Chapter 153

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Lost child, black wolf, and wild people.
As of now, Mikelle’s household was demoted and she herself was apparently disowned. It can’t be helped. It’s good that her household wasn’t ruined. The person in question was just very happy to keep her life, so I acknowledged this arrangement. She just was downhearted for involving her family, and I rethought her domineering young noble lady character. Well, you can see a person’s character after knowing them for a while.

All that’s left to throw the ball to Jess… I thought of giving a recipe as thanks to the merchant for providing information, and that became quite a trouble too.

As I walked around, I noticed that there was a kind of legend on the ceiling. It was about a girl that was a Silver Wolf and… what’s that? A huge, black monster she defeated? A myth? A story?




As a result of walking with my head up, the seven-year-old Rosarin got lost.




Where is this? Moreover, Mofumaru isn’t with me, I’m all alone.
It’s only lonely Rosarin, you know!


At a loss, I looked outside and saw something huge, black and fluffy swoop down at the terrace. Unlike Jess, it was a black wolf with bird wings. It was bigger than Jess. I ran up to it without thinking and asked for directions.

“Excuse me, I lost my way! Please tell me how to get back! I would like to get back to the guest room!”

At this rate, they might send a huge recuse party to search for me! I’m just lost, so a big search party would be some unexpected shame play! I would like to avoid creating a legend of a lost child! In a fluster, I prostrated on the ground. I beg you! Return me to where everyone else is!

The black fluff… or not, Mr. Wolf froze in place, but beckoned me over after turning into a his humanoid form. He was quite a looker. Quite a looker that I might have seen somewhere before. I obediently followed after him. We walked in silence for a while, and I thought I must have gone quite deep, but our destination wasn’t actually the guest area.

The former black wolf, now a mister, brought me to some room and poured me tea. Is this… an office? I would like to go back, though. I have no time for a cup of tea.

“You are not afraid of me. Have a cup of tea with me, I will send you back then.”

Hearing that, I chugged the entire cup. This might be automatic out for a Duke’s daughter like myself, but avoiding becoming the lost child of a legend takes priority. I did not take the communication tool with me today. Loudspeaker magic that transmits my voice to the general public is my last resort.

“Do you dislike the thought of spending time with me that much?”

“That’s not the problem here! This is an emergency!”

When I briefly explained the situation to the sad-looking mister, he placed a communication magic tool on the table with an astounded expression. So you had something this convenient on you. I was at my wits’ end so I forgot to ask. Telling the maid that appeared that I am fine, I talked with the mister.
I rebrew the tea and drank it slowly with a peace fo mind.

“Oniisan, what did you want to talk with me about?”

“Oh, why aren’t you scared of me? Aren’t you afraid?”

“I’m not afraid. Rather, why would you ask me something like that?”

“I can turn into an inexplicable creature. People usually find things they can’t explain fearful.”

“You are just of mixed race, right? That’s not really inexplicable, so there’s nothing to be afraid of.”

“Black is said to be the color of the devil.”

“My fiancé and pair is black-haired. My hair is also mixed with black, so I don’t really mind.”

“… Is that so?”

“That is so.”

I finally remembered while talking to him. Isn’t this the second prince! Isn’t he the one who forced Jash to cast the curses? He doesn’t look like that.

“Do you hate Christia?”

“Yes, I detest it.”

I saw black flames in his eyes. Hm? Isn’t his magical power strange? However, that uncomfortable feeling lasted only for a moment.

“However, with this event, Wolfanea owes Christia a huge debt. I promise I won’t bring harm as long as you live. Meat Saintess, you have my gratitude.”

“Who is a Meat Saintess! Don’t make up strange nicknames for me!”

“Fufufu, sorry. However, you are more amusing than I thought.”

Oh, he’s a looker, indeed. He’s the King who was affectionate to the Heroine. Isn’t it you who is trying to harm Christia? I don’t get.

“If you could summon a Beneficiary, what would you wish for?”

“A Beneficiary?”

“Beneficiaries are drawn to those with strong wishes. If you had a wish, what would it be?”

