Chapter 111.2

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Other side of the Athletic Festival – Relations with the Knights Order
“And so, it wouldn’t be fun if all was normal, so we ended up talking about dressing Dirk up, and when we asked him whether there are any clothes that would make you happy, it turned out into this.”

“You did well, Curtis!”

“The hair was done by Hugh. All’s good as long as you are happy with it.”

“I have a message from Hugh. If you like it, make him tonkatsu next time.”

“Be it tonkatsu or anything else, I will make it! What do you want, Curtis?”

“Meat and potato stew.”

“You like it so much, don’t you! All right, I will make it right away!”

“Seriously? Lucky~”

There is the incident of him nearly crying the last time too, after all. I have stocked up on the ingredients in my bag too. Putting on the frilly apron Dirk gave me, I spoke to him.

“What do you want to eat, Dirk?”

“Naturally, that would be Rosarin, no?”


Dirk choked. I immediately got on board.

“Ah, I see.”

“Don’t agree with that!!”

“Errr… there are people around, so if you would like to get a sample at the very least…”

Bashfully, I unbuttoned the front of my decollete and showed him a glimpse of my skin. Dirk froze in place while staring at my decollete and flared up with redness creeping down his neck and teary eyes.

“Stop tempting me! Are you having fun teasing me!?”

Curtis and I exchanged glances.

“”It’s quite the fun.””

The counterattack would be terrible if I teased him too much, so I went cooking.

“… But, you must be feeling a bit lucky that you caught a glimpse of Rosarin’s decollete, right?”

“… I dislike myself for thinking that.”

I heard that, I pretended I didn’t.

“It’s done~”

“Meat stew~!”

Curtis gobbled down the stew. Then, the other Knights tried to join him.

“That’s not fair, Curtis!”

“Give us some too!”

Curtis secured the pot with the potato and meat stew and fled. You, just how much did you want to eat that stew?




“Rosarin, come here.”

Dirk escorted me to the birthday seat(?) which was an unbecomingly cute chair for the Knights Order.

“To Missy’s victory!”


With Rudolf-san’s instructions, everyone emptied their cups.

“Is there something you want to eat?”

“N~ come to think of it, I have never eaten in here. Do you have any recommendations?”

“I will bring something suitable then. You like to drink apple juice, right?”

Dirk apparently intends to serve me. What a luxury!

“Yes, please.”

As Dirk left, the son… or not, Fizz approached.

“Congratulations on your victory.”

“Thank you very much.”

Fizz’s lowered his voice and spoke.

“And, let me thank you for all of us… You came here in order to look for a traitor, didn’t you?”

“… My, I wonder?”

I played dumb.

“I also want to thank you in Curtis and other’s stead… I won’t ask the details.”


“They will eventually talk to you on their own, Fizz. Please wait until then.”


Fizz patted my head and left. I thought he was smart, but he grasped the situation quite well.

“You spoke to Fizz?”

Dirk brought a pile of food and apple juice. This is not my portion, is it? I certainly wouldn’t be able to eat that and if I did, it would be a landslide later. It’s miraculous it didn’t collapse from the artistic point of view, though.

“Here. This one’s delicious. I didn’t know what would suit your tastes, so I brought everything. I will finish what you can’t eat.”

He presented me a fork while smiling. Is this say ahh~? It is, isn’t it!? S, so happy! What a reward!!



“The meat is tasty too, but being fed by you… what a fortune.”


Dirk who did it unconsciously suddenly turned bright red.

“I have no skill to eat without demolishing this mountain, so please take responsibility and feed me, Darling.”

“A, auu… u, understood.”

While flushed, Dirk continued feeding me.




“I’m back~ Rosarin, the stew was great!”

“Welcome back~ I am glad to hear that, Curtis. Did you eat everything?”


“T, that’s fine, but…”

Curtis who came back was in a good mood. The pot was enough to fill at least ten people, though…

“That reminds me, Curtis! I recently discovered that Dirk has a leg fetish!”


Dirk who was drinking at that very moment spat all of it out.

“Eh? Dirk doesn’t have leg fetish but Rosarin fetish, you know? Whether it’s legs, neck or breasts, he only reacts to you.”


“The last time on patrol, we made rounds around a brothel, and we saw a lady with incredible legs, but he didn’t have any interest whatsoever.”

“T, that so…?”

“He had no reaction to the lady with huge boobs either, ya know? Even though his turned red so quickly after catching just a glimpse of your decollete.”

“So Dirk has me fetish, huh…”

I nodded. Now that he mentions it, do Beastmen react only to their pair?

“Curtis, stop exposing me! Talking about her neck and stuff was obviously too much information!”

“… It’s the truth, no?”

“Even if it’s the truth, there’s stuff I feel embarrassed about, okay!”

“Were you trying to make her misunderstand that you have leg fetish?”

“No, I was acting blindly…”

“Isn’t it too late to tell Rosarin that you react only to her?”


“The decollete, huh.”

“That’s what I am talking about!”

“Sorry. But, Rosarin knows even without me telling her. She heard our conversation from before, after all.”

Dirk clatteringly turned towards me.

“Sorry, I heard you.”

Tehepero☆ I stuck out my tongue.

“Curtis, let me hit you!”

“Eh~! It wasn’t on purpose!”

Thus, Dirk started chasing after Curtis. I spend my time cooking the dishes the other Knights requested, and the victory celebration came to an end. It was fun.
By the way, Fizz was fond of the chopped burdock root cooked in sugar and soy sauce. His tastes are refined.

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