Chapter 139.2

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Great Tsunami and Yggdrasil.
“We have arrived!”

I have finally reached Yggdrasil. Valkyrie stayed back. It will turn into a ring if I use too much magical power. Entering the barrier, I called to Yggdrasil-san.

“Yggdrasil-san, wake up.”

Oi. Sleep-talking about being full? It’s totally half-asleep!! Incredible, this situation is just incredible!


“Rosarin, your eyes look scary.”

“I am going to wake up this sleepyhead.”

“… Yeah.”

Sui was frightened by my serious expression.

“If I forcibly pour my magical power…”

“I think it will definitely wake up.”


“With no hesitation!? What if it evolves into something strange again!?”

“Nothing is worse than its current state for now.”

“Certainly! I will support you!”

Sui who seemed to have given up on something helped me pour magical power into Yggdrasil who… Yggdrasil-san who…

“What’s going on, Rosarin?”

“No… is this my fault?”

Yggdrasil-san glittered in gold.

“… Anyhow, Yggdrasil woke up. What do you want to do next?”

“Yggdrasil-san, Great Tsunami is happening! Please erect a barrier around the surroundings and defend yourself! I will apologize later, so please don’t stop supplying magical power!”

(Yawn~ Oh my? That is certainly terrible. I understand. It’s Rosarin-chan’s request, after all.)

“Thank you!”

(Blessing to the earth.)

Mana returned to the soil. The gold-color seemed too much for mana, but it wasn’t our fault. I’m glad. I wondered what would I do if a Legendia like Yggdrasil evolved.

(This all happened because of me, I am sorry. As an apology, I will give you this.)


I got sprayed with glitter like gold powder.

(Monsters hate this glitter. You could also sprinkle it around the village.)

But why did you spray it on me? Harassment? I am shining way too much, though. Sui is laughing at me, though.

“I will receive it without holding back then. See you later, Yggdrasil-san.”

(Yes. Do your best~)

When I left the barrier, Christia’s Knights Order and adventurers arrived.

“Missy, are you safe!?… What is that?”


Stop calling my name already! Your name is not Rosarinrobot, is it!

“… It’s a Valkyrie.”


“… Yes.”

Rudolf-san changed the subject without interjecting any further.

“However, this time’s Great Tsunami is an incredible one. Which big-shot created that crater?”

“……” ← This big-shot.

“A, anyhow, where’s Dirk and others?”

“Over there.”


What do I say…

“They made a path.”

“However, what a great number of corpses.”

“Rudolf-san, I have a request for your Knights and the adventurers.”



“… Please process these corpses into the meat.”

“… What did we come here for?”

“Pardon me. There’s more than I thought.”

It’s mainly Valkyrie’s and Geraldin-san’s doing. They are already down by 90%.

“Well, it’s for peace between Christia and Wolfanea. Let me ask you to do this.”

Alphage-sama then called and instructed them to stop complaining and just do it. Everyone inevitably started dismantling.

“Alphage-sama, I will go look for Rabisha-chan and the magic beasts.”


“My maid and guard. I had my magic beasts and spirits rescue, evacuate and protect the citizens.”

“… Since when?”

“Immediately upon seeing the Great Tsunami.”

“… Got it. Go on. The majority is cleaned up. There are no monsters left that could hurt the three monsters of ours, but be careful where the monsters are sparse.”


I got on Valkyrie’s shoulder and had it run. How comfortable.


“Master… aren’t you glittering?”

“… Yeah. The monsters apparently won’t come close where you sprinkle this glitter.”

“Ugeh. Isn’t this a crystallization of Holy Tree?”

“What’s that?”

“Something super rare. It’s used by major facilities to repel monsters. You could save up to three Rosenberg mansions with this amount.”


“What do we do?”

“Use it.”


“Seriously, seriously. I can’t keep Kou and others all over the place forever.”

“Master, you are…”

“Too softhearted. Let’s get it over with.”




After a while, the four of us who defeated most of the monsters gathered.

“Rosarin, I was worried about you! You are shining as much as Yggdrasil… I wonder why… you are pretty as always, though.”

I am glittering physically right now. In reality.

“Dirk, you have worked hard. I am glittering because of Yggdrasil-san. Rather than that, I am glad that you are not hurt.”


I wanted to hug Dirk tightly but got rejected because he was covered in blood. I will purify you! I quickly acted through and squeezed him tight.

“No, she’s seriously sparkling. You are really amusing, Rosarin.”

“… Thanks. You have also worked hard, Curtis.”

“Lord, I have fulfilled the orders.”

“Yep. You’ve done well.”

Geraldin-san wagged his tail when I patted his head. He’s a puppy.

“I am glad everyone’s safee.”

“Thank you for your hard work, Haku. You did your best, didn’t you?”

Haku… I would be healed if you weren’t covered in blood. It’s a bath for you later!



And so, we have triumphantly returned to the Royal Capital of Wolfanea.

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