Chapter 142

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Way too cruel message game. (Jash’s point of view)
The atmosphere in the Rosenberg house was intense.

A Great Tsunami.

A horde of merciless monsters rushing in. I’m worried about Ojousama, Ru Bocchama, Rabisha-san, and Haku-san who are over there.
Especially Ojousama. I wonder if she’s hurt after doing something unreasonable? Surely not, she surely didn’t participate in the subjugation of the Great Tsunami, right!? She took on the position of the Commander, right!? I am scared because it’s something she would do!!

As I could only worry about Ojousama’s actions, I decided to do what I could and contacted the Crystal Dragon Rulan-san via a communication magic tool.
Rulan readily agreed as he had a debt to repay to Ojousama. I hope this will help Ojousama a little. The price for his help is handmade baked desserts. My baked desserts have been well-received recently, so people are delighted when I bring them. Wondering whether something so little would be really fine as repayment, I promised to bring many.

There’s nothing much I can do. I look after the two former slaves as Ojousama instructed and return to the Knights Order. I just worked without thinking. It was time for dinner before I noticed. The meal that was supposed to be delightful had no taste because of my worries for Ojousama and others.

“I’m back!”

Father is back!

“How about Ojousama and others!?”
“Are Rosarin and others safe?”
“Are Ojousama and others all right!?”
“What about Oneechan!?”
“Is Oneechan okay!?”
“Is Oneechan hurt!?”

“My, oh my~”

Everyone other than the madam rushed over. As expected, Father was surprised, but he tried to convey the situation.

“Umu. A big thingy shouting Rosariiin dropped from the sky, she flared into a rage and now is a Saintess holding a meat festival.”




……… As if I could understand that!!!!
I want to beat my Father dead! I feel like cursing that muscled brain of his to death! However, if I extract the information about Ojousama… I somehow managed to smile and asked him.

“Use subjects and predicates to be concise and clear…”
“Fumu, Rosarin and others are safe. That good?”

It workeeed!?
Sire is way too incredible!!

“… Well, that’s the most important part. I don’t know what this meat festival is, but you are saying that Ojousama did something about the Great Tsunami in this short time… right?”

“Umu. Meat festival is a meat festival. It was yummy.”

Ark-san, what a wonderful deciphering ability you have! Ark-san looked at me, who was looking at him with admiration, tiredly.

“I am used to working with airheads, you see… as for the meat festival, is it perhaps a grill party using the meat from the defeated monsters of the Great Tsunami or something?”

Eh… but… surely… speaking of which, Wolfanea had a shortage of food because of me. Defeating many monsters equals lots of meat. It’s a meat festival because there was a Great Tsunami. There will be people who see her like that. As a person who solved the food shortage of Wolfanea.

“What is Ojousama doiiing!?”

Why. I am certain that Ojousama must be screaming at her own actions.

“It’s so like Oneechan.”

Wait, my little bro. Is this alright? No, something like holding a meat festival is certainly something she would come up with, but.

“Umu. Lord’s thingy… Rosariiin was incredible. It went whoosh and kapow and so most were defeated by Lord herself.”

“The hell is this Rosariiin?”


Ark-san wanted to confirm first. Certainly, I have no clue.

“Umu… it’s a big fellow. Armored… with a whoosh-whoosh bow that went kapow!”

That would be too amazing if anyone could understand this.

“… Why can’t you understand? Rosarin summoned a giant with her magic who then defeated a great part of the Great Tsunami with its bow.”


Father nodded in satisfaction.

You are way too incredible, Sire!! It’s already on the level of sixth sense, you know!?
I knew that Father was quite an airhead, but to understand from this shitty explanation. I asked Father what I wanted to know the most.

“… So Ojousama is safe without any injuries, yes?”

“Umu. She’s now a Saintess and grilling endlessly.”

“…………… What the hell is Ojousama doiiiing!?”

I don’t think I have ever shouted so much in my life. Since she saved Wolfanea from destruction, I could understand why she’s being called a Saintess. I have no idea why she’s doing the grilling, though.

“Jash-chan, calm down.”

Madam patted my shoulder.

“… Come to think of it, Madam, you weren’t worried about Ojousama?”

“Me? I mean, if Rosarin judged the situation dangerous, she would sent Ru and the princes back before anything else, you know? Since that didn’t happen, I thought Rosarin decided that everything was fine. She would make sure no danger would befall on Ru and the princes. She must have judged that she could manage the Great Tsunami. That’s why I also thought everything was going to be fine.”


Madam’s wisdom certainly makes me feel that she’s her mother. Her smile also resembles Ojousama’s. While feeling healed by Madam, Father recalled something and clapped his hands.

“Oh, that reminds me, Lord entrusted me with a letter.”

“Take it out fiiiirst!!!”

My lariat exploded at Father with all of my might. In the end, Ojousama, who was uneasy about letting Father explain the situation had him carry a letter. They managed the Great Tsunami and everyone was safe.

“First of all, how about we study for a bit, Father.”


“Yes. What was with that explanation! Aside from Sire and Ark-san, no one else could understand a word you said! Let’s study until at least another person could understand you!”

Father’s ears and tail went soft, but I seized him by the nape of his neck and lectured him.

The result, you ask? I did my very best, but… Ark-san told me that the correction of such natural airheadedness wouldn’t be possible. It basically couldn’t be done.

Anyhow, Ojousama seems to be safe, so I will listen to what she has to say when she returns.
What kind of tea would she like when she returns? My heart, that was unwell, cleared up when I heard that Ojousama was safe.
I was wondering whether Ojousama would return soon.

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