Chapter 161

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Merchant and Saintess.
Now then, before going to Mikelle and Tosaken, there’s something I have to confirm.

“Jash, do you know an apprentice pharmacist called Mikelle and a physician named Tosaken.”

“Their are quite big names, so I do know them.”

Nn? What does he mean?

“Big names?”

“They were famous for often crossing paths with each other while paired.”

“Is that so…”

Somebody tell me! Before making me brood over it so much!

“They were a perpetrator and participant of the King’s poisoning attempt.”


“Mikelle poisoned His Majesty to get Tosaken, whom she couldn’t talk with after he became the royal physician, fired. She wasn’t aware that the poison was lethal though, as she thought she was using drugs to upset his digestive system. And, Tosaken is an unlearned fool who didn’t notice poison mixed in his medicine shelf. Are you acquaintances?”

“We just passed by each other a few times, so I think I should be all right.”




Mikelle and Tosaken were curled up in the corners of the parlor.


I thought they would be waiting for me on the sofa… Why?


Gator was glaring. No, he’s just grumpy. He’s most likely not angry. Gator has evil-looking eyes, so he’s often misunderstood.

“I’m back, Gator. What’s going on?”

“Yeah, welcome back. Is it true that this woman called you a little girl?”

“…………… Yes?”

I replied vaguely. I actually am a little girl, so I don’t care about it.


“Ah, well. Yep. But, I also called her auntie in turn with the intention of provoking her, so I don’t mind it.”

“… I see.”

Gator’s mood has gotten much calmer. Nn? What is this about?

“You brats, you have narrowly escaped from death. Don’t think you will get away the next time after being impolite to our Lord!”

Gator said in a threatening voice. Rabisha-chan was grinning from ear to ear. Did she tell him? Well, that’s fine too.

“Y, yes!”
“I won’t be rude to Saintess-sama ever again!!”

Gator was satisfied by the two’s replies. They were clearly feeling relieved. Gator was apparently staring at them all this time, so they were quite frightened by him. Yeah, sorry for forgetting about you. Well, let’s leave it as a part of the punishment.

“Tosaken, come with me to my herb garden. I will check your knowledge.”

Elder brother brought Tosaken away. He looked at Mikelle with reluctance to part.

“You are going to the orphanage. Follow me.”

“Yes, Master.”

“… I have no intention of becoming your Lord, so call me Rosarin.”

“Yes, Rosarin-sama.”


Mikelle followed me obediently. Going through the town area, we arrived at the orphanage managed by my family. It was originally Walse’s residence, so it’s been a while since I visited.

“Ojousama, thank you for coming!”

Ravioli-san came running to me with a smile on his face. N?


“Are the kids doing well… Ojousama?”

Ravioli-san noticed my expression. It’s difficult to say, but the reality is cruel. I told Ravioli-san the cruel fact.

“You’ve gained weight, Ravioli-san.”

“Ahahahaha…………… yes. Rabisha said she’s going to call me Piggy if I gain any more weight.”

“So direct!”

Ravioli-san was dispirited. Rabisha-chan’s cute face has quite a wicked tongue.


“By the way, this young lady is?”

“I’m called Mikelle. I’d like to work here. I will do anything. Please treat me as a slave.”

Mikelle went down to the ground and showed a beautiful dogeza.


Having a well-dressed suddenly prostrate before him, Ravioli-san was startled. No, I was surprised too.

“Umm, eh? Wha! C, calm down! No, stand up!?”

“Rather, you calm down first, Ravioli-san.”

I was also quite surprised, but I calmed down thanks to Ravioli-san’s panicking.

“Mikelle, doing something like this without explaining would only cause people to be startled like this. Moreover, don’t prostrate yourself on the road like this. Stand up.”

“Please forgive me.”




I explained Ravioli-san the situation in the guest room.

“Haah, I see. Honestly speaking, I appreciate it because I was short of hands. Well then, Mikelle-san. I look forward to working with you starting tomorrow.”


“Shall I show you around the dormitory? Ojousama, leave the rest to me.”

“Thanks, Ravioli-san.”

Thinking that I should return home, the door suddenly opened.

“Have you finished?”

“Oneechan, play with us!”

“A new Oneechan?”

We got surrounded by children in the blink of an eye. It doesn’t seem like I could return anytime soon…

“Director has something to talk about with Rosarin Oneechan, why don’t you guys show your new teacher, Mikelle, around? Can you do it?”


“Show her around! Will do, will do!”

“Teacher Mikelle, let’s go.”

“Ah, yes…”

The puzzled Mikelle was dragged off by the children. Their lively voices faded away and only Ravioli-san and I remained.

“Now then, Ojousama.”


“It seems you were quite mischievous in Wolfanea.”


Why does he know? Via Rabisha-chan?

“Rabisha sought cooperation from my merchant friends, after all. After confirming that she was really my daughter, I was invited to sell the Meat Saintess goods in Christia.”

“Please refuse.”

I lowered my head without hesitation. To treat me as a Meat Saintess even in Christia, what kind of harassment is this!

“Please raise your head. I have already declined. That’s not something I should do on my own, you have saved the lives of me and my children. Even if I survived, saving Gator must have been difficult.”

Perhaps, but the game’s Rabisha decided to cut off ties with Gator and save her father and the heroine. The heroine was kidnapped by a vile merchant. I think that the line “I’m glad that you are safe” Rabisha said to the heroine after she saved her was super heavy now that I know the background story.


Whether it was Ravioli-san or Rabisha-chan, saving Gator would be close to impossible for them.

“You are our benefactor. That’s why, please make sure to consult with us when you are about to do something dangerous. We will definitely be of use to you. For now, how about I stop the Saintess goods from being imported to the country?”

“Please do that by all means!!”

“Also, I will try to make sure that no one knows you are the Saintess. Is that fine with you?”

“Please by all means!!”

And so, I came to Wolfanea a short while after I had this kind of conversation to observe the stability of Jess’ magical power, but why did it turn out like this!? I couldn’t help but shout.

Ravioli-san is probably not at fault. Probably.

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