Chapter 140.2

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Women are strong.
However, if you consider nutrition, you’d talk about vegetables too. I took out the communication magic tool and got in contact.

“This is Rosarin. There’s a problem.”

“This is Alphage… what is happening at the gate?”

“The aunties have transformed into amazon mothers to fill the bellies of their children and assaulted the Wolfanea Knights.”

“Just what is happening to Wolfanea!?”

“I have the same thoughts.”

“So, sorry… it must be because of the shortage of food…”

Jess was apologetic.

“The aunties would turn into rioters if it continued, so I used my quick wits and had the aunties process the meat, and giving them some meat as compensation. It will be processed and stored, the people will be provided with meat. It’s a good thing!”

“… What is going in your head, Rosarin? I don’t think that’s something a Duke’s daughter would be able to come up with, you know?”

“Eh~? Is that so? And so, since we are already doing this, I would like to add vegetables too. Is Niisama there? I thought of mass-producing vegetables with my Niisama.”

“What do you want to do?”

Niisama seamed to be nearby as the caller changed.

“We will plant lots of the veggies I hate. The plot of this land is ready according to Haku.”

“I see.”

“I will have someone pick you up. I will be waiting at Yggdrasil.”

“Roger that.”




And so, we came to Yggdrasil-san. This place has the densest mana, so it’s the most suitable for using magic.


“Shall we do it then?”

“Let’s do it, Valkyrie.”


I told you to stop. It decreases my enthusiasm. However, the magical power has been amplified, and plants sprouted from the seeds elder brother planted. In addition, the number of seeds that turned into vegetables gradually multiplied.

“This much should be fine~”

There were vegetables as far as I could see. Did we overdo it? O, oh well!

“I am ripe enough for eating.”

“I am delish, you know?”

The vegetables told us to eat them. They were Niisama’s special talking and moving veggies series.
They don’t need to be transported because they move on their own. They also look after themselves, so they will be fine even if you are negligent! Moreover, they are so exceptional they will even willingly tell you when they are good for harvest.

It’s just if you tell me to eat them, I won’t. I grew and ate a Mister Cherry Tomato as a test. However, I ended up eating Mister Cherry Tomato I brought up in my personal care… he was yummy, but I was heartbroken!! I swore in my heart to not eat these ever again!

By the way, the veggies at the Rosenberg house occasionally run away in fright. I am scared to hear how Dan prepares them…
I can’t believe that elder brother, father and the beastmen don’t mind it at all…!

I hated these vegetables so much, but they were very popular when they came to the castle gates. The aunties left with processed meat and veggies. They are having a feast tonight.
Now then, it’s finally time to return!

“Everyone, we are having a meat festival today! The meat juices are overflowing with freshness!!”

“Meat~! Meat~!”


“Meatmeatmeat, meatmeat! Meatmeat with meat and meat!!”

“… Is Wolfanea going to be all right?”

“Who knows…”

The Wolfanea Knights were excited as always (meat fever), the Christia Knights couldn’t follow and the adventurers were impressed by the difference in the excitement between them.

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