Chapter 143.2

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Jealousy and marking.
Now then, let’s activate the soundproofing barrier.

“Dirk, mark me. My entire body.”

“……… Huh?”


“… No, that’s… not a punishment but a reward, I think.”

“Then, it’s a reward for your hard work. I would like to thoroughly repel the bad vermin surrounding both of us, you know?”

“T, there’s not much time, so… umm… tell me if you dislike it.”

“Eh? Hiah!?”

I was pushed onto the bed and licked! T, that one!? However, considering the short time available, this way is… if you say it like that…

“I, I will do my best…”

When I looked at Dirk with teary eyes, his body twitched.

“So cute… do your best, Rosarin. I will do my best too.”

I endured. I endured the tickling and embarrassment.

“Ahh… so cute… n… fuu…”


I worried that Dirk would turn carnivorous in a moment, but he endured. His charm was also unbearable, but I endured.

“It’s done.”


An unusual voice came out of me when Dirk play-bit my ear. He got entranced. However, it was my turn now.

“Then, it’s my turn next.”

“……… Eh?”

“I will mark you all over.”

“P, please go easy on me…”

“This is also a punishment, so nope. You better prepare yourself, Dirk.”

“Ugh… nyaa!? T, the tail is…”

“Your tail can’t escape today.”

“A, auu… Rosarin… are you angry?”

“I am not. You have chosen me over those sexy older sisters without hesitation, after all. Well, I did get offended when they clung to you.”


“… Ehehe.”

Dirk nestled in my chest. What’s the matter? He seems very happy.

“What’s the matter?”

“I am just so happy that you feel jealous… it’s always me feeling that way, after all.”

“… I see.”

I patted his head. Also mofu-ed his ears in a casual manner.

“You keep saying it as if you are the only one who loves the other, but that’s not the case at all. Of course I would be jealous. That’s why I think making you only mine for a lifetime would be nice.”

“That sounds nice, indeed. I also think it would be a good idea to make you only mine. I also want to keep you all for myself.”

Laughing happily, my innocent mofu cravings exploded in love for Dirk.

“Nya… nu!? Fu… n… you cyan’t there… nyaa… no…”

I kissed Dirk as I touched his tail. I licked him here and there too. As I touched his body, Dirk was very amorous.

“Something like this?”

Dirk was completely limp. Did I overdo it, I wonder~ But, I think that Dirk, umm… did more than I did.




And so, we returned to the venue. We got immediately shouted at by Jess who was red down to his neck.

“J, just what did you do for the scent to be so strong on both of you! Did I not tell you to not do anything shameless!?”

“It’s a bad vermin repellent. Dirk is mine and I am his! Marking of this extent is normal to Beastmen, I won’t let them approach!”

“Oh… I see. However, you are a human, you know? That’s quite a total Beastmen way of thinking.”

“I have been with Dirk for a long time now. We have been together for more than half of my short life.”

“I see. Well, being harmonious is good.”


I snuggled up to Dirk nonchalantly. Dirk turned to me with a very nice smile.
The older sisters from before seemed vexed, so I grinned at them. There were some people biting into their handkerchiefs by now. This is my first time seeing this in person.

By the way, when the macho men tried to approach me, Dirk drove them away with coercion.
I felt a little sorry for the poor machos, but they served as a good example.

I also stuck close to Dirk, so nothing strange happened since.

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