Chapter 106

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Knights, Elves and cheering party.
When I was about to have lunch with Milfi after the lessons, Aldin-sama intruded. Milfi was fond of my lunchboxes, so I decided to make one for her the next time.

“Rosarin, there’s practice for the athletic meeting. I would like you to participate starting today.”

Was this the reason he intruded upon our lunch at the cost of my dislike?

“I will participate as much as I can.”

I promised Aldin-sama and went to the Knights Order.




“Dober-san, hello.”

Dober-san’s glossy fur turned for the better. I want to touch it…

“Ahh, Rosarin-san. I will be relying on you today as well.”

Not perceiving my wicked gaze, Dober-san greeted me smilingly.

“The meal you cooked the other day was greatly received.”

“Is that so?”

“Well, you are my precious working force, so I won’t hand you over again, though.”

“It’s an honor. Dober-san, there will be an athletic meeting at my school soon and we are having a practice for it, so I would like to end working earlier if possible. Of course, I will do the same amount of work.”

“Understood. But, don’t overdo it, please. I will come to cheer you on during the athletic meeting.”

“Thank you very much.”

I finished a little earlier and went for the athletic meeting practice. Everyone was fully motivated. Like this, we might win on our first year.




A few days later. Rudolf-san came.

“You are too reserved, Missy!”


“What is this about? I won’t hand Rosarin-san over.”

“I’m telling you that’s not it! Missy, you have an athletic meeting soon, right? Since Missy is going to appear, we have formed a cheering party for you!”

“…………… Hah?”

I looked at Dober-san. He averted his gaze in fluster.

“Sorry, I had a slip of tongue…”

Oof, his ears fell flat… no, I am not angry or anything.

“Knights who are able to will all go to cheer you on, Missy! Of course, I will give Dirk a day off and bring him too! Wow, I am so looking forward to it!”

“Wait! A moment!”

The door was heartlessly closed.

“Sorry, I tried to stop him over and over again, but…”

“… He means no harm, so… it can’t be helped… I don’t want to participate anymore.”

However, since I had to participate, I spend my days with complex feelings.




One day, when I returned home, Sugar-san was kneeling on the ground. Eh?

I shut the door and opened them again. Unfortunately, I wasn’t hallucinating as Sugar-san was really kneeling on the ground. What happened?

“Forgive me! I had a slip of tongue!”

“……………… Hah?”

I had a similar conversation a few days ago. Is this that thing? Deja vu?

“What is this about?”

I had a bad feeling, but I wanted to confirm just in case.

“When I told Elf Chief that I am going to be cheering you on during the athletic meeting… the entire village was eager to go support you…! Sorry, I am sorry, I am sorry!”

Sugar-san was teary-eyed. I was also teary-eyed.

“Ojousama, I am also going to cheer you on!”

“… Ah~ well, life is unpredictable.”

Receiving an incomprehensible comforting from Martha and Arc, I was seriously considering suddenly falling ill, or even casting a curse upon myself.

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