Chapter 109.1

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Athletic Festival – Latter Part
The first game in the second half was the borrowed item race.

I took my place at the starting line and broke into a run with the signal. In the middle, I took an envelope and confirmed the topic.
Good. I am good, but wouldn’t others be way too troubled? The topics were such.

“Where do I find a wig~ does anyone have one!”

“The key to the second equipment room!? A staff room!?”

“Someone with blue pants, please let me borrow your pantsss!”

The key aside, isn’t a wig and pants a way too high of a hurdle to cross? While thinking such, I called for Dirk.

“Dirk! Come here!”


“Let me borrow you!”

“Eh? Yeah.”

I splendidly reached the goal first.

“Please give me your borrowed item card. Now then, the topic is… ‘Lover’… eh? Is this young man your lover?”

The referee was confused. It’s because of our age difference, so it can’t be helped.


However, it’s the truth so I affirmed. Dirk suddenly lifted me up and something touched my lips.








Kyaaaaaa! I heard shrieks from the audience. Huh? Eh?


Chuu, chuu, a light sound of lips touching resounded. Am I being kissed in the public right now?”

“Dirk, stop.”

No, kissing is good, but not now. So embarrassing! It’s on the truancy level, you know!

“I can’t? How cute…”

“Ah, you can as much as you want later…”

“Fufu, yeah. Say, is it still not enough? Do we not seem as lovers?”

The referee who was both upset and red shouted with teary eyes.

“I recognize your borrowed item!”

“… I wanted to kiss for a little longer.”

I find that Dirk’s occasional un-bashfulness is strange. However, he told me later that he had the intention of showing our lovey-dovey to repel insects that may come to bother me. Say that earlier.
The blue pants were probably prepared beforehand as the referee was wearing them. The problem was the wig.

A Hero was born.

“Please let me borrow your wig.”

The Headmaster certainly seems to be wearing a wig, but to think there was a Hero that would ask him for it.

“… Here you go.”

He let them borrow it! The Headmaster was teary-eyed, but he gave it away! What a glistering scalp! Headmaster… you are the model of all teachers. And the fellow who borrowed it! You have way too much courage. I think your scolding will be inevitable. Even the referee of the borrowed item race turned pale. He just seemed to rebound from us getting too carried away too.




While relaxing at the student seats, Aldin-sama came over.

“Rosarin, let me borrow you!”



I was taken away by Aldin-sama.

“The topic is… a strong person! I have no complaints, you pass!”

“Aldin-sama, oy.”

“Owowow, don’t pinch me! I am against violence!”

“There was Dirk and others whom you could have chosen, no?”

“I just thought that you are strong both physically and mentally. Now that you say it, there certainly were other people to choose.”

It seems that Aldin-sama meant no harm. I have been in touch with a lot of malicious guys recently, after all.

“Now that I think about it, girls might not be happy about being called strong. Sorry.”

Today’s Aldin-sama was very much startling as well. No, I am sorry too.




“Aldin, let me borrow you!”

“E, Elder brother!?”

Pitch Dark-sama… Alphage-sama borrowed Aldin-sama. He’s on the enemy team, but it can’t be helped.

“The topic is… something cute!”

Again? The hearts of Aldin-sama and me probably became one right at this moment. And, the foolish brother appealed about Aldin-sama’s cuteness. Aldin-sama is cute, but pitiful.

“P, pass!”

The referee retreated. Aldin-sama returned staggeringly with teary eyes.

“Thank you for your hard work.”

“… Oh.”

Aldin-sama was dead tired. I decided to leave him alone.




“Rosarin, let me borrow you!”

Me again? I have a bad feeling about this. I asked Elder brother cautiously.

“… The topic?”

“It’s not something cute.”

“… Then fine… I think.”

I was pulled to the goal by hand.

“The topic is… something interesting!”

Oy, Elder brother!

“What she showed us this morning, her fantastic ideas and actions are truly interesting. Additionally…”

Elder brother disclosed my unusual plays. The referee was shaking. If you want to laugh then laugh!

“Niisama, stop it alreadyyy!”

My sorrowful cry echoed around. Naturally, Elder brother got a pass.




When I returned to my seat, I was comforted by Aldin-sama who recovered. We are kindred souls.

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