Chapter 139.1

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Great Tsunami and Yggdrasil.
And so we sortied out… but I was recklessly complacent. Valkyrie is strong. As I stand on Valkyrie’s shoulder and think of shooting the enemy, Valkyrie would promptly shoot a magic bullet. It made me think I was holding a submachine gun in my hand.
The enemies that got too near were dealt with by Mofumaru. Mofumaru is also strong!

Well, enemies rarely get too close as they are mowed down by the three vanguards before they can reach me.

I couldn’t feel it because of his usual lazy character, but as expected of the world’s strongest. He’s super strong. The Beastified Geraldin-san (literally) kicked about the enemies… he’s using the sword too, but his bare hands were enough to deal with them. Seriously, why did a man this strong become my manservant…

Dirk followed the rough Geraldin-san, nonchalantly adjusting Geraldin-san’s direction so he wouldn’t step too far. Because they occasionally spare together, their coordination was quite good… nope, Dirk was just trying to match him.
He (Dirk) is so cool! His equipment was an armor made out of Dark Dragon scales I gifted him today.
Dirk’s black hair and shining black armor. We are pursuing usability, such as various easy to use devices and weapons.

Dirk glanced at me.

“I’m assured that you are in a safe position.”

As I go to capture dungeons on a regular basis, Dirk is always worried about me. Rather, I have it way too easy today, so I am feeling a bit guilty. I don’t need to walk. I don’t need to worry about getting hit.

Curtis, on the other hand, was moving very much at his own pace. Anyhow, he’s killing off enemies before him with a very minimal movement… something like that.

“Ah, crap.”

His short sword broke. Although he switched to throwing knives, it seemed he had a bit difficulty of using them.

“Curtis, here!”

“Oh~ thank you~”

What I handed Curtis were twin swords bestowed with wind magic. Curtis attribute is that of wind, so he should be able to handle them!

“How light… this is nice! Rosarin, I want these!”

“They were made for you in the first place, so you can keep them!”

“Seriously!? Lucky~”

Despite the leisure conversation, Curtis cut down one monster after another. His movements were light and natural, resembling a refined dance. As expected of Wolfanea’s best assassin.

I saw Haku fighting for the first time, but he was strong. Super strong. He (physically) tears and tosses, tears and tosses… I didn’t know. Haku was a rolled cabbage man, huh. (Obviously not)
Come to think of it, he hunted for himself and ate raw meat. Haku’s public image is likely to change.
Our Mr. Mole was (physically) carnivorous.







“Thank you very much, Saintess-sama!”

“You got it wrong.”

I only provided support with recovery magic and long-distance attacks. Somehow, it’s as if I was playing a real game. Yggdrasil was finally in sight. Not good, the monsters were rushing towards Yggdrasil! Outside of Valkyrie’s range!

“Valkyrie, hurry up!”


However, I won’t make it. The moment I thought it was over, the monsters who were attacking Yggdrasil were beaten up by a Crystal Dragon.


“Jash asked me to come! I will assist you! My brethren are here too!”

The sky was glittering! It was a large flock of Crystal Dragons!

“So many dragons!?”

The Wolfanea Knights were making a ruckus. That would be a normal reaction, right~


“I’m here.”

Haru used amplification magic and I shouted out loud to reach the whole battleground.

“Crystal Dragons are my friends! They came to help us to overcome this crisis! They won’t hurt you!”


“As Expected of Saintess-sama!”

“To be able to even command the Crystal Dragons… as expected of Hero-sama’s Lord!”

Somehow, they made me into a Saintess… who was it, who was the one who spread it first! Come out!

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