Chapter 138.1

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Destroy the despair.
We promptly joined up with Elder brother and Alphage-sama. Elder brother and my classmates were listening to Wolfanea’s history in the castle, they were studying normally.

“It’s an emergency! A Great Tsunami is coming! This is just a rough estimation, but they are about 10,000 in number! It seems to be a large-scale one!”

The Wolfanea’s Knights panicked after hearing my words. It’s a bit… rude, but! I shouted at them.

“If you have time to be nervous then call the person in charge for me! I have countermeasures!”

The Wolfanea Knights broke into a run in panic at my thundering voice. Aldin-sama looked at me. His emotional strength in this situation is wonderful. The rest of my classmates were pale with fright. Alphage-sama and Elder brother also seemed nervous.

“… Rosarin, can you save this country?”

“……… N~ I think I can. You have to choose the means.”

“… Young noble lady Rosarin Rosenberg.”


“The means are of no matter. Save Wolfanea.”

“… By any means necessary.”


Alphage-sama panicked. How unusual. But, I understand his feelings. That statement of his was something akin to giving me full authority. But, there’s no time to complain. We are competing against time! I took out the communication magic tool.

“Enforced call! Knight Rudolf!”

“Missy? What’s the matter?”

“Rudolf-san, a Great Tsunami is happening in Wolfanea. The two princes are in danger. I request an emergency dispatch of the entire Knights Order!”

“… Got it. But if we go now…”

“It will take only a few hours by Sage’s magic circle! I will arrange it, so you guys be ready to go!”

“Roger that!”

“Enforced call! Sage!”

“I have a bad feeling about this, but… what’s up?”

“Old geezer! This is your chance to experiment! You can utilize your teleportation magic circle for a large-scale, long-distance travel to Wolfanea!”

“I am on board!”

Old geezer gave his consent! Next!!

“Enforced call! Free Wind!”

“It’s the state of emergency! Request a special mission for the Adventurer’s Guild and the Hero in my stead! You guys come with the teleportation magic stones as soon as you are ready!”


Now then, Christia’s preparations are ready. All that’s left is to stall for time until the reinforcements arrive!

“I have brought the person in charge!”

Ah, that’s the Knight I have kicked a while ago. The person in charge is… Jess!? Well, of course, he’s the person in charge.
I roughly explained the situation to him.

“The debt to Christia… now’s not the time for that, huh. I appreciate your assistance from the bottom of my heart.”

“Don’t thank me, thank my Lord. It’s his orders, after all.”

“It’s only natural to help those in need.”

Yep, Aldin-sama’s innocence is stable as always. Jess flinched a little. It’s only natural, but it’s quite difficult when countries are involved, right?





Now then, it’s time to encourage these Knights who are breaking under the tension. I went out into the castle’s courtyard.

“Haru, amplification magic please!”

“Sure thing~”

With Haru’s magic, my voice resounded around the castle.

“Everyone, please listen well! A large horde of monsters is heading our way! However, don’t be afraid! If you win, it’s all-you-can-eat barbecue!!”

“… Barbecue?”

Someone’s stomach grumbled. As I thought, the Knights haven’t eaten their fill in a long time as well.

“That’s right, that many monsters equal to that many grilled meat! If you defeat them, you can eat lots! All-you-can-eat is no longer a dream!”


The former assassins, who had a low boiling point of laughter burst into laughter at the edge of my vision. No, it’s probably only one of them.

“Everyone, we are having a meal festival tonight! Meat juices overflowing with freshness! Meat! Meat!”

“Let’s do it!”


“Meat! Meat!”

The Wolfanea Knights were easily motivated… no, they regained their motivation. Their bloodshot eyes look scary, but… all’s good! A meat call resounded from the courtyard.

In order to increase the motivation of the Knights even further, I operated the engagement ring to change into a silver dress and activated its full power.



This is where I ducked it up grandly.



I was thinking that I might as well get a bit flashy… or so I did!! I was thinking about unnecessary things!






A rainbow-colored light overflowed, and a giant robot resembling a Knight Gundam has appeared. It was a giant robot armed like a knight with a beautiful silver body and an elegant emblem. The blue cloak also looked cool.

Aaaaaaahhhhhh, geeeeeeez!! I don’t have enough interjections to insert!
This is a fantasy, though! Where did the fantasy go!? The science fiction was uncalled for!
I hate my delusional power! I did it now! I did it!
Rather, don’t shout a person’s name all day long!

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