Chapter 151

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Pair and a wildcat
I had some knowledge about pairs, but I was able to hear the details this time. A pair is something the Beastmen feel instinctively. They can tell when the reproduction age is met. Because a pair is difficult to form, their lives usually end without forming it.
When you form a pair, you won’t be able to reproduce with anyone else. Your interest in the opposite sex will cease once you form a pair.

It’s an instinctual part of Beastmen, and even if they are already married, they will divorce once the pair recognizes each other, this is something Wolfanea can’t do anything about.
I was told that their mates often appear in different races in recent years. One theory is that the Beastmen’s instincts to leave splendid descendants has been adapted with the repeated mixing with other races.

Now then, based on this, I will tell you about Mikelle Cyatel.

Mikelle was thirteen when she recognized her other half. It was her childhood friend, a dog Beastman named Tosaken. She attacked him head-on, but Tosaken didn’t notice her feelings whatsoever, so Mikelle got engaged out of desperation. However, her fiancé formed a pair and her engagement was canceled.

Although feeling abandoned, she was desperately holding onto her feelings for her pair, and thus chased him to become his apprentice.
However, there was no progress in their relationship. Moreover, she didn’t get to talk to him at all after he became the chief physician. It was Kirsch who advised her at that time.

Instigated by Kirsch, she pretended to be resupplying the herbs under Kirsch instructions and mixed foreign substances in the herbs.

In the meanwhile, a Great Tsunami occurred. Mikelle was told to seduce a young man who was active during the Great Tsunami. She won’t be able to get together with Tosaken anyway. Desperate for success, she tried to seduce him, but failed.

I had everything Mikelle wanted. Youth, beauty, strength, even a loving pair. Mikelle was envious. Moreover, the crime she committed was discovered by Tosaken. She tried to swindle her way out, but he had positive proof.
Mikelle consulted with Kirsch. Kirsch told her that the reason Tosaken was suspecting her is that the Saintess instigated him. She felt anger, jealousy, envy… with various emotions pushing her, Mikelle committed a crime.

The rest is what I exposed. Mikelle intended to poison His Majesty and me enough to get us sick. No one would believe me, though. She said with a seemingly sad smile.



And so, Mikelle was currently prostrating before me.




I cried out loud.




How did it become like this!?

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