Chapter 104.2

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Apron, fetish, and cosplay.
I don’t know the details, but there’s apparently a store that has been popular with couples recently!—Is what Hugh told me, so it will be probably fine! Go and enjoy yourselves! And so, we came here to have lunch after a doubtful introduction from Rudolf-san. He had made a reservation for us and the store didn’t seem too expensive nor unpleasant, so I had no reason to decline.

“… Here? I am glad it does not seem like a suspicious store.”

The exterior of the store looked lovely and resembled a candy store. It was fully loaded with girlish frills and laces girls like very much.

“Rosarin, just how do you look at Hugh?”

“… Like this?”

I grimaced with all my might. No, he’s quite a mischevious person.

“… He’s quite a good guy, though?”

“If only he wasn’t chasing women all the time.”

“… I can’t deny that.”

Dirk smiled bitterly and escorted me inside. Some peafowl-like… uncle… big sister(?) called to us?? His outward appearances were that of an uncle, but he wore make-up and female clothes.

“Oh nyaaan! A lovely lady and a wonderful gentleman, I see! Welcome! Welcome to the Mansion of Dreams!! I am the Manager, Miss Butterfly! This store operates on reservations, do you have one?”

A big sis then? Dirk was taking a step back, so I spoke to her.

“Is this okay?”

I handed over the ticket I got from Rudolf-san.

“Certainly. Is this your first time in our store?”

“Yes. Could we ask for an introduction? Miss Butterfly.”

“Oh nyaaan! You are such a good girl, Ojousama! Sure, let me give you a service!!”

Miss Butterfly wriggled. There, a splendid kick came her way.

“We are not selling oil, old man. Welcome. This store is a store for lovers. Are you two lovers?”


I am worried about Miss Butterfly who got kicked, but the one who kicked him… her? a tailcoat-wearing Fox Beastman boy explained without any interest in Miss Butterfly whatsoever.

“Then, show a proof please.”

“Excuse me?”

“A proof that you are lovers.”

I pulled Dirk down and gave him a lovely kiss.


While laughing at the confused Dirk inwardly, I smiled sweetly at the boy.

“Would that be enough?”

“Of course. Well then, let me expla-… “Gaaaah! Fuku! Youuu-”

Miss Butterfly revived. Her forehead is cracked as it was all bloody. Is she fine?

“That because you take your time explaining, old man. You are getting in the way of serving customers. Moreover, this gutsy girl aside, her companion keeps drawing away from you.”


Dirk was certainly drawing away. He’s drawing away even now. He’s a man with common sense, so I think it was inevitable. I am extremely reluctant to admit it, but I am getting used to my recent lack of common sense. Hero, Curtis, Ordo, for example. Living with assassins is truly irrational! Everyday thrilling in various meanings!

“First of all, let me heal you. Miss Butterfly, please explain for us. Thank you very much too for being considerate of my partner.”

I healed Miss Butterfly’s forehead and bowed my head to the boy. Setting aside the means, he was being considerate in his own way. I think.

“Myyyy! Thank you, Ojousama! Now, please come this way! I will now explain this store’s system!”

In short, this store is a cosplay cafe. Customers chose their favorite clothes and wear them over tea and light meal. All rooms are private, the store operates on a reservation basis, and the shop employee’s will match the situation according to the customers’ selected clothes.
By the way, showing the proof of being lovers is a must precisely because of the private rooms. There’s unexpectedly a proper reason.

Since we were already here, I decided to enjoy it.

“Dirk, wear this please!”

“Why miniskirt maid clothes!?”

“Because I wanna see it!”

“Oh myan, Ojousama, you are wonderful!”

When Miss Butterfly snapped her fingers, Dirk was wearing a miniskirt! Fuooh! Outrageous!


Dirk squatted down. No, how wonderful is this!?

“Thank you very much for your wonderful service! It was a treat!”

“No, I also got to see something good.”

We enthusiastically shook hands. Fuku-kun was comforting Dirk. No, sorry about that.

“Dirk, how about this?”

I chose seriously this time. It was apparently Wolfanea Knight’s uniform, a black uniform with blue undertones. It had embroidery of a tree peony. Very pretty.

“… I am fine with that.”


“Yay! Then, let’s choose matching ones. Choose Wolfanea clothes for me.”

“… This, I think?”

What Dirk chose, was a neat and tidy-looking traditional dress. It was of white color with embroidery of bellflowers and spiderwort and the skirt was fluffy…

“It will hide my legs though, are you fine with that?”


I pressed for an answer from the choking Dirk.

“This is a private room, you know? We will be here all by ourselves, you might not have a chance like this again, you know?”

“… T, then, this one.”

The white theme was the same, but this was a long-type qipao. It was embroidered with irises, however, it had a very long, suggestive slit while still looking elegant. Additionally, there were laces near the slit, it looked very lovely.

“Most certainly!”

“Girls of this generation are quite assertive, aren’t they…”

I decided to pretend not to hear Miss Butterfly’s mutter.




Then, the staff who changed into clothes matching ours did my make-up and hair and brought me to a private room.

The interior was also Wolfanea-ish and gave off a Chinese-like feeling. There, my darling was already relaxing and waiting for me!! Moreover, he wore a wig? In Wolfanea, hair = pretty, so even men apparently grow them long. Is there appeal in long, strong hair that won’t come off when pulled?

“Dirk, I fell in love with you all over again! You are wonderful! So cool! The long hair suits you too! To have such wonderful fiancé like you, I feel so blessed from the bottom of my heart.”

“M, me too… I also feel blessed to have such cute fiancée like you…”

Dirk muttered while his gaze swam around the room. My heart already tightened.



“My, oh my. How passionate you two are. This is special service from the store.”

Dirk quickly took me on his lap and nonchalantly hid my legs. No, only you are happy about this, probably.
Sandwiches were apparently part of the ticket, but the sweets were apparently given as thanks for treating Miss Butterfly’s forehead. A strawberry tart, apple pie, all kinds of scones. Quite extravagant.

“Enjoy yourselves~ You can call for the waiters by ringing the bell, okay?”

Miss Butterfly then left the room.


I gently caress the back of his neck. So cool. The gaze of the person in question was still loitering. N?

“I, I am abominable for losing to my desires…”

He has been taking glances at me since I entered the room… indeed, the people of Christia don’t wear clothes like this which show one’s legs so boldly.


“………… To be frank with you, I find the spectacle too fantastic. And I hate myself for it.”

“In other words, you mean that I am attractive?”

“You are always attractive, but your destructive power is way higher now that I don’t know where to place my gaze.”

Moreover, it was still fine before he placed me on his lap, but half of my legs are in full view now. And, Dirk keeps stealing glances at them.

“Fufu, Dirk, say ahh~”

I took a sandwich and fed him.

“A, ahh~”

I started flirting at a critical moment. Dirk also doesn’t dislike it without any eyes around. Rather, he gets all clingy instead. I am completely satisfied.




“Miss Butterfly! It was a wonderful experience! We will come again!!”

“Ufufu, you are very welcome to visit us again, Ojousama. I will give you t-h-i-s.”

“A card?”

“It’s a membership card. They are given to regular customers, but you are an exception, Ojousama. It has been a long while since I met someone who didn’t make an unpleasant face nor didn’t discriminate against me. Please come again by all means.”

“Yes! We will definitely come again!”

“Erm, thank you very much.”

Thus, today’s date ended with me completely satisfied. As thanks for this day, I made special lunchboxes for Rudolf-san and Hugh. They were very delighted.
Waah, I came across such a good store!

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