Chapter 141.2

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Saintess and meat festival.
The preparations went on quickly. Teppanyaki (foods cooked on an iron griddle), mushiyaki (foods baken in a covered pan), kamadoyaki (foods cooked on a traditional Japanese cooking stove)…
A variety of meat dishes were lined up. Some vegetables were also prepared. Both the cooks from the town and the chefs from the palace did their best. Because there are many customers, we opted for grilled dishes instead of time-consuming dishes like a stew. Taking advantage of this racket, the merchants with strong commercial spirit opened stalls, bringing a true festival atmosphere.

Selling things like Saintess’s protective charm… oi, you there! I had him stop. By the way, people could get full thanks to the grace of the meat… the food shortage reached even here.
Saintess steamed buns… I don’t care! Besides, it was uselessly expensive because of the food shortage! Muu… they were steamed buns! Looking delish! Oh, it’s a meat festival, after all… I get it.
Wooden carvings of the Saintess… w, when did they manage that!? Moreover, it’s scary because it resembles me quite a lot!
Oh, there’s a figurine of Valkyrie too!… I bought it.
Ahh geez, there’s no end to this!!

Now, I was grilling… probably poultry? Why. I grill and grill and grill, but it doesn’t end. And why is there such a long queue before me? It’s endless grilling. Is this some kind of harassment?

To see why did this happen, we have to go a few hours back in time… I wanted to eat some meat too, but I was tired of the saltiness.
Wolfaneans are not fond of spices because of their rough character and a good sense of smell. Yakiniku, Mushiyaki everything and anything was salty. It’s tiring! Too much salt! It’s giving me high blood pressure!

“… I want to eat Rosarin’s food.”

Oh my God! My beloved darling’s tail was devastated. He’s tired of the saltiness too! I have been pursuing the knowledge of cooking day and night just to cook delicious dishes for Dirk! I should cook for him now! And so, I decided to get rid of the saltiness for Dirk and also make a portion for myself while at it.

“Dirk, I will cook you something delicious!”

And as I made a dish for Dirk, the greedy Wolfanea Knights and people from the town and palace gathered around me.
I lost. I mean, I mean, the children dropped their ears and looked like they wanted to eat very much…

“Eat up!”

Saying that, I gave up my share! Only those who have brutally cold blood would be able to ignore that!

And so, I was told by others that they want to eat it too… and so I am currently attending the endless grill… of what is probably poultry…


“D, delishhhh!”

“Saintess-sama, this is incredibly yummy!”

“I can get enough of this sweet sauce!”

“Saintess-sama, you are the best!”

I threw a skewer that I used as a substitute for shuriken.

“I’m not a saintess. Shuddup and eat.”

“”O, okay!””

I digress, but it seems that because the Wolfanea Knights only eat salt-seasoned meat, they apparently developed an image that the Christia Knights and adventurers who shared their preserved foods with them were good people.

Well, things like that happened, but the meat festival continued late into the night.
Ugh… even though I am a maiden, I couldn’t get rid of the smell of the grill.

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