Chapter 143.1

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Jealousy and marking.
After the meat festival, a celebration party was held in the castle.

As people with meritorious service, we and our classmates were also invited. The princes worked hard as commanders, and our classmates were also incredible.
They made full use of their abilities because they learned magical power manipulation from me. It appears that thanks to the beastmen transporting the injured, humans giving first aid and recovery magic, and the castle’s healers and doctors, there miraculously were zero casualties.

I was also prepared for victims, but this is great! It’s zero casualties, you know! Everyone really did their best! I laughed. Everyone said that they didn’t want to be told that by me. Incomprehensible.



Everyone got full at the meat festival, so the celebration party was mainly with alcohol, snacks, tea, and sweets. They had coffee and juice too. I was wandering around because it was a buffet-style.
Oh, Jash often makes these baked sweets… Jash’s are better. While thinking such, I got surrounded by macho men. The pressure was incredible.

“Saintess-sama, how about these?”

“Nono, Saintess-sama, try this one.”

“Saintess-sama, these are delicious.”

“I’m not a saintess.”

First of all, I denied being a saintess. Also, why am I surrounded by macho men? This is not happening to other children.

“… I will take whatever I feel like eating, so there’s no need to serve me.”

I pretended to be grumpy. It’s like I got legally surrounded because I displayed such greatness? Are these macho men considered handsome boys in Wolfanea?

“What should we call you then?”

“Little girl.”


Silence flowed. I wonder if my thoughts got conveyed? I have no intention of getting along with you! Thoughts like that.
Their fur was good so the mofu mode activated within me a little, but I prefer slender men with well-defined muscles like Dirk. Gorilla macho is too much for me. Moreover, the bunny ears, cat ears and rat (I think?) ears attached to these Gorilla machos was quite a violent sight.
Dirk! My angel Dirk, where are you………


The temperature around me dropped extremely fast.


My feet got frozen because my magical power actually ran wild. The macho men were frightened. I slowly walked towards Dirk.

Dirk was surrounded by sexy older sisters with outrageous boobs.

“Go away.”

“Oh my, aren’t we much better than this shorty here?”

One of the sexy older sisters nestled up to Dirk. Dirk was clearly grimacing. They have more guts than the macho men that surrounded me. They have stiffened but did not escape because of my bloodthirst.

“Sorry, I prefer Rosarin. I have no interest in others.”

Dirk slightly forcibly shook off the older sister’s hands and held me in his arms.

“Dirk, I’m uncomfortable. Don’t touch me with hands that touched other women.”

I emphasized my displeasure. In fact, I was not that displeased. Dirk was clearly uncomfortable around the sexy older sisters and he clearly chose me over them.
However, Dirk took me seriously and his ears and tail dropped dejectedly.


“So, sorry… what should I do? Should I take a bath first? Don’t hate me, Rosarin…”


I hid my face and turned away. I’m not angry. I’m in agony. Too cute! My darling is way too angelic!! I was definitely blushing, so I made sure he couldn’t see.

“Rosarin… are you that angry?”

“Would you like it if other men clung to me like that?”

“… No, no way. I’m sorry Rosarin, please forgive me… I will do anything.”

“Then, kiss me. Right now. The deep one.”


Eh? Hey… You were supposed to say no in front of so many people… wait…

“Nmu…!? Wha… hey… n……… haah…… mn…”

Too long! And too skillful! Oy there! Don’t lick my lips!!


That was too fierce. I am dead tired. Dirk is super skilled at kissing, isn’t he? I couldn’t resist whatsoever.

“Rosarin, are you still angry?”

I’m not. I’m just feeling exhausted because of your kiss and embarrassed by doing it in front of so many people! I made full use of my mimetic muscles and smiled nicely at Dirk.

“Dirk, you need a punishment.”

“N… got it.”

I kissed Dirk on his forehead and smiled at Jess who was red down to his neck.

“Could we borrow a room?”

“Ah… yeah. Ah, don’t do anything too shameless, okay?”

“… That depends on Dirk.”

That kiss was beyond my expectations. Still, better than initiating it myself. It startled me.

We got guided by a blushing servant to another room. It was a room with a bed. I’d like to ask what they were assuming.

“Would this room be all right?”

“Yes. What should we do after we finish our business?”

“Ring this bell please. It’s endowed with a special magic, a guide will come to get you soon after.”

“All right.”

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