Chapter 150.3

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Now then, who took the bait?
“Tosaken-san, Mikelle-san liked you.”


Ehh!? You say! You seriously didn’t realize… Oh, my God.

“W, well, talk about it later when you are alone. And so, the one who gave you the Rattling Puffing Mushroom?”

“It was Kirsch-sama. Sniff… he was very kind and helpful to me. I consulted with him over and over again… ukh.”

You are getting somehow pitiful, Mikelle… she replied while crying.

“I don’t know anything!”

Kirsch, you are denying, but ya know? There’s no way I didn’t investigate, right?

“Kirsch-san and Mikelle-san were secretly meeting so much that people started believing that they were lovers.”

Pochi said with his hand raised. We were short of hands, so I asked Pochi for help, and he was an unexpectedly brilliant little operative, who obtained information by being so lovable that people told him what he wanted while patting his head.

“Err, the maids Lani-san, Moora-san and the Knight… also the steward… they saw them numerous times together, would you like me to tell what they all said?”

The place fell silent. Pochi was unexpectedly brilliant. It seems that people aren’t wary in front of his healing aura, plus he’s a good listener too.

“We can listen to everything later. For now, it appears that Kirsch-san did meet with Mikelle-san secretly. There seem to me many eyewitnesses.”

“This is false! They are just a kid’s words!”

Kirsch didn’t want to admit it. He does not know when to give up… but there’s more.

“Then, to respond to your request, I will take out the evidence.”



A three-dimensional projection was being projected. Fuhaha, it’s my very own video memory projection tool. After I asked Tosaken-san for cooperation, I secretly hid Mofumaru in the pharmacy. There, he got to witness Mikelle mixing the Lightning Puffer Fish with the herbs, he then followed her and recorded everything that seemed out of place.
From Mikelle consulting with Kirsch, Kirsch reporting to the Prime Minister, to making arrangements to kill everyone (today’s soup incident), everything was recorded clearly. You did well, Mofumaru. I nonchalantly patted him.

Ha ha ha. The Prime Minister and Kirsch were ghastly pale. Idiots, stuuupid.

“You know, I’m actually good at fishing. Why do you think that the matter of relinquishing the rights of succession of Geraldin-sama’s son was brought up?”

Ahhahha. You noticed? You guys got already hooked on by me. Well, I’d hate to see Jend getting exposed to the first prince’s faction, and our stupid hero gave up on his inheritance rights because he wanted to, so my actual purpose was to show that the first prince’s faction was barking at the wrong tree. I truly killed two birds with one stone! Who would have known that I would catch some fools try to assassinate the King?

“So, what does this mean?”

“You muscleheaaad!”

I can’t be blamed for hitting the father of the stupid son. I’m surely not at fault.

“In~ other~ words~ We’ve had a big haul of catching the first prince’s faction who was plotting to assassinate you! The bad people are the Prime Minister and Kirsch! They are the main culprits! That being the case, royal guards, seize them!”


“As if I’m going to die in a place like this!”

The Prime Minister tried to take Rabisha-chan hostage, but he was beaten at his own game. Sorry, Rabisha-chan is unexpectedly strong. That was a splendid ax kick.

I was flustered when Kirsch tried to take Milfi hostage, but the capable cactus that he is, Sabo-san…

“Cactus Flaaaash!”

“My eyes! My eyeees!”

Used kind of flashing magic to blind Kirsch, who was now in agony.

“Nice one, Sabo-san!”

And then Kirsch cried as I attacked his joints. Secret move! Arm-crushing twist! It’s a fearful technique that hurts more the longer you endure!

“Gyaaaaaaargh! It hurts, it hurts, it hurts!!”

“I won’t forgive you for trying to make a move on my bestie! I will break your arms!”


I was stopped by teary-eyed Dirk and Aldin-sama. I was not able to win against the surprise hug of My Darling.

“Ugh, I wanted to break him a little longer…”

“Where did the Duke’s daughter disappeared to?”

“I beg you, don’t always resort to fighting. If you have to, I will do it in your stead.”

“Women have times when they have to fight too! I won’t forgive him for trying to attack Milfi! It’s a blood festival today!”

“”I’m telling you to stop.””

I was stopped. The elder brothers were bursting in laughter.

“I am unhurt thanks to you and Sabo-san. Thank you for getting angry for my sake. I am fine. There’s no need to torment him anymore.”


“If you say so.”

It can’t be helped If the victim says so. I withdrew obediently. For now, the main culprits were apprehended. The other offenders will be hunted down by Jess and his people.

Well, there were some problems, but the incident of attempted poisoning of His Majesty and us has been resolved.

“Rosarin, give me a name as a reward for working hard.”


“Come to think of it, there’s a rule that Rosarin obtains a spirit when she goes outing.”

“Wait, Niisama! There’s no such rule!”

“Kou, Haku, Kuurin.”

“Auu… rather, doesn’t Mandragora-kun get along better with you than me?”

“Ru is like a parent. He has no poison attribute, though. You are kindhearted. I want to be of help.”

“… Gora-chan then.”

Somehow, I did not want to name him after a jewel, but Gora-chan because he’s a Mandragora. Then, Gora-chan shined.





When the light subsided, a pervert stood in his place.




A handsome one, but a pervert nonetheless. He had a white flower on top of his head. He also had a leaf in his nether regions, but he was nude everywhere else.



It were mainly the girls who made a fuss. However, I still had to confirm with the suspicious person.

“Why are you naked, Gora-chan?”

“Mu? It’s no different from before, no? I’ve been careful to conceal the important part.”

“It’s different! You are nude! It’s okay if you are like usual, but you are going to get called a pervert by humans in this form. Sui, I will prostrate before you or anything, so please explain things to him. He doesn’t have to be convinced, just get him dressed.”

“Rosarin, your eyes look scary! I will do it, so stop with that serious look!”



A few minutes later.



“I couldn’t do it.”


“It makes no sense to him. I did my best, but I couldn’t do it.”

It couldn’t be helped, so I spoke to Gora-chan myself.

“I’m going to ignore you for the rest of my life if you don’t wear clothes. I abhor perverts with the most. I won’t say it twice. Stop complaining and get dressed.”

“… I will get dressed.”

Sensing my seriousness, Gora-chan put on clothes properly.




Anyhow, I want to scream!

How did it turn out like this!?

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