Chapter 109.2

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Athletic Festival – Latter Part
“Rosary, please let me borrow you!”


If it’s Milfi, then I can follow her without having to worry. She wouldn’t do something I don’t like. Other participants were moving towards to goal too. Since there’s an opportunity, I would like for Milfi to win.

“Milfi, let’s go!”


I took Milfi in a Princess Carry and took her to the goal.

“The topic is: best friend! You seem to get along quite well. Pass!”


“Big bro referee, can you repeat that please?”

“The topic is: best friend.”

BE☆ST☆FRI☆END… you say?

“Milfi… am I your best friend?”

“I, I don’t have any friends that I get along more with than you! Are you dissatisfied!?”

Milfi got teary-eyed. Dissatisfied? That’s impossible!

“Nyafuuuu! I also love you Milfi! You are my best friend ever!”


I threw Milfi high, high and turned her around while embracing her.

“Umm, you are bothering others, so please continue somewhere else.”

We got chided by the referee. Sorry.




In the cavalry battle, two teams from each class are participating. From our class it’s me, Aldin-sama, Garv, Rufna team and Rabisha-chan, Pochi, and the beastmen team.
Me and Rabisha-chan are the horsemen, while others are the horses.

“Let’s show them the fruits of our practice!”

Oh~!! our voices overlapped. The motivation is plenty. Bird-type beastmen and magicians have an advantage in the cavalry battle. Using magic to directly strike enemies is against the rules, but it can be used to intimidate.

“Let’s go!”

“Take a look at Miss Rosarin… she’s jumping from one group to another, snatching their headbands and destroying the horses! From the same 1-3 class, Miss Rabisha is doing the same! Even though they are not bird-type beastmen, who would have thought they would utilize this strategy!”

The live coverage person is naive. Magicians are weak against surprise attacks. Victory goes to the one who makes the first move. I have mostly finished cleaning above the ground, so I returned to my horse. Umu, everyone properly operated their magical power to lessen the impact when I landed. The three that act as my horse got good at manipulating their magical power… to be honest, though, they wouldn’t be able to catch me if I was serious.

Next is the sky. I made eye contact with Rabisha-chan. She nodded back.

“Let’s go!”

“Yes! Everyone, prepare for impact!”

“Oh, what is the 1-3 class going to show us next! Miss Rosarin jumped to Miss Rabisha’s horse… she’s flying!?”

After being taken in by Rabisha-chan, I got hurled into the sky. The Beastmen in the sky were slower than Ordo. Since I got used to catching Ordo, capturing other bird-type Beastman is easy for me.

“I, impossible!! She is bringing one Beastman down after another! She is moving from one group to another and snatching their headbands!”

If you get on their back, bird-type Beastmen can’t counterattack. If they struggle too much, we would fall both. Additionally, if you shift their center of gravity, it’s possible to steer them to an extent.

“Shit, to lose against a human in air.”

“Sorry, okay? I could jump up by using magic too, but that wouldn’t allow us to win, so we came up with such a method.”

I snatched a headband from a frustrated Beastman and jumped off his back. I can control my magic jumping skillfully, but this way is more reliable. Mitigating the impact just in case, I returned on my horse.



Rabisha-chan’s team was done in. Their opponent was Elder brother and Alpha… Pitch Dark-sama team. Before I noticed, only our and Niisama teams remained. Unexpectedly, the horseman was Niisama and Alphage-sama was the horse. No, if you take their physical abilities into consideration, that would make quite a sense?

“Ohhh!? Last two teams remaining! Who will win and who will lose!?”

“I won’t lose! Let’s go, Fir!”

With Elder brother and Fir’s magic combined, a huge wood golem appeared. Directly attacking is against the rules, but just the vibration from when the gigantic wood golem moves is tremendous. We can’t move like this.

“A, awawawa… Sui, can’t you control that?”

“Leave it to me~”

Sui quickly stole control of the wood golem. As expected of him.

“N, no wayyyy!?”

Fir received a shock. As a spirit, Fir’s level is higher, but tricks like these are Sui’s specialty!


Not waiting for anything, Alphage-sama activated his magic. The surrounding ground froze, but…

“Th, they vanished!? 1-3 team had vanished! Ah!”

“Take thisss!”


“The 1-3 team suddenly appeared behind the 3-2 team and rammed against them! The 3-2 team slipped on their own iceee!”

