Chapter 108.1

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Athletic Festival – Lunch break
Somehow managing to refuse my classmates’ lunch invitation, we joined up with everyone. Milfi and Aldin-sama were together with us too.

“What is this elegant-looking place…”

The schoolyard has already turned into a salon. There was a carpet spread on the floor and a tablecloth on the table. There were some familiar-looking adults at the seats.

“Otousama, Okaasama…”

I remember now. They are Milfi’s parents, the Duke Laurel couple. Milfi inherited her honey-blonde hair from her Okaasama, huh. Her Okaasama was a bit chubby, but she did resemble Milfi. Her Otousama seemed like a gentle, brown-haired fella.

“You have worked hard, Milfi.”

“My cute Milfi, tell us about it please.”

Her parents talked to her while smiling from ear to ear, but Milfi was bright red and was unable to compose herself. She was taking glances at me, so I sent Dirk a gaze to put me down. Then, Milfi took my hand and pulled on me.

“T, thithithithis, this is my friend Miss Rosharin.”

She stuttered. And grandly bit her tongue. However, this is just so unlike her.

“Long time no see. Milfi… Milfilia-sama has been taking great care of me.”

As I greeted them, Duchess Laurel grasped my hands.


“You are Milfi’s friend?”

“Yes. I spoke to Milfilia-sama in hopes of getting along for a long time before, but we have finally become friends just recently.”

“Myyyy! Aren’t you glad, Milfi! You have often said that you want to get along with Rosarin-sama!”


“This child means no harm, but her way of speaking is way too rough, so she often makes other children cry. You have been smiling at her even if she said something bad, so she was crying at home because she wasn’t able to get along with you. I thought she has been in high spirits recently, so… I am happy for you… Milfi…”

Duchess Laurel embraced Milfi while crying.

“O, Okaasama…”

Milfi was embarrassed. In other words, Milfi wanted to get along with me for a long time ago? Oof, tsundere banzai.

“Duchess Laurel, I like Milfi very much. She’s a kind lady with a strong sense of justice. I am reserving the privilege to get along with her for eternity. Take care of me, Milfi.”

“A, au… I, I… I also like you very much, Rosary! I, I will always be your friend!”

“Ehehe, gyu~”

I hugged Milfi tightly. I can’t get enough of her recent dere.

“Please take care of my daughter.”

Duke Laurel was teary-eyed too. Father approached Duke Laurel from behind.

“… Your friend?”

“Yes! Tousama, this is my precious friend, Milfilia-sama!”

“I see. Rosarin is a tomboy, so please do take care of her.”

“Y, yes!”

“My, oh my! What a happy occasion. Rosarin-chan also often spoke of wanting to get along with Milfilia-sama, didn’t you?”

“Yes! I am happy we got to become friends!”

By the way, when did my Mother hear about that? O, oh well.

“Milfilia-sama, please get along well with Rosarin.”



We joined hands on good terms. In the end, although I didn’t want to accept it, the royalty and the cheering party joined the Rosenberg-Laurel Ducal families lunch.

My cheering party, in particular, had brought chaos with them.

“Who was it, who brought the alcohol!”

Elf Chief-sama averted his gaze. The elves did too.

“Sorry… I tried to stop them, but…”

Son of Marquis Roswayde hung his head down.

“No, you have worked very hard, Son of Marquis Roswayde. Thank you very much. By the way, how free are you to come to cheer me on?”



“… I participated thinking that you would be troubled by these fellas, but it seems it was unnecessary. I am going back.”

“Sorry, forgive me, it was a joke! A joke! I got too cocky! Thank you so much! You have my gratitude!”

I desperately stopped Son of Marquis Roswayde who tried to leave.

“Although you and Fizz get along, why are you not calling him his name yet? Isn’t it too lengthy to call him like that?”

Then, the CRTM (can’t read the mood) man, Curtis, spoke up.

“N~ it’s certainly difficult to call him like that, but…”

“Call me as you please.”

“Fizz-san, then.”

“Even though you speak to us without honorifics?”

“Curtis is Curtis, so it can’t be helped that you are Curtis.”

“The hell is that? So, what about Adeil and Hugh?”

“… You certainly started calling them without honorifics since who knows when.”

“A lot happened, after all.”

Truly, a lot happened, so I don’t care about honorifics now.

“… In other words, you don’t want to call me like that, huh. I certainly don’t deserve such hono- “Fizz! I will call you Fizz! We are friends, after all!”

“… I see.”

Son of… no, Fizz, seemed somewhat relieved. So he actually minded it, huh. Later, Dirk told me that Fizz worried that I was treating him so distantly. I had no chance to change my way of addressing him, so I could only smile wryly.

Now then, the happy lunchtime. I sat between Milfi and Elder brother, on top of Dirk’s lap.

“Milfi, this is my masterpiece!”

I let Milfi try my homemade meatloaf.

“Delicious! You really are good at cooking, Rosary!”

“Rosarin, I want to eat too.”

“Me too.”

Aldin-sama and Pitch Dark-sama spoke up.

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