Chapter 138.2

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Destroy the despair.
No, I’ll admit it.

It is me who had a fleeting thought about the strength of White Devil Gundam!! You can’t take a horde like that on with a normal weapon!! You would need bazooka at the very least!

It can’t be helped that it came out! I consumed a lot of magical power, so I drunk a magical power potion and got on the shoulder of the robot. What should I name it? Anyhow, it’s formerly the Warrior Maiden’s Ring, so let’s go with Valkyrie.

“Valkyrie, archer mode!!”


I wonder if anything can be done about its yelling. I would like you to stop by all means. It’s decreasing my excitement super fast.

On the other hand, the knights and the boys were looking on with envy… boys love this type of thing, don’t they? Stop it. Please don’t look at me with sparkling eyes.
A gigantic bow appeared according to my imagination and Valkyrie took a stance.

“Release all magical power. Start amplification of all attributes!”

Oh my, the charging time is incredible. It’s perfectly in sync with the amplification of my magical power.
It would be unpleasant if the meat turned into charcoal, so I adjusted the output. Then I established the range. And lastly I checked for any human signs by using Wisdom Circlet. Yep, everything’s fine.

“Roar, my chuunibyou!! Fireeee!!”


My excitement dropped, but the rainbow-colored magic arrow exploded just as I envisioned, and turned two-thirds of the Great Tsunami into meat. I will say it one more time. It turned two-thirds into meat.

“… Oof.”

What an overkill. The consumption of magical power is incredible, but the power is incredible too.

“Ain’t you fine on your own, Rosarin? You have no need for the Knights Order, no?”

As expected of the CRMI (Can’t Read Mood, Ignore) man, Curtis. He said something he shouldn’t!!

“T, that’s not true at all! My belly is going to get all flabby if I drink too many magical power potions! This is quite tiring!”

“… That much is fine, right?”

CRMI said bluntly. Read the mood!

“……………… Yeah. But it will be necessary to clean up the rest even if I get the majority myself, so…”

“Well, yeah. And so? Lady Commander, what do we do next?”

“I will shoot one more time than we are going to hunt the rest! Dirk, Curtis, you go with me. Adeil and Hugh will continue guarding the princes! It’s likely that there will be wounded, so I request y’all assistance! Teachers please direct the students!”

As I was giving instructions, Geraldin-san and the Free Wind arrived.

“Lord, what’s the situation?”

“How should I say this, Princess… as expected of you to encounter a Great Tsunami.”

“Stop saying it as if I caused the Great Tsunami! I did not want to make use of Geraldin-san, but it can’t be helped taking the situation into consideration. Geraldin-san, you die here in the future I know. However, I already reduced their numbers greatly, plus you are different from you of that future. And above all, I command you now. No matter how miserable you may be, I still want to make use of your skills, so make sure to live. There are many who would grieve your death, so live. If you die, Lumia-san, Jend and I will cry. Don’t forget that your death will make us sorrowful!”

“My Lord… I will fulfill your orders by any means.”

“Dirk and Curtis, follow Geraldin-san so that he doesn’t go too far!”

“”Roger that.””

As I got on top of Valkyrie to shoot the magic, Jess shouted.


“Rosarin! Sortie out immediately! Yggdrasil is in danger!”


I searched with Wisdom Circlet. I did not notice it because it was smaller than the tree in the Elven Village! This is far too dangerous to attack with Valkyrie!

“Alphage-sama, I will lend you this circlet and communication magic tool! I leave the command in your hands! Aldin-sama, support Alphage-sama!”

“Leave it to us.”

“Got it!”

“Rosarin, please stay safe.”

Milfi was teary-eyed. I hugged Milfi tightly and smiled at her.

“Of course! Dirk is here too, there’s no way I am going to lose! Let’s have a girls’ talk when I return. I won’t let you sleep tonight!”

“I will be waiting! You promised!”

“Yes, absolutely! Now then, let’s go! Geraldin-san, take command of the Knights!”


The Wolfanea Knights were looking at their country’s strongest hero with envy. Hey! Stop looking so dignified all of sudden! However, his voice was indeed overflowing with majesty.

“My brave Wolfanea Knights! Follow me to save your country!”

The cheers arose, and the excitement of the Wolfanea Knights hit the peak. All according to the plan!


“We have the Hero and divine messengers of the Saintess! We can win!”


“We have Saintess who will bring us meat festival if we win!”

Wait. I have a bad feeling about this.

“Follow after Saintess!”

“Haru-san yo, amplification magic…”

“… You are going to deflate their excitement even though it was you who wanted this in the first place?”

“… I will definitely fix this later!”

The former assassins burst out into laughter after hearing my cry of sadness. I won’t become a Saintess or anything, okay!

“Everyone, attack!”

With my tension dropping to an all-time low, Geraldin-san gave orders for the attack.

Rosarin, sortying out!

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