Chapter 110

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Athletic Festival – Ending Part
All games of the athletic festival were finished. The scores were totalized and the results were announced. Naturally, our class 1-3 were overall champions.

Our representative, Aldin-sama, received the trophy from the Headmaster. What a nice smile.

“Now then, let me announce this year’s MVP.”

Headmaster continued. So they have MPV awards too. That doesn’t concern me, though.

“The MVP is class 1-3’s Miss Rosarin Rosenberg!”


“You are being called!”

Milfia and everyone pushed my back. Eeeh, I don’t want it!
Looking down the stage, I met Aldin-sama’s eyes.

I straightened myself and looked at the Headmaster. He tried to hand me a gold medal, but I shook my head.

“Truthfully, there is another person more suitable to be the MVP. I wouldn’t be participating were it not for that person. The one who united and led the class was our class’ very own Aldin-sama. I believe that Aldin-sama is worthier to be called the MVP.”

Yep. I have not lied! He got everyone to practice, he secured the place, he worked very, very hard! I only participated and advised him.

“Fumu. Then, class 1-3’s Aldin Christia-kun, please come up on the stage.”

“I… yeah. Headmaster, can you hand me the medal please?”

Aldin-sama received the medal and split it in half.

“… Eh?”

The medal was split cleanly in half. Both the surroundings and I were dumbfounded. Aldin-sama put the half with the ribbon around my neck.

“Rosarin, the victory wouldn’t be possible without you. Thank you for acknowledging me. That’s why you deserve half of this medal.”

Aldin-sama grinned. As expected, I can’t decline this. I smiled wryly.

“Yes. We go halfsies then.”

“Introducing this year’s MVPs, class 1-3’s Aldin Christia-kun and Miss Rosarin Rosenberg!”

I heard the cheers.

“Missy, you were wonderfuuul!!”

“As expected of you, Rosarin-chaaaaan!!”

“Commander, calm down!”

“I will silence you using force, Gramps!”

My cheering squad, they are so loud… Fizz, Sui… thank you. Even if you can’t stop them, I won’t forget your effort.

And so, the athletic festival ended with all seniors using every attribute magic simultaneously, creating an aurora and a rainbow in the sky. How uniquely characteristic to a magic-centered school.



Now, when I thought of helping out with the cleaning, I got surrounded by the upperclassmen… mainly, the beastmen. Eh? What? Are we fighting in a public place like this? I readied myself. Aldin-sama promptly stepped before me. Milfi also showed a look of vigilance.

The upperclassmen kneeled all at once.

“… Hah?”

I have seen this posture before. Certain muscleheads did this just a while ago. I have a bad feeling about this!

“Miss Rosarin.”

“I refuse!!”


I am not listening, I won’t acknowledge this! I made my denial apparent. Aldin-sama who recovered was bewildered.

“You could at least hear them ou- “I won’t! I can only have a bad feeling about this! I won’t become their Lord or anything! I have enough troubles with the Silver Wolf already!”


I shouted and interrupted Aldin-sama. However, the Beastmen were looking at me with sparkling eyes.

“As expected of our Lord! So you already have a Silver Wolf following you!”

“I am telling you that I won’t be your Lord!”

“Isn’t it just fine, Lord?”

The muscleheaded Hero casually lifted me up in his arms. When did this fellow come?

“As expected of my Lord. To increase the number of your subordinates like this.”

“I had not approved of this and I won’t! I don’t need this many people! I have enough reigning you in, Geraldin-san!”

“That so? You have no greed, Lord. Isn’t it better for the pack to grow larger?”

“This isn’t a paaack!!”

“Lord, your strength, your consideration and kindness to not injure the defeated, and the humility you have shown a little while ago, we truly admire it all.”

“You are wrong! My strength aside, being kind is normal, as for the humility, I just didn’t want to stand out so I pushed it all on Aldin-sama!”


Aldin-sama was making a complicated expression, but I was desperate.

“Rather than me, make Aldin-sama your Lord! Kindness, strength, charisma, authority! He has it all! He’s a person I acknowledge. My previous words weren’t lies! He’s a very hardworking person!”

“I will forgive you… since were not lying.”

Aldin-sama was relived, but others were stubborn.

“The person we had acknowledged is you.”

“I am telling you that I don’t want to be your Loooord!!”




Thanks to my massive amount of persuasion, I escaped from getting more manservants. However…

“Good morning, Bis Sis!”

“Looking cute today as well, Big Sis!”

The upperclassmen call me Big Sis too. Moreover, both women and men. Rabisha-chan spoke to me while giggling.

“To become the boss of the school, as expected of my Master.”

“I am telling you that I am fine with being normaaaaal!!”

My shout of grievances echoed around.

Rosarin, 7 years old. I became the boss of the school’s Beastmen without my acknowledgment.

How did it become like this!?

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