Chapter 107.2

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Athletic Festival – First Part
“… It exploded.”

“It exploded, didn’t it?”

Both I and the gallery were at a loss for words. Only the old geezer at the goal was laughing out loud.

“Rosarin-chan! Don’t force yourself!”

“No, you can do it, Missy! Recall the courage you had when you entered the dragon’s mouth!”

Don’t compete with each other, Grandfather, Rudolf-san. Also, don’t disclose unnecessary information to the surroundings.

“Aldin-sama, I have several methods to capture it, but that would be troublesome, so I plan on running past it straight to the goal.”


I ran as soon as I spoke. There were sounds of explosions from behind, but I ran quicker than the explosions.

“This muscleheaded disciple!”

“The traps were placed randomly anyway! Thinking about it is useless!”

Slipping past through the meadow, we arrived at an open area.



There was a dragon. Oof, that’s Ice Dragon.


The Ice Dragon used Ice Breath. I closed the distance with a speedy dash and kicked its chin.


It felt too light. Confirming that this was just an illusion, I cut its head off with an air blade.
The dragon disappeared and the old geezer handed me a medal while laughing. I threw the medal up into the sky.

An explosion occurred in the sky. Old geezer was still smiling.

“You did well realizing that, my disciple. That was the last obstacle! You have completed the obstacle course, congratulations on your win!”

“… As if there are such obstacle courses in a competition!! If you weren’t aware, go ask someone else beforehand!!”

I decided on Ax Bomber. And, on the opposite side, a woman also directed Ax Bomber towards the Old geezer. We apparently both decided to murder the Old geezer with Ax Bomber on a coincidence. Old geezer fell flat. The woman who grabbed him by the back of his neck… his wife, spoke to me.

“Sorry. I am going to have a gooood, looooong talk with him.”

The black, short-haired cool Lady dashingly dragged Old geezer away. Old geezer fainted, so I returned to the schoolyard.

“Aldin-sama, are you all right? Mr. Referee, did we both clear the obstacle course?”

“No, you were the only one who cleared it, no?”

“… As expected, that obstacle course would be too difficult for the students to clear.”

“… Yeah. Wouldn’t it be too difficult even for the Knights?”

The announcement flowed while people had such a conversation.

“The victor of the obstacle course is Miss Rosarin! Because others either retired or were not able to complete the course, the overall victory belongs to class 1-3!”

“Uooh! You did well, Missy Rosariiiin!”

“As expected of Rosarin-chaaaaaan!”

Ahhh, people are drawing away from my cheering squad.

“… How passionate.”

Aldin-sama took a step back too! The obstacle course ended with tears forming in my eyes.



The foot race was normal. Our class practiced with magical power strengthening, so we were faster than other classes, but that was only in human against human scenario. You can’t usually win against the Beastmen.



And so, the morning stage came to an end. Our class was at the top by a lot.
And as I walked to have lunch, I got surrounded.


“Rosarin-sama, how about having lunch together?”

“Rosarin-sama, would you like to have lunch together?”

“Big Sis! Let’s eat together!!”

The eyes of the classmates were sparkling so it was difficult to reject them. While thinking about how to refuse then, I was lifted up.

“Sorry. She has a prior engagement.”


Dirk is holding me in a Princess Carry! Is this a reward? It is, isn’t it? Thank you for the meal!
Dirk is wearing simple clothes… the ones I have chosen for him before. So cool! The clothes have a simple design to fit the body, but it highlights his suppleness.

“You are so cool… these clothes really suit you. You are wonderful. My heart is throbbing. I want you to take me somewhere. I will follow you to the end of the world.”

I was absentmindedly charmed by Dirk.

“Ueh!? T, thanks… I won’t be going to the end of the world, but everyone is waiting, so let’s go.”


I shrewdly touched Dirk’s ears and rubbed against his neck. Ahhh… this is so healing… what a bliss…

“Fufu. That tickles.”

Dirk complained while not looking dissatisfied at all. Returning the favor, Dirk said as he rubbed back. Uha, that certainly tickles.

Kyaaa, I heard the cheerful voices of the girls. The boys looked somewhat teary-eyed. Eh? Ah, we flirted too much.

“B, Big Sis… that person is?”

The self-proclaimed henchmen, Tiger Beastman Garv, asked.

“Stop with the Big Sis. He’s my fiancé… my future husband, my lover and my pair, Mr. Dirk.”


He was super happy. I only stated the truth, you know? Also, Garv and the Wolf Beastman Rufna, why are you sprawled on the ground? Aldin-sama, why are you looking at them with sympathy??

“Ah~ Rosarin had been engaged to Dirk since she was four, they are famous for getting along even among the nobility… it has become a common occurrence to me, so I forgot to inform you. Sorry.”

“… Big Sis.”

“I am telling you to stop with the Big Sis. What is it?”

“Are you happy, Big Sis?”


I replied immediately. Right now, I am happy. Mofuing and flirting with Dirk… what a time to be alive.

“If Big Sis is happy then… no, that fellow… Dirk-san, is he strong?”

“We are currently tied on our win-loss ratio.”

“Eh!? Is that so!?”

Why are you surprised, Aldin-sama. Everyone looked at Dirk with surprised gazes.

“Yes. He’s fast and strong… with many strategies mastered.”

“Amaz! Ah, please let me call you Big Bro!”

“Big Bro, you are so cool!! You look good together with Big Sis!”

Garv, Rufna and other Beastmen started chanting Big Bro.


“Dirk, it seems you were recognized as my pair. Also, giving up is crucial in one’s life.”

“Weren’t you trying to deny being called Big Sis just a moment ago!?”

“I thought I could handle it if I am considered a set with you.”

“… Well, yeah.”

Dirk and I became “Big Bro – Big Sis” set. I don’t care anymore. If I am paired with Dirk then I don’t mind anymore!

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