Chapter 107.1

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Athletic Festival – First Part
Refreshing, clear, blue sky. The best kind of weather for an athletic festival. The athletic festival starts today. I have been making a great number of lunchboxes with Dan since the morning. Today, Jend, Mary, Nex, and Pochi helped. Naturally, Haku and Kou helped too, and we somehow managed to make lots of lunchboxes.

The kindhearted Milfi was concerned about me who was staring into a distance at the opening ceremony.

“What is the matter? Are you not feeling well?”

“Nothing wrong with my physique, it’s all mental so I will be fine…”

“Milfilia-sama, over there.”

Rabisha-chan informed Milfi about my cause of headaches.

“Uoooh! Do your best, Missy Rosariiiiiin!”

“Calm down, Commander! They have not begun yet!”

“You are bothering the surroundings!”

The brothers restrained the uncle. The games have not even begun yet! What is he getting excited for!?
Dirk and the son of Marquis Roswayde desperately tried to him.

“Nuuoooh! I won’t lose! Rosarin-chaaaaaaan!! I am cheeering for youuuuu!!”

“Chief-sama, calm down!”

“This is embarrassing! Don’t compete with the Knights Order, Gramps!”

Sugar-san and Sui were also struggling as they tried to calm down the excited grandpa and elves… why.

“… What is that supposed to be?”

“The Knights Order and the Elven Village came to support Rosarin Ojousama.”

“……… I see.”

Milfi started staring into distance too. The ceremony ended without an accident and the events started. Starting with the tug of war.

The opponents were the upperclassmen, but they were handicapped with a fewer number of people.
“Everyone, let’s show them the results of our practice!”

When we pulled under Aldin-sama’s instructions, the upperclassmen flew.








I don’t mean it metaphorically. They flew. They physically flew in the air.



Wind enveloped all the upperclassmen and slowly landed them on the ground. Umu. No injuries.

Classmates, the upperclassmen and even the gallery stared with their mouths wide open. In short, we overdid it. We had Haku as our tug of war sparring partner. He is immensely strong. And, our class grew strong enough to win even against Haku. The power Haku has is apparently enough to make the upperclassmen fly. Of course, it wasn’t all physical strength, it was the result of strengthening ourselves with magical power, and practice of our unity.

“Ah~ let’s adjust for the next one.”

Everyone nodded to my comment.
In the end, our class was barely able to finish the tug of war competition normally. Seeing the upperclassmen fly, many had surrendered.




Next was the ball-toss game. Our class has a strategy. It was a strategy to get in several balls at once.

“Ready, steady, go!”

Simultaneously with the signal, my classmates gathered the balls. All balls were gathered at the same place.

“Big Sis!”


“Please, do your thing!”

“Leave it to me!”

Wrapping the balls in a blanket I created with Greenery magic, I raised the balls and placed them all into the basket. The blanket turned into a plant again and disappeared into the ground. All balls were in the basket.

“All riiiight!”

“Good, let’s get others’ balls too.”

“It’s not a game like that, okay?”

I physically stopped the fools who wanted to snatch balls from other classes.

“T, the class 1-3 is victorious!”

I’d like to think that the referee’s voice wasn’t trembling a little. Our class, 1-3, won the ball-toss game competition too.




Next was the obstacle run. I will be running together with Aldin-sama.

“I won’t lose, alright!”

“Yes, I won’t lose either.”

While having such a conversation, an announcement came out.

“This year’s obstacle course was prepared by our special guest, Sage-sama!”




I have a bad feeling about this.




“That old geezer, I am definitely going to hit him.”

“A, awawawa.”

Currently, I was dodging the stones thrown by a Gargoyle while holding Aldin-sama under one of my arms. Other participants had been disqualified.

It was okay in the beginning since it was obstacles like stone skipping. However, what would you do if a sea serpent (a type of a fish monster) jumped at you in the middle of a pond?
A hit the sea serpent with all of my might and continued to advance, but others couldn’t do the same. Aldin-sama enclosed himself in a light barrier and somehow managed to cross.

Next, I encountered a huge mole monster. It’s just that this mole was attacking. Most people got disqualified there.

And at the present time, I was dodging the Gargoyle’s attacks in a meadow. The goal was right behind the Gargoyle.

“… Are you not going?”


I picked the stone the Gargoyle thrown and threw it back at it.






The ground exploded.

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