Chapter 103.2

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The circumstances of the Knights Order’s dinner.
“Thank you for your hard work, Dirk. Today’s dinner was made by me. Eat lots!”

“… Rosarin, I have a request.”

The cheeks of Dirk who was looking at me dyed red. What? What is it? I decided to reply.


“C, could you say ‘Welcome home’?”

Newly-wed wife role-play, I see! I will give you a service! I swiftly jumped over the counter, and stopped before Dirk.

“Welcome home, Husband.”

It was the special order of pulling on his clothes while tip-toeing and kissing his cheek while wearing an apron. I displayed a bit of real bashfulness. It’s a bit unfortunate that I am wearing the Knight uniform underneath… Dirk crumbled down. What happened!?


“I’m done… so cute… way cuter than I expected…”

Dirk was in agony. The effect was outstanding! I did it! N? The other Knights also seemed to be in agony. I wonder why?

“… Rosarin-chan is slyly cutee, isn’t shee?”

Haku said in exhaustion. Who was it? Who taught the person in charge of healing at our house these strange words.

“It’s Rosarin, after all.”
“It is Oneechan, after all.”

Hal and Kou also said that, it makes me wonder what is going on among my children.

“It’s getting crowded, so quickly return to work!”

A queue has formed before I noticed! I repeated my explanation from a while ago in a hurry. The queue flowed smoothly.

“So gooood!”

“What a strange meal.”

I heard various voices, but generally good reviews.

Later, I successfully struggled to make pudding and souffle, but the three former assassins who came to have dinner were mourning. I also made them lunchboxes although I didn’t have any special ingredients to use, so when I said it won’t be super good, they cried. Mainly Curtis.

“My meat and potato stew…”

I get it, I will make it! I knew it was your favorite, but they simply did not have the ingredients! Stop crying about the makeshift meat and potato stew already! Are you really the strongest assassin of Wolfanea? I had a thought like that, but that’s a story for a different time.




It went smoothly, but there were also starving and quick-tempered friends.

“Move on already! Stop stalling!”

“The hell did you say to me!!”

I would like to stop them, but I felt a different kind of riot happening if I acted. Humans really are hot-tempered when hungry, aren’t we?


“Shut up… gyaaaaa!!”

The tray has been suddenly snatched from the knight as a 190cm tall Totoro… or not, our Haku lifted him up in one hand while holding the tray in other.


“You cannot fight in heree.”

His tone was gentle, but I could only see threatening in his sharp gaze. Is it just me? No, the knight was also evidently of the same opinion. Even a struggling muscleman couldn’t budge with Haku.

“M, my bad. Lower me please!!”

The quarreling knight was panicking and fled with tears in his eyes.

“I am glad he understoodd.”

Our Totoro… no, our Mole-san is a natural airhead.




“… What are you doing?”

“Working in the kitchen. Thank you for your hard work today, Son of Marquis Roswayde.”

“… In what world is… no, because it’s you.”

“What do you mean by that? How rude. I will reduce your serving, you know?”

“I apologize from the bottom of my heart. Sorry.”

Even Son of Marquis Roswayde didn’t wish for his meal to get reduced, so he immediately apologized.

“It was delicious. Thank you.”

He said before leaving. Being told so makes me want to do even better!




Now then, the mission is complete. Tidying up is done by Hal and me with magic. The Sage’s sloppy magic… it’s convenient.
Rudolf-san also liked the dinner menu.

“You were of great help! Moreover, it was super delicious!”

“Ahaha, I was helping you but I did have fun doing it. By the way, where does this apron come from?”

“N? The Knights who heard you were coming contributed money to buy it for you, they wanted it for your exclusive use and wanted you to bring it home… how about it?”

“Dispose of it.”

“… No, you don’t have to dislike it that much.”

“I won’t accept anything from anyone, except Dirk.”

“Consider it the knights’ repayment, and also you will reduce your expenses.”

“… Understood.”

Why did the knights buy me a frilly apron… I don’t want to know, so I left the subject alone. When I reported to Dirk later just in case, a dark smile floated on his face. Additionally, he gave me another cute, frilly apron and the first apron had been disposed of in the end.

It was a day that made me think that there are many weird people within the Knights Order.

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