Chapter 152

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Wildcat and the Saintess’ unproductive hopes.
Time goes back a little. Two of the main culprits were apprehended and only Mikelle and Tosaken remained to deal with. The mouse beast girl and the chef who were used were excluded. Tosaken has executive responsibilities and Mikelle is totally guilty.

“Erm… Your Majesty, you are going to reward us, right? We have settled an assassination attempt.”

“Fumu? Is there something you would like time?”

“I would like you to lighten these two’s punishment. The servant girl asked me to save Mikelle-san, after all.”

“Are you pitying me?”

“That’s not it. It’s a transaction. Personally speaking, I don’t dislike you that much.”


Mikelle was taken aback.

“I don’t dislike the type of people who don’t sneak past the backdoors but walk in through the front door instead. I also am, more or less, responsible for stirring up the provocation.”

Mikelle cast her eyes down in shame. Tosaken bowed his head to me.

“Fumu, We don’t think acquittal is possible, but… it’s none other’s but the Saintess’ request. We are going to deprive you of your rights as the apothecary apprentice. You shall become the Saintess’ servant.”


No, wait! Why is it like that! I don’t want any more followers or servants than this!

“Are you against it?”

Asked His Majesty puzzledly. No, am I against it, you ask… you really are similar to your son!

“M, Master’s maid is me! She has no need for extra servants!”

Rabisha-chan backed me up in a panic. However, Mikelle seemingly made up her resolve and prostrated before me. It was a beautiful dogeza.

“I don’t need a pay. I don’t mind eating leftovers for food. I don’t have to be a maid, I can settle with being a slave. I committed an unforgivable crime. I’d like to pay Saintess-sama back even a little if possible.”

What do I do? Personally, I only wanted her life to be sparred and hand the rest to Jess, but I totally dragged myself into a mess.

“At the moment, I have no need for any more servants nor maids.”

“Then, I don’t mind doing manual or subordinate work! Be it chores or whatever, I will do anything! Please let me serve you! I beg you!”

What to do? Why are all Beastmen so vainly stubborn?

“Why would you want to serve me?”

“By all rights, I have committed a capital crime. I can’t say that I was instigated or that I was deceived, I used my position as an apothecary apprentice to commit a crime, which is an unforgivable sin. You have saved my life. My life is yours, Saintess-sama… no, Rosarin-sama.”

“That’s too heavy! It’s not like I’m doing charity or anything, I only pleaded for your life is promised!”

“No, I want to serve you, who is younger but wiser than me, who can treat people of the lower class equally! I beg you! Please, let me serve you!”


Not good. This is not going anywhere. This is too unproductive. We are running in parallel lines.

“Oneechan, you won’t pick her up?”

“Pochi, what do you mean by picking her up!? Your Oneechan has never picked up humans or Beastmen before, you know!?”

“Eh? Weren’t we picked up by you, though? We would be probably dead if you didn’t pick us up.”

No, well… it would be disastrous if I didn’t pick you guys up.

“Oneechan, please. I was a good boy and helped, right?”


I can’t win against Pochi’s sad eyes. No, I can’t, I can’t! I have Jash too, so I’d like to keep the risk at a minimum.

“Rosarin, why can’t you take her in? This woman wants to make up for the sins she committed against you, right? Isn’t she suitable to work at the orphanage you are managing?”

That’s true… would you stop looking at me with the eyes of an abandoned puppy though, Aldin-sama?

“That’s true, but… it’s not a kitten I am picking up but a person, you know? That’s not easy to acknowledge!”

“Rosary, I’d like to ask you to take her in too. There’s nothing left for her in Wolfanea, and it’s possible that she would be used again.”

“Even you, Milfi… can’t be helped. Five years.”


“The time period is five years, Your Majesty.”

“Umu. Let’s do it like that. Serve Saintess well and try to be of use to her.”

“Yes! Thank you very much!”

Mikelle smiled with a very bright smile. Huh? Isn’t Tosaken captivated? Was there actually a spark between them?
While thinking about inconsequential things, His Majesty spoke to Tosaken.

“Tosaken, you serve the Saintess’ brother. The time period is the same five years. Make yourself useful.”

A dark smile formed on my brother’s face. So scary!

“I will hammer herbs into your head until you remember them by alphabet. Until you have nightmares about them.”

My brother, who loves plants, does not forgive people who waste them.
Do your best, Tosaken.
I don’t feel like you can win, Tosaken.
It’s important to know when in life to give up, Tosaken.



Thus, the attempted poisoning case was mostly resolved. I felt terror when I realized that I started ignoring when people were calling me the Saintess. I’m telling you that I’m not a Saintess!!

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