“Let’s see. I would like someone to stay by my side without being afraid.”

He smiled sorrowfully. Oh, his image overlaps with the King from the game.

“Is that so?”

Then, why did you let go of the Heroine? Is your present wish different from the future one? This person is awfully mismatched. But, his words that he detests Christia are surely not false. This is just my intuition, but I don’t think he was lying. Although I didn’t know why, I felt like I could trust him for some reason.

“… Sorry, but I can’t recover the seeds of the Magic Institution. You do something about it.”

“I would do it even without being asked.”

Why is it? This person is my enemy, yet he is not hostile towards me. What a strange person.

“Now then, let me send you back.”

Oniisan… the second prince sent me back to the guest area properly.





While feeling like I was dreaming, I was brought back to reality at once.

“Waaaaah! Rosarin-chan, you were safee!”


“Rosary, we were worried!”

“Are you okay?”

“Oneechan, are you okay?”

I got surrounded by everyone. Eh? I had contacted you, right? Elder brother explained to the bewildered me.

“Haku screamed that your presence disappeared and couldn’t calm down. That’s why everyone was worried.”

“S, sorry about that.”

“So, why did you disappear all of sudden.”

“I got lost.”


Waaaah! Elder brother’s smiling face is super scary! It can’t be helped, okay! I lost my way! That’s how castles are built!

“How did you get lost?”

“There was a story painted on the ceiling and I find it interesting so I walked with my head up.”

“Oh, so that’s why the spirits couldn’t detect your presence.”

The poor Jess explained how he had to stop my children that went wild. The area I walked in is called a Sanctuary, and all forms of magic are apparently disabled in there. That’s why, rather than my presence, the spirits couldn’t detect my magical power, and felt as if I disappeared.

It has been a while since my head last ate Elder brother’s fist grinding. Ouch, ow, ow! Elder brother, I am more or less, a girl, okay! Have mercy, please!!

“This stupid little sister!! How much do you think everyone worried about you! You certainly are strong, but not invincible, okay! Understand that we will all get anxious if you disappear all of sudeeeen!!”

“Ow, ow, ow!! I’m sorry! Forgive me!”

“Ru, that’s enough. It doesn’t matter as long as she’s safe.”

Dirk gently stopped Elder brother’s fist grinding and patted my head. Ahh, I’m being healed…




“I was about to destroy Wolfanea in retaliation.”



I wasn’t healed!”


Don’t destroy things in retaliation! Looking carefully, your eyes aren’t smiling, Dirk!? Super scary!! Have you awakened to the darkness attribute!?

“Rosarin, stopping Dirk was terrible. I want to eat meat stew tomorrow.”


Curtis looked worn-out. Dirk was more reckless than I thought, it seems.

“Rosarin, Rosarin…”

“It’s okay, I’m here.”

Dirk ended up crying. Looking carefully, almost everyone around seems to have been crying. I, is this my fault? Rather, was contacting you pointless?

“I did send someone to contact you that I am fine, though…”

“Rather, we became even more worried that you have been abducted because there was no contact from you personally.”

Pitch Dark-sama pointed out and made me shut up.

“Dirk, everyone, I apologize.”

“Yep. I’m glad, thank you, Curtis. I was about to knock down every Wolfanean soldier in anger.”

… Eh?

“I was also to cause a major earthquake that would cause enormous damagee.”

… Ehh?

“Yup. I was about to release a poisonous gas through to castle in fury.”

“Ehhhh!? Rather, why are you trying to destroy Wolfanea when worried!? I was simply lost!”

“Of course we would think that something happened to you rather than you simply got lost because of the matter with the Prime Minister and others. Mandragora and the spirits were especially difficult because they couldn’t connect to you. I am really glad you returned before they went on rampage…”

Jess was bleeding fatigue from his body.

“I am truly sorry about my children.”

I prostrated myself without hesitation. No, to think something this terrible would happen just because I got myself lost. I soothed everyone and apologized over and over again. I swore in my heart that I won’t ever get lost again.

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