Chapter 141.1

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Saintess and meat festival.
The Amazones at the gate left and we triumphantly returned with large amounts of processed meat and vegetables.


“Saintess-sama banzai!”

“Saintess-sama, look over here~!”

How strange! Where did the meat and Hero went to!?


Not knowing that the tension raised, Valkyrie shouted.

“Stop it, don’t shout my nameee! I am telling you that I am no Sainteeeess!!”

I interjected without holding back. However, the shout I let out with all of my might had a regrettable outcome.

“How modest…”

“She’s shining divinely.”

Physically! What kind of harassment is this that it doesn’t even go away with purification, Yggdrasil-san!

However, I was certainly glad I was on Valkyrie. You are being messed up so much, Haku. Dirk is next to me.

“Haku, come up too.”


By the way, Curtis erased his presence. People can’t get close to Geraldin-san because of his dignified aura.

Now then, we have arrived to the castle. Milfi rushed over to me. I jumped down from Valkyrie and when I tried to call out to her, I was embraced tightly.

“I was so… worried, you know! Are you injured anywhere? Are you hurting somewhere? Why are you so glittery?”

“Calm down, Milfi. I have not been injured. The sparkly thingy was Yggdrasil-san’s prank… I think.”
“Oh my… as long as you are not hurt!”

Milfi sobbed. Sorry for making you worry. I gently patted her head.

“Somehow, don’t they seem like a hero and heroine from a novel?”


“Milfi, I’m sorry for making you feel lonely. I won’t ever let go of off you ever again!”

Milfi’s eyes wavered when I suddenly spoke to her in a nice voice (handsome boy style), but she immediately understood my meaning.

“Yes! I don’t want to be apart with you anymore!”

When we embraced each other tightly, the surroundings stiffened. The silence flowed. Dirk was teary-eyed. Zilva, why are your eyes all white. Curtis was trembling quietly.

“Fuha, ahaha!”


“Fufufu, how amusing!”

And so, seeing the reaction of the surroundings, we exploded in laughter. The laughter then spread to others.




“I thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

Jess addressed me with a smile.

“Gratitude aside, give your permission.”

“… Permission?”

“Meat festival.”

“… You were serious?”

“I don’t do scams. I was serious. If I say I will do something, I will do it.”

“… Got it. I permit it.”

“Aiiight! Knights, I have received permission from the leader! Let’s hold the meat festival in the courtyard! Prepare a kitchen range! Prepare the grill! Arrange the chefs! Grill all the meaaat!”

“Bring chefs from the town too! Let’s distribute the meat to the citizens as well!”


“Everyone, we are having a meat festival tonight! Overflowing with meat juices! All-you-can-eat meat!!”


“Meat is waiting for us!”

“I am glad to be alive! I can eat meat!!”

“Can eat meat can eat meat can eat meat!!”

“Eateateat! We can eat meeeeaat~!!”


“Me~at! Me~at!”

The Wolfanea Knights were seriously starved. Christia Knights and the adventurers retreated quietly…
No, even Jess and I took a step back. I hope they eat lots.
And also, forget about the Saintess. Rather, please forget about it. I beg you.

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