Chapter 104.1

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Apron, fetish, and cosplay.
I have a date with Dirk today. As thanks for yesterday’s dinner turmoil, Rudolf-san gave Dirk a day off. Yafuu!! That being the case, we are on a date!

However, starting with Alphage-sama, I feel that people only give me Dirk as a present, thinking that it would make me happy. They are correct, though! To give Dirk a day off for my reward, I am truly grateful!

And, Dirk brought me a present today… a white, frilly apron again. Moreover, it was cuter than the one I received before. First of all, I brought Dirk to my room in order to confirm. I did not forget the soundproof barrier that had already become my staple.

“Dirk, is this from you?”

“Yes. You don’t like it?”

I put on the apron immediately. Mm. Fits perfectly. The way the cuffs sway fluffily is very cute.

“I am very fond of it. The embroidery is lovely and it won’t obstruct my movement.”

“Then, how about wearing that if you get called to the kitchen again?”

“Putting the equipment on the shelf, huh… the taxes will get wasted.”


“However, I also dislike presents from other men, so I will be using this one.”


Dirk was delighted. No, there will be those who won’t mind, and those who think too deeply about it, but I am glad about Dirk’s desire to monopolize me.

“By the way, what did you say to those people who bought the apron? Was it ‘Don’t go buying gifts for someone else’s precious fiancée? I might be narrow-minded, but knowing that she receives gifts like this from others makes me displeased. She is mine and mine only … I am warning you. There won’t be a next time.’ or something like that?”

Dirk froze in place. Did I say something strange?

“… You were watching?”


“Geez, you said a word for word what I said.”

What a miracle! Seriously! Eeeh, that’s incredible! Why was I not at his side that time! No, there still is a way!

“I will record it so say it again!”

“I don’t understand your meaning!”

“I wanted to see that! Anyhow, let me record it first so I can have wild delusions later! You being jealous makes me super happy! I am yours, no, yours and yours only!”

I hugged him tightly. Dirk timidly returned my hug.

“… Isn’t it uncool that I find myself narrow-minded?”

“I wouldn’t like someone who would tell me that they don’t mind. If you wore clothes from another woman, even if that woman was only your friend and meant no harm, I wouldn’t like it.”

“… I see.”

Dirk must have felt relieved as he hugged me with more strength.

“By the way, what did you seek in having me wear this? Newly-wed wife role-play? It’s not… naked apron, is it?”

“Role-play… that’s not it… what’s naked apron supposed to be anyway!?”

Dirk separated from me while trembling. Yep. His cuteness is stable today as well.

“It means to wear the apron while in nude…”

“Wha! Why would dress like that!?”

“… Please, try imagining it. A bashful me. Nude, wearing only the apron. Can you feel it?”

“… Stop it! Stop making me imagine it!! I feel it very much, but this is completely out of question in many ways!”

“… N~ how about swimsuit underneath then…”


“Stop tempting me!!”

“By the way, the newly-wed wife role-play… stand up, please.”

I had Dirk who was sitting on the bed with me stand up, then I smoothly put my arms around his waist.

“Wha? Eh?”

“Welcome home, Hubby! Would you like dinner? A bath? Or perhaps…me?”

I looked up at Dirk and tilted my head. It’s the cliché phrase of a newly-married couple. Additionally, I touched my lips with my finger then I proceeded to touch Dirk’s lips. It’s an indirect kiss. Dirk turned bright red and collapsed.


“Are you trying to kill me, Rosarin!? I will die from your cuteness! The hell is that, it’s too brutal! Even though adding ‘Hubby’ after ‘Welcome home’ is enough to make my heart throb… but this option is… slyly cute! Even though I know you were aiming for this, you are so cute it’s making me insane! I want to bring you home! I seriously want to marry you right away!”

He received a critical hit bigger than I thought. Yay, I did it!

“Ehehe, were you excited?”

“I was so excited my heart nearly stopped!”

I rested my ear against Dirk’s chest to listen. His heart was beating fast.

“Oh, it’s true. Your heart is beating so fast.”

“H, hey! Don’t be caressing my belly so casually!”


I shrewdly caressed his belly under his clothes. His abs are wonderful as always.

“… You like touching me even when I am not Beastified, huh.”

“Yes. I love mofumofu, but I like you even more. If not, I wouldn’t be able to endure the mofumofu ban. Also, this is to my liking.”

“What is?”

“A slender figure with no unnecessary muscles like yours.”

“…………… Eh?”

“It’s same like the fetish men have for legs or breast-size. Your body shape is straight in my strike zone. That being the case, I would like to thoroughly enjoy your muscles for a little bit more.”

“…… Yes?”

I nonchalantly kept touching the abs of Dirk who still didn’t get my meaning. They are so hard~

“By the way, you have a leg fetish, right?”


“The high possibility of your tail coiling around my legs suggests that… or rather, is it my butt that you like?”

“I beg of you! Don’t be analyzing something like this so calmly!”

He seriously begged me. However, since he didn’t deny, he probably has leg fetish.

“How are my legs?”

I rolled up my skirt a little. Dirk fixed my skirt in a panic.

“T, they are pretty! They are going to make my heart explode, so please don’t be showing them off so easily!”


I am satisfied. I will remember Dirk’s leg fetish.

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