“I got it~”

“Miss Rosarin had shrewdly secured the headband in the meanwhile! The victor is the 1-3 team!”

“We woooon!”

I got off the horse and we celebrated.

“As expected of Big Sis!”

The excited Gav and Rufna tried to embrace me, but I struck them down.


“Only Dirk is allowed to embrace me.”

“That is really blurred, Rosarin…”

“Naturally. I am Dirk’s, after a… ugyah!?”

Suddenly, Pitch Dark-sama leaned against me from behind.

“So we lost, huh~ I planned on taking that moment to win.”

“We knew you had used the wood golem as a decoy. I requested Aldin-sama to distract you by bending the light while I used illusion as we changed places. It worked out just barely, though.”

“That so…”

“Still, this ice… kyaa!?”

When I tried to step on it to test it, I immediately slipped.

“What are you doing, Rosarin?”

Aldin-sama reached out his hand to me who fell down. I pulled on his hand.

“Whoa!? So slippe… ryyy!?”

Aldin-sama slipped magnificently.

“That is magnificent, Alphage-sama. I had never seen ice specialized in slipping like this.

The ice was polished like a mirror and it was also exquisitely askew, so whoever took a step on it would definitely slip and fall. Garv and Rufna who gave it a try slipped too. It still works even though I cautioned them about it. If you stepped on it unnoticedly, you would be helpless.


“Well, we did lose though. We won’t lose the next time.”

“”Yes! Bring it on!””

We replied to Alphage-sama. Elder brother seemed vexed too.

“You have noticed that the wood golem was just a decoy?”

“Attacking directly is prohibited, after all. I didn’t believe Niisama would make such a simple mistake.”

“I will come up with something more incredible the next time…”

Hearing Elder brother’s mutter, I started fearing the next time.




Now then, the final game, the relay. Each class’ representatives will run, but the classes will be combined to form a team. Originally, the third-years should be the anchors, but we were called over by the representatives from other classes.

“To be frank, we want to win. That’s why, I want to ask you guys to be the anchor.”

The original order was changed and we, the 1-3 class, will run last. The last four run an entire lap each, but others only run half a lap each.

I had a hunch in the practice too, but third-years are too slow… they had been left behind by a lap. Let’s run with our all.
1-3 team will run a lap each in this order: Rufna, Garv, Aldin-sama, and lastly, me.

Now then, with one lap behind, Garv was handed the baton. Magical power wrapped around Garv’s legs as he ran off with abnormal speed.

He had shrunk the distance by about a half? Cheering resounded from the surroundings.

“Rufna, get ready!”

Reminded by my voice, Rufna took a crouching stance.

“… 3, 2, 1, GO!”

Rufna started running without looking back. Garv caught up and Rufna received the baton from him without looking back. The timing was perfect!


Rufna also strengthened his legs with magical power and ran at an abnormal speed. He caught up with the end of the line!

“Aldin-sama, get ready!”

Aldin-sama took a crouching stance.

“3, 2, 1, GO!”

Aldin-sama broke into a run on my signal. He received the baton without looking back and strengthened his legs with magical power. He also created a wind tunnel with wind magic to catch up! Aldin-sama passed one person after another, and only two were in front of him!

“I leave it to you!”

“Go get them!”

I received the baton without looking back just like everyone. I strengthened my legs with magical power, made use of a wind tunnel and ran with and explosive speed.

“Do your best, Rosary!”

“Rosarin, go~!”

“Missy, win~!”

“Rosarin-chan! I believe in youuu!”

I heard the cheering. One person left. I don’t know whether he was using magical power strengthening, or his potential as Beastman was high, but he’s super fast! Just a little more! Will I make it?

No way, I don’t want to lose! – Is what Rosalia is thinking. I also don’t want to lose!

(I don’t want to lose!)

Our feelings overlapped. Before I noticed, I accelerated even more and broke the goal tape.

“You did it, Rosarin!”

We won! I am super happy!!

“Yes! The fruits of our practice showed up! You did well, Garv, Rufna!”

Actually, it was really hard practicing for this relay. It’s extremely difficult for the body to get used to magical power strengthening, not colliding with each other during the baton exchange… in the end, we did the best when I was counting the timing, so I was quite nervous about the responsibility.
I digress, but Rabisha-chan is very fast, but because she collided with others during the baton handout, we had to go with the current formation.



Thus, the athletic festival games came to an end. I am greatly satisfied with the results of my first athletic festival!

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