Chapter 111.1

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Other side of the Athletic Festival – Relations with the Knights Order
Today, I have a lesson in the morning and work at the Knights Order in the afternoon. I, Milfi, and Aldin-sama were having lunch together.

Exchanging lunchboxes with Mifli and Aldim-sama, we had a laid-back time.

“Which reminds me, why did you want to win so much, Aldin-sama?”

“Ah, you and Miss Milfilia will be skipping grades next year and you will leave from the school, right? I thought of making memories while we are still in the same school.”


We nodded. Milfi is also casually going to be skipping grades. That reminds me, I told about this to Niisama and others, but not to Aldin-sama yet.

“We plan on becoming 6th years without graduating next year.”


“I was thinking about being in the same year as Niisama and others. You will be exempted from homework this summer, so won’t you be able to enter the same class if you work hard, Aldin-sama? The tutors in the castle are surely excellent.”

“Yeah! I will work hard! I am poor at studying, but I will put effort and catch up with you guys!”

“We will be waiting. You are a person who can put in a great effort, Aldin-sama. I believe you will surely catch up with us.

“It’s a promise! I will also become a 6th year next year!”

“Fufu, let’s have a meal together the next year again then.”

Everyone spontaneously smiled.

“All right, I will have to cram his schedule then.”

“As expected of Rosarin, seizing the tutors while making Lord fully motivated.”


Studying really must be Aldin-sama’s weak point as his expression obviously got cloudy.

“If Adeil or Hugh report your efforts to me, I will have them send you souffle.”

“Good! I am going to do it!”

“You have completely seized Lord’s stomach, had you not…”

I decided to not hear Adeil’s line. I will have to come up with tests and plans for him too.

“Also, that reminds me, where are we going on the trip?”

“It has not been decided yet. Do you have somewhere you would like to go? If you say it now, they might even listen to your unreasonable request.”

“Then, I would like to visit Wolfanea.”

“Wolfanea? I have never been there before.”

“Well… Rosary loves all the fluff, so a country of Beastmen must be like heaven to her.”

The two who weren’t in the known responded normally, but Adeil and Hugh glared at me as if I was an enemy of their parents.

“Rosarin… let’s talk a little.”

“I feel like you are going to scold me, so that’s a no.”

Your mouth is smiling nicely but your eyes aren’t at all, okay? You want to lecture me, right? No way. I lowered my voice.

“… I mean, they wouldn’t do anything publicly and I want to ascertain what really is going over there with my own eyes. I thought about it carefully, okay?”

“Wouldn’t Aldin-sama be at risk…”

“Definitely not. They seem to be doing their job fine. Wouldn’t the other side sent Knights rather than assassins?”

“”They might.””

Similar smiles floated on the faces of the twins.

“Well, I don’t know what is going to happen anyway, so it’s likely that it will be just a domestic trip.”

“”It would be nice if that were the truth.””

The lunch break ended with a conversation like that. By the way, it will apparently be autumn when the “summer holiday” starts.




Going to the Knights Order that I visit frequently, I spoke to Dober-san.

“Dober-san, I am thinking of going to the Magic Institution when the summer holiday starts.”

“… Is that so? You have already done nearly everything you should do here, after all. Please, don’t do anything dangerous over there. You are welcome to come back here anytime. I may have poor ability, but I will help you out with anything that’s in the extent of my abilities.”


“Fufu, thank you very much.”

Just how much he knows, I wonder? From what I sensed now, Rudolf-san might have already spoken to him about the traitor. That might be exactly why there wasn’t any ruckus when I got kidnapped by Curtis.

In the warmhearted atmosphere, I got to work.




However, the tranquility didn’t last long.

“Missy! Let’s celebrate your victory!”

“… Rosarin-san. I will talk with the Commander.”

“Yesss~ I am a good girl, so I will keep working~”

Dober-san dragged Rudolf-san away with a superhuman strength that didn’t fit his small stature. I thought I shouldn’t let myself get invited while in the midst of work, so after gesturing “safe travels” to Nirvana, I resumed working.




A few minutes later.




“I had a good talk with the Commander. There’s a victory celebration party after the work, are you free?”

“Ah, yes. It will be fine if I contact my family.”

“I will arrange it for you.”

“… Dober-san.”


“… Have you talked with fists?”

“Fufu, so it felt like that?”

No, don’t fufu me… let’s pretend I didn’t hear. I feel that my ignoring skills have increased recently.




“Oh, you came, main actress!”

When I finished working and entered the dining hall, the party mood was already in the air.

“Thank you for your hard work, Rosarin.”

“… Eh?”

Dirk wasn’t wearing his Knight uniform. He was wearing those Wolfanea clothes I made him wear once before. A blue coat embroidered with white and blue lotus. Light gray pants beneath, embroidered with blue thread along the edges… so cool! It suits him so much! His hair was done too as they stood up more than usual.

I stared at Dirk, spellbound. Dirk was so wonderful I couldn’t find words to praise him.

“Err… does it suit me?”

“You look so wonderful I can’t put it in words. I was always madly in love with you, but my love for you was rekindled again. You are wonderful. So cool. My heart is throbbing. Please hug me close and don’t separate from me. Moreover, they are the clothes I bought! How satisfying!! What am I to do with the sudden impulse raising within me… just what should I…!!”

“Eh? That much??”

“I told you, didn’t I? That she would be super happy. You are Rosarin’s greatest reward after all, Dirk.”

“Curtis, was this wonderful proposal yours?”

Curtis let out a laugh and replied.

“Oh~ Commander was asking whether there’s something you like, so I told him you liked Dirk.”

That is certainly the truth, but I wonder if Rudolf-san wasn’t asking about my favorite food or something?

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