Chapter 105

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Participating in athletic meeting and Sage-sama.
Today, I have school in the morning, Knights Order in the afternoon.

We will be receiving a proper lesson at last. The old Sage geezer apparently got scolded loads by his wife. Serves him right. I believe he will hold the lesson honestly today.
When I entered the classroom while thinking that, my two henchmen who forced themselves upon me approached.

“”Big Sis, you will be participating in the athletic meeting, right!?””

It appears that the classes have social gatherings and athletic meetings at this time of the year. I confirm the date. I had nothing planned, so I nodded.

“Stop with the Big Sis. I think I might participate.”


“With Big Sis there, we will get the overall victory!”

Did I not tell you to stop with the Big Sis. They aren’t listening. The Beastmen… no, the class… everyone seemed to be kind of excited. Why?

“If we win, the class will go traveling and there won’t be any homework during the summer holidays.”

Milfi informed me, since I couldn’t keep up with the class’ excitement.

“Milfi, I am going to win it for you.”

“… I have a feeling that you are really going to do it, Rosary. Physical activities are my weak point, so I will be cheering for you.”

Recently, Milfi who had lost the tsun was like an angel!
By the way, the events seem to be foot race, relay, cavalry battle, obstacle course, tug of war, ball-tossing game, and borrowed item race.

“Big Sis, which events will you enter?”


“All of them.”

“Eh? All of them?”

“Seriously! Uooh, Big Sis you are so cool, ey!”

It can’t be helped. Rosalia wants to do it.

“Will you be all right? The Beastmen upperclassmen appear in the cavalry battle too, you know?”

I think I will be consenting to my own abnormality here… but, I explained honestly.

“Yes… I don’t think there are upperclassmen who are stronger than SS-rank monsters… when comparing these upperclassmen to monsters, they would be B-rank at most, I think…”

“… Yeah.”

She consented. I’m sad. Hey, Rabisha-chan. Don’t be eavesdropping and laughing at the sorrow of your master!

“All right! Let’s win, everyone!”

Aldin-sama rallied up the classroom before I noticed. As expected of the future King. He’s a splendid leader.




Then, the lesson started. Old geezer was teaching the class properly.
Everyone was noisy. Well, of course, they were noisy. Old geezer looks young, after all. The contents are that of an old geezer, though. His outward appearances are that of a silver-haired, red-eyed young hunk. The contents are that of an old geezer, though.

The Sage’s lesson was normal. For better or worse, it was normal.

“… It’s normal.”

“Big Sis’ lesson was more interesting.”

“Wouldn’t it be better for Big Sis to teach in the place of the Sage?”


Now, now, Aldin-sama and my self-proclaimed henchmen. Old geezer will feel down, so stop it.

“Thank you. But, I did it only because Sage-sama boycotted the lesson the previous time. I won’t do it again.”

“”Is that so?””

I looked at my two self-proclaimed henchmen and Aldin-sama with exhaustion.

“Rosarin, just what kind of lesson did you hold?”

I explained. Old geezer kneeled. Something wrong?

“This senseless disciple!”

“If you want to talk about sensibility, then please stop pushing your work on your disciple. You are much more senseless than me.”

“… You quibbling disciple!”

“… That just now was a sound argument, no?”

Aldin-sama interjected.

“Rather, you, who skipped the work has no right to complain.”

“Yeah. None at all. Moreover, your lesson is boring.”

Verbal abuse… no, he’s reaping what he sowed, but Old geezer was completely beaten.

“… To think Sage-sama was such a person.”

Milfi nonchalantly delivered the final blow. Old geezer was teary-eyed.

“What is this!? Is this the rumored classroom chaos!?”

“No, we are just normally dissing you, Grandpa.”

I will keep silent about the classroom chaos that happened a while ago. Old geezer complained to me with teary eyes.

“You are holding a grudge for the last time, so you arranged this for me, didn’t you!”

“I did not. What I did was to tattle on you to your wife and raised the hurdle of the lessons.”

“Didn’t you do more than I expected!”

“My motto is to repay favors twofold and to repay grudges ten times.”

“The scaling of your grudges is too weird!”

“No. It’s just a little harassment so people won’t cause trouble again.”

“What a gal!”

“You are the one who started it, Grandpa. You are an adult and you did something bad, yet you did not apologize for it. I will tattle to your wife again.”

“I am sorry!”

Old geezer prostrated before me. He hates being scolded by his wife the most.

“… What kind of teacher-student relationship is this?”

“… One like this? I learned the basics myself, but Sage-sama taught me when interested. I had to do housework for him as compensation, though. Sage-sama’s room is usually messy when compared to the other rooms in his house, so when I cleaned and threw some things away, we would get into a quarrel because of that and I would go then tattle on him to his wife.”

“”””I see.””””

Everyone nodded in understanding.

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