Chapter 108.2

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Athletic Festival – Lunch break
“You are royalty so your meal is more extravagant than ours, no? You don’t have to go out of your way to eat with us… your chef is going to cry, you know?”

“… I like your lunchboxes better. Can’t I?”

I am too soft on my friends. I know that. However, I got defeated by the puppy-eyed Aldin-sama.

“… Go ahead.”

“Can I join in too?”

“Do as you please.”

After eating for a while, Elder brother spoke to me.

“However, you really went out of the norm, Rosarin. Normally, you wouldn’t use magic during a ball-toss game. How did that not become a foul play?”

“It’s that. I would have trouble if I used only wind magic and didn’t fix the balls in place with the plants. The magic itself is low-grade, but it’s difficult to control, I spilled them out four or five times. I was told that it’s a foul play after practicing so much, so I got angry and got permission to use this method after confirming the rules.”

“Did you cast strengthening magic on your classmates during the tug of war?”

Pitch Dark-sama asked me, but it was Aldin-sama who replied.

“No, I think it was the result of our classmates using their own magical power to strengthen themselves and the unity we formed during the practice. Right? Rosarin.”

“Yes. I have not used any magic on them. I did strengthen myself though. The result was unexpected.”

“To think people would go flying…”


“Umm… our sparring partner, Haku-san, was stronger than ten-odd students, no?”

“Sorry, I made a mistake in choosing our sparring partner. I did not think Haku was that strong…”

I apologized to Milfi. I mean, I did not think that winning against Haku = making our opponents fly.

“”So it was Rosarin’s fault.””

“What do you mean by that!? It was not my fault this time, probably.”

Pitch Dark-sama explained to me with a sigh.

“Miss Rosarin, strengthening one’s body with magical power is normally very difficult. Who was the one who taught it to all of your classmates?”


“Practice certainly helps the results too. However, who was the one to bring a sparring partner?”


“Could you please stop bullying my friend? We will confiscate your lunchbox if you keep up the bullying. Right, Rosary?”

“Milfi, thank you! That’s right, I won’t give you any snacks!”

“… My bad.”

It seems that I have seized Pitch Dark-sama’s stomach before I noticed. I did not think he would apologize.

“I am looking forward to the afternoon!”

“We have practiced for the cavalry battle and relay the most, after all…”

“I only have borrowed item race in the afternoon, so I will be cheering for you two!”

“Thank you, Milfi.”

“I will be cheering you on too.”

“I will do my best! Dirk, please give me a reward if I do well!”


“Hm? What would you like?”

“A date in Miss Butterfly’s store.”

“… If no female clothing is involved… sure.”

“Yay! Let’s get serious, Aldin-sama!”

“Your motive is impure, but oh well. Let’s win!”


We responded to Adlin-sama’s voice.

“We are also participating in the cavalry battle. Do you think we will go easy on you?”

“Ugh, I, I will do my best…”

“Adlin-sama, don’t get weak all of sudden. I also don’t want to fight Niisama…”

“Rosarin, I am going to lecture you if you hold back.”

“I will put my all into it!”

“All right.”

“What all right?”

Dirk seemed exhausted. No, well. I will do my best.




As we slowly started moving to the gathering place, Darkness-sama appeared. Just before I could ask if he was feeling lonely, he told me “I am going too!”

“You worked hard, Rosarin. I am proud of you. As expected of my Lord.”

“I am not your Lord yet, though. You came just right. Here.”

I handed a good-luck bracelet with beads to Darkness-sama. It was knit with black and purple thread, with pearl beads knitted as an accent. I used it with Darkness-sama’s imagine in mind.

“This is?”

“Good-luck bracelet, an accessory from Rin’s world. It’s an item that makes your wish come true when worn on your wrist. I am always receiving your help, so I was thinking that I should do at least something for you to show my gratitude. My skills might be shabby, but… Darkness-sama!?”

“Auuuu… sniff, egu…”

Darkness-sama was crying. Eh? Does he not like it?

“Do you not like it?”

Darkness-sama shook his head left and right. Why are you crying then? Darkness-sama held the good-luck bracelet like a treasure.

“This is the first time I received a gift like this. I will cherish it. I will treasure it.”

“I am glad. It’s a matching piece with my spirits and Holy Beast-sama. The colors are different, though.”

“… I see. I want to quickly become your spirits too.”

“I can’t quite stabilize my magical powers, forgive me.”

“No… I am enjoying every day thanks to you. I am not impatient. I will wait until you stabilize it.”

However, why can’t I get it under control, I wonder? The time has come while I was thinking such, so I returned to my class. Now then, the second half starts here!

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