Chapter 140.1

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Women are strong.
Now, we were talking about returning. The monsters have been successfully defeated, and the mission can be considered over after we bring the prey home.

“Now then, I should turn Valkyrie back into the ring…”

“It might be better if you don’t do that.”


“Umu. Lord is the Saintess. You might get crushed on the way back. The people of Wolfanea are a rough bunch, after all. You might want to stay on that… Var… on that thing.”

“I am not the Saintess! I don’t want to stand out…”

“Ummm… Rosarin-chan, you will most likely regrett, so it would be better for you to stay on itt.”




Somehow, Valkyrie interjected happily.

“Ro… Rosariiin…”

It was obviously dejected. Ugh, everyone is looking at me with blame… no, Curtis is laughing out loud.

“… Can’t you say anything else other than my name?”

“No, I can talk.”

“Say it from the beginning! Rather, why are you shouting my name out loud!”

“Pardon me, my emotions are reflected in my speech…”

What a discovery. Valkyrie can speak. To think it would shout Rosariiin on reflex… that’s too heavy, I think.




And so, we returned victoriously with a lot of meat. The gate was crowded… something’s strange! I immediately dropped the meat and had Haku and Dirk evacuate on Valkyrie’s shoulder.


“Gimmeee meat!!”




A pitiful knight was done in. The culprits were… the culprits were…



A squad of beastmen aunties.



The aunties turned into a mob, most likely to feed their children. They are snatching the meat from the exhausted Wolfanea Knights. Uoooh, these aunties are so strong!

“Rosarin! Are you not stopping them!?”

“I don’t want to bring harm to women, and I am scared. I don’t feel like I can beat that spirit of theirs.”

“… Rosarin-chan, how about doing something wisee?”

“N~? Alright. I got an idea. Haru, amplification please.”


“Everyone, thank you for gathering. We will be now carrying in lots of meat. It would be wasteful to let it spoil, so I was thinking of hiring aunties to process it. We will reward you with 20% of the processed meat. I guarantee that. How about it?”

Each auntie then began processing the meat. They don’t want to turn into thieves, after all. Eh? Don’t smoke it here. How wild…

“There’s so much meat, after all. Let’s carry it all in. If we can’t dispose of everything here, distribute the rest for a Meat Festival to the neighboring villages!”


“Saintess-sama, banzai!”

“Meat Festival, banzai!”

“Meat! Meat! Meat!”

The Wolfanea Knights were being noisy. The Christia Knights and adventurers couldn’t keep up with them.
Wolfanea Knights. You are forgetting your hero. Rather, please forget the Saintness, I beg you! The meat alone is fine! Worship the meat only!

They earnestly transported the meat into the city. My magic beasts, spirits, the Crystal Dragons I have a good relationship with and Valkyrie… an incredible sight, now that I look at it again. What an unlikely sight, isn’t it…

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