouldn’t get lost again, Milfi and Dirk were holding my hands. It’s pathetic, but a reward nonetheless! I’m flanked by two beauties!

There was apparently a woman called the Salvation Saintess in Wolfanea in the past. The Saintess fought with dauntless courage, and she married a young man from the Silver Wolves. Their descendants are now the royalty.

Although the Saintess left behind many things, a lot of them were apparently lost in time.

“What kind of things were lost?”

“Seasonings and food, in particular. Saintess-sama was vigorously trying to develop the food culture in her last years, and she apparently created many dishes while alive. Her seasonings spread to foreign countries, where they are used to this day, but… well, the Wolfaneans are somewhat crude, so cooking became obsolete to us.”

I raised a question to the Wolf priest guiding us.

“Incidentally, do you know the names of the dishes she created?”

“Nikujahgah, Chickuzenmi, Hanbaguh, Omuruaisu.”


Oh Saintess, why did you decide to spend your life in Wolfanea! At least in Christia, they wouldn’t get the names wrong! The Saintess was definitely Japanese. I wonder whether things like miso, soy sauce and katsuobushi were popularized thanks to the Beneficiary Saintess.

“Is Nikujahgah Nikujaga, the meat and potato stew?”

Curtis asked. You did well understanding. He’s sensitive when it comes to his favorite food.


“Most likely.”

“What! Meat Saintess is also familiar with the food of the Salvation Saintess?”

Crap, he heard me. The Great Priest was a Chihuahua. Don’t wag your tail. Don’t look at me with sparkling eyes. I intended to make those dishes, but not in large quantity.

“I learned it from another Beneficiary…”

I evaded trouble suitably. Is there nothing like the Saintess’ diary or something?

“I can teach you the recipe, but there’s a price.”

“Price, is it?”

“On top of teaching me Nikujaga recipe, I also learned their language from them. I want to see whether there are any writings left by the Saintess.”

After thinking, the Great Priest gave me approval. The Saintess did leave a diary behind. Apparently, she wasn’t a Beneficiary, she was summoned forcibly. Sadness and anger were the greater part of the beginning of the diary. Rather, so something like the summoning is possible here.
At the end, she wrote memos of her dishes and that she was happy. Also, it was written there that in order to prevent more victims like her from being forcibly summoned, she would have a good discussion directly with God.




Eh? God actually exists?




Oy, be more detailed about that! Is what I thought, but the most important part was eaten by insects, so I couldn’t read more. Keep it with care, you fools!!

“Could you read it?”

“I could, but the most important part was eaten by bugs.”

Don’t avert your gaze, Great Priest! You really are careless in your management. Why did you decide to live in Wolfanea, Saintess!
And so, the breed of rice was indeed improved by the Saintess. The Saintess’ rice was apparently strictly controlled and only the royalty could eat it. Moreover, they only use it for rice porridge. How wasteful. I personally believe that freshly cooked rice is the best.

While thinking about something inconsequential, I noticed the ruckus outside. Opening the window and looking outside, I quickly closed it again. I erected a locking barrier.
Dirk tilted his head.

“What’s the matter? Rosarin.”

Dirk tried to look outside. You cannot look outside! Your eyes will rot!
However, he was unfortunately already approaching! An eye for an eye! A pervert for a pervert!!
I sent Gora-chan (pervert mode) towards the target.

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