Chapter 150.2

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Now then, who took the bait?
“Miss Rosarin, do as you please.”

“Umu. Miss Rosarin is not only the benefactor of our country, but also mine. If you want to talk to the criminal, then you can go ahead.”

I received permission not only from Jess, but from His Majesty too. The Royal Knights also withdrew and waited for further orders.
The apprehended Mikelle burst into tears with a despairing expression.

“Are you satisfied watching me being so miserable!? I certainly detest you, you have everything I want, so I definitely thought that it would be best if you didn’t exist! I hate you!”

“Fufu, just how foolish are you?”


Well, this is more likable than if she was begging to spare her. I don’t dislike it.

“What about Myse then? She’s going to die because you got her involved in your mess, you know? You better speak after you rethink your statement. Myse was prepared to die for you from the very beginning.”

“What should I…”

“Speak the truth, Mikelle Cyatel. You have no other option. If you conceal the truth, you can’t expect His Majesty’s mercy.”

“… I understand.”

Mikelle nodded meekly. Those are quite pretty eyes. Straightforward.

“I had a fight with Saintess-sama twice, and as I was thinking of getting even, I asked Myse to add Rattling Puffing Mushroom, which I was told causes diarrhea and vomiting, to her food.”

Just how many more kinds of these puffing mushrooms are there? Puffing mushroom again, huh. Just how much do you guys like it?

“Niisama, are they similar-looking?”

“Yeah. They are used dried, so you won’t tell the difference unless you look for it. They are quite easy to distinguish raw, though.”

“I see. Are they so difficult to tell apart even for an apothecary apprentice?”

“Yes. It’s quite difficult.”

“Miss Mikelle’s statement seems credible. Then, who gave it to you?”

“It was the royal physician over there, Kirsch Kontz-sama.”

“Stop telling lies!”

The handsome fox Kirsch snapped at Mikelle. They are coming out one after another, huh. Anyway, I might as well uproot them all.
While thinking such, I heard a faint, familiar voice. It looks like she brought what I wanted.

“Rabisha, come.”

“Yesss! Master, I did my best! I did my super utmost best! Please praise me later!”

Rabisha-chan, you came from the ceiling, didn’t you? Please choose a normal route the next time. You have completely become a ninja…

“The issue?”


“You were right! I confirmed with the Wolfanean merchants. It isn’t possible for Mikelle-san to acquire the Lightning Puffer Fish on her own.”

“… What do you mean?”

“I’ve used good connections, so I’m certain. The Lightning Puffer Fish is considered a strong poison, so it’s handled with strict supervision, I had checked the illegal channels too, but there were no movements.”

I had asked Rabisha-chan to confirm the management and channels of obtaining Lightning Puffer Fish. As expected of the skillful ninja… I meant maid. She’s dreadfully talented.

“I see. Who was the one who acquired Lightning Puffer Fish at large quantities then?”

“It was Kirsch Kontz. The rest was then ordered by the Prime Minister. I wonder what use they had for a tasteless and odorless poison?”

“S, she’s speaking lies! Don’t be deceived by her!”

I did not expect anything less from our Rabisha-chan. She’s a child who does her job properly. She grinned and thrust forward the evidence.

“This is the copy of the purchase order and inventory, and purchase management chart. I also have papers from the supplier.”

As expected of her. A perfect job. I shall praise you later.

“So, what did you use it for? Moreover, you were purchasing this poison regularly even before we came. Niisama, how many people could these amounts be used for?”

“In the beginning, it’s enough to weaken an adult little by little. The last purchase order is enough to kill everyone here.”

“I see, what are the symptoms, by the way?”

“Initially, it’s diarrhea and vomiting. If taken for a long time in small amounts, it starts with numbness in hands and leads to heart conditions. Distinctive butterfly-like bruises will start appearing on your body.”

“It’s like the symptoms I had before Saintess-dono’s brother cured me. What a strange coincidence this is.”

Oi, old man. As if this could be a coincidence! This musclehead! I sent Jess an unimpressed glance. Jess was having a headache. I should give him some headache medicine later.

“It’s unfortunate, but this was no coincidence.”

Tosaken-san appeared. He seemed resolved.

“I don’t know when it started, but I found that Lightning Puffer Fish was mixed among my herbs. The one who mixed them there…”

“It was me. I thought it was Rattling Puffing Mushroom, not Lightning Puffer Fish, though. I mixed the herbs so that Tosaken would incur His Majesty’s displeasure.”

“Mikelle, why…?”

“It’s because you didn’t give a damn about me! I couldn’t even talk to you well after you became a royal physician! I hoped you would get fired!”

Somehow, a melodrama started? The original plan was probably to get Tosaken-san fired, Kirsch would then take his place and poison His Majesty to death, but because Tosaken-san wasn’t dismissed, they used him as a sacrificial pawn. Rather, notice that first! Something strange was getting mixed in your herbs, you know! You are too careless!

“Mikelle, did you want to play with me that much?”

That’s not it you fool! So dull! Toooo dull! Wait! You! Stupid! Are you okay!? You are too slow in the head! The melodrama couldn’t even start! Mikelle started crying, you know! She’s wailing out loud, you know!? I am not one to cry easily, but even I feel like grieving, alright!?

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