Chapter 144

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The King, Elder brother and medicine.
Just when the celebration was about to end, the servants got flustered. As I was puzzled about what was going on, the King of Wolfanea walked in on unsteady legs.
Geraldin-san is 38, so… he must be 58 years young, no? He looks so old. Is it because of illness?

“Might you be the Saintess?”

His Majesty the King spoke in a well-projected voice.

“… I wouldn’t call myself the Saintess, but I guess it’s me. Call me Rosarin, please.”

“Miss Rosarin. We give you our gratitude for saving our country. We would like to reward you. Is there something you desire?”

The hands that touched me were cold. They were trembling slightly. There were distinct spots on the wrists.

“… Your Majesty, I do have one. I have a request.”

“Fumu, tell us.”

“My Elder brother is studying Herbology. I would like you to grant my Elder brother permission to examine you. Your Majesty, I believe that your presence has a huge impact on the friendship between Christia and Wolfanea. Now, I’m not saying that your medicine is inferior to Christia’s. However, my Elder brother is a prodigy with a vast knowledge of herbs. Won’t you make a bet?”

“… Fumu. Fine. We don’t have long at this rate anyway. We will take that bet.”

“Your Majesty!?”

A Silver Wolf, who seemed to be a close aide, raised his voice in surprise.

“And so, this Elder brother of yours?”

“… I am here.”

“You are young.”

The King of Wolfanea observed Elder brother.

“Yes. However, my brother’s brilliance has no bounds as he was able to obtain a place as a researcher at the Magic Institute at his age—“

“Please stop raising the hurdle for me. My name is Rupert Rosenberg. Your Majesty, you seem to be in pain, would you like to move to a different room for the examination?”

Elder brother interrupted me. I wasn’t lying. Even I would like to boast about my brother sometimes.

“All right.”

His Majesty nodded, and took me and Elder brother to another room.




“Niisama, His Majesty has spots on his wrists.”

“… Indeed. Your Majesty, I need you to answer a few questions of mine.”


I heard about the symptoms in advance from Jess, but Elder brother wanted to know more in detail. It seems that he prepared a questionnaire filled with boxes for checkmarks.

“I understand your illness, Your Majesty. I will write a prescription for you. I also need you to call your most trusted physician, do you have anyone in mind?”

“… Umu.”

As soon as His Majesty rung the bell on his desk, his aide appeared with a timid dog Shiba(?) Beastmen.

“I’m a Royal Physician, Tosaken.”

Tosa (Japanese dog breed) even though he looks like Shiba? What a ridiculous gap.

“Please excuse me, I will make the preparations at the pharmacy.”

I questioned Elder brother in a low voice.

“Is there no need for purification?”

“His Majesty has been considerably weakened, so there’s a danger of burdening his heart too much by purifying everything in one go. It would be better to cure him little by little.”

“I see.”

As expected of Elder brother. In fact, I have not asked Edler brother only to help with the food shortage, but also to help with the King’s recovery. He helped Mother to recover from her feebleness too, after all.
I asked Jess about the symptoms in advance, so Elder brother narrowed down the causes considerably.
Although it was possible to prepare the medicine here, Elder brother wanted to investigate a little, so he decided to visit the pharmacy.






Bro, my bro. Don’t lose sight of your objective, okay? You seem to be having too much fun.


“Ah, sorry. Shall we get started then?”

Tosaken-san brought out the medicine accurately under Elder brother’s instructions. At some point, Elder brother frowned.

“This is no good. It’s moldy.”

“Eh? Ahh, these get bad easily, don’t they~ I have to place an order for more…”

“These too. The efficiency of the medicine will be lowered if the herbs are wilted. This one is not dried enough.”

Isn’t he a little too controlling… Elder brother seems to be in a bad mood.

“A, ahaha…”

“I went around many clinics, but most of them were poorly managed. I did not think it would be the same in the Royal Palace. I believe His Majesty’s health deteriorated because of the moldy herbs that were used for his medicine.”

Certainly. I wonder if the medicine caused food poisoning instead…

“A, ahahahaha.”

“I definitely don’t want to use herbs that were preserved in such a manner. Let’s compound it from the herbs I have on me.”

My Elder brother prepared a special magic potion using Mandragora-kun. Elder brother’s Mandragora-kun is… a bit strange kid. I will explain more at a later time.
Besides that, Elder brother issued an order to me.

“Rosarin, cook something with a good nutritional balance for His Majesty. Like our mother, his diet is terribly unbalanced. He won’t heal even if I cure him otherwise.”

“… I will do my best.”

I ended up making porridge with effective soup stock. Although there’s only Jasmine-like rice in Christia, Wolfanea has ordinary Japanese rice! I definitely want to take some back as a souvenir! Apart from that, His Majesty’s nose was twitching.

“… It smells delicious… our appetite has returned after a long time.”

“Is that so? Please eat up.”

“Umu… delicious!!”

His Majesty the King ate the porridge in a daze…


Umm… you already ate enough for three people, though? I ended up using the Orc meat I planned to make Dirk stew with, but he ate it all. His appetite is terrifying!! Rather, isn’t His Majesty too lively? Where did his weak constitution go??

“Fuu… our body feels so light too!”

“Ni, Niisama? Is it supposed to be this effective?”

“No? Perhaps His Majesty’s body is originally this strong, so he recovered faster than normal…”

Elder brother was shocked too. His Majesty the King looked rejuvenated from his bones to the fur.
His condition got obviously better. Even though he took Elder brother’s medicine just once… moreover, it wasn’t supposed to be this effective, as brother’s compound was only supposed to loosen the burden on His Majesty’s body. Why.




The next day, His Majesty had become a different person.

“Ou, I came to thank you! Your Elder brother is wonderful!”

His laughing expression was the same as Geraldin-san’s. As expected of the father and son. His skin and fur were also glossy, His Majesty had totally turned into a youthful uncle.

“Niisama, can medicine really work this fast?”

“No way. This is way out of the norm.”

Elder brother was speechless. W, well, as long as he’s cured!


And so, is His Majesty was swinging a spear in the courtyard, he got scolded by Elder brother as he was still recovering, then he got scolded by me because he was eating greasy barbecue instead of the special recovery meal I had prepared for him, and then he got scolded by both of us for drinking alcohol. I realized where his stupid son’s personality came from.
And so, the third man in the family that is Jess kept apologizing to us in distress. I feel that I have understood Jess’s position in this country. That’s why he came when I said to bring the person in charge, huh. He has it hard, doesn’t he?

A, at any rate, health is the most important!!